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Asbestos backed lino removal

Bonny Lass

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I'd be grateful if anyone could point me in the direction of a lab or asbestos removal company in Correze, or Creuse or Haute Vienne.

The diagnostic identified it in the lino in the kitchen (revetement pvc

cartonne), which is backed with a layer of asbestos apparently,

according to the diagnostic ( it looks like a very thin layer of cement,

completely dried and stuck to the floorboards)?

This is in the kitchen, which has parquet flooring - the house has not

been lived in for a couple of years, and not properly aired, which has

caused the flooring to lift up in places. the lifting of the

floorboards isn't the problem as we know an artisan who can deal with

that. We thought we might try to remove the asbestos ourselves, but it

seems to be well and truly stuck to the floorboards. The lino is quite

brittle in places, leaving the asbestos behind, stuck to the


The local dechetterie will accept the lino once removed.

I've had various pieces of advice on other forums, but trying to gather as much info as possible.

We believe reading specialist advice mainly on American websites that we can remove the lino ourselves (with dust masks,

etc), but are wondering if anyone has any recent experience of having this job done and what the cost was?

Apparently, because it's a wooden floor any sanding that was done after removal might also release fibres.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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Our village primary school canteen had asbestos backed flooring which was removed about six or seven years ago and then it cost over €3000 for a specialist company to come in and remove it and dispose of it at a special site. Getting specialists in to remove it will prove costly but....you would not be exposed to it nor have to buy the special disposal bags,suits and masks etc.
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