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Smoke detectors


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I have fitted about a dozen for various clients. I specifically avoided the cheapest ones for obvious reasons.

Over the last couple of months I have been back and changed over half of them since they all failed, beeping error codes and wont reset.

My own house has one of a different brand and I just accidentaly left the door to the wood stove in the kitchen open and smoked the whole house out - not a peep from the "detector".

Waste of time and money.

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vette said : To be honest, I very rarely buy French made goods as I consider the quality to be very inferior

IMHO it all depends on which particular Chinese factory goods are made in ... some seem to be rubbish, some seem to be OK. Genuine made-in-France stuff seems OK.

We have just 'put aside' a Tefal made-in-France kettle which has served us well for 14 years. It still works fine but has been retired to the loft as a spare as our toaster (made in China) died and we decided to go for matching kettle and toaster.

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