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Do they have such a thing as hardboard sheets here? I want to cover a damaged timber floor with something to level it up before laying covering. The only thing I can find is 5mm plywood, which is, perhaps overkill. Any other advice, please?

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Me neither, but you find sheets of the white stuff forming the backs of kitchen base units, so they must get it somewhere, or maybe (probably) the units are made elsewhere.

I've just noticed that this new forum software no has a spell checker! That's one improvement then!
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[quote user="AnOther"][quote user="Alex H"]I think that's it [:)]

but it does say Matière : Mdf

but at 9€ it can't be [8-)]

[/quote]I don't recall a sheet of hardboard weighing 9kg !


Neither do I - but it's the price not the weight [:)]

Prix indicatif

9.10€ / Unité

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