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  1. While I completely understand the 'sick to the stomach' feeling  people have expressed, I don't understand the surprise/shock. It's not as though this is the first (or last) time someone has been so vile/brutal in acting out either their own demented  'desires'  or 'urges' let alone  those acts done on behalf of an 'organisation' in the not distant past...think about the mutilation of children in Rwanda as a relatively recent example. Things as horrifying/disgusting as this have always happened: we are just exposed to them more these days. There is no massive upturn in this sort of tragic and horrible event, done in this case by someone who appears to have been deranged. We just get to know about it so quickly. What sometimes gets me, is that we gasp with horror at each most recent 'story', and then quickly move along to the next; there are so many to choose from.[:'(]  
  2. I noticed he was a leftie too, albeit when he stated 'I'm a leftie, get used to it...' to about 1,000 reporters as he signed a document on the day of his inauguration. I'm glad no one* had really noted it before. I certainly hadn't but there are those people who think being a 'leftie' indicates something terrible, still.[:-))][;-)]     *barring deranged conspiracy theorists, that is.  
  3. [quote user="josa"]Kick it out or love it - but FGS make some sort of decision - how do some people get through life?[/quote] Josa, did you see the picture of the dog?  [;-)] (I don't want to spoil it for anyone)
  4. I think the word we are looking for is 'HOT'.[:-))]  
  5. [quote user="NormanH"] Of course I will.It shows that I am the only person who has understood the situation . [/quote] I doubt that. I would guess it shows you're the only one posting who views complex personal relationships/situations such as Alma described as some sort of financial contract? 
  6. [quote user="Russethouse"] I saw this the the day after it had been televised - sadly the words used were Sarah Palins own ![/quote] (my bold) Yes, and apparently this is the first time an 'impersonator' on SNL have ever done this. The fact that Tina Fey did, and it was so funny, says far more about Sarah Palin than it does about Ms Fey's or the writers' talents.[:'(][:D]  I think that was just on one or two occasions though. It's well worth rooting around for the others, which are more imaginative but still horribly credible.
  7. [quote user="Ron Avery"]Driving, Complete French postbag, are these because people are editing posts made two and three years ago?[/quote] Yep.[:)]  
  8. [quote user="woolybanana"]Tressy and Sweet 17, I sent you both dozens but you never replied.[:P][/quote] Well, I can't speak for Sweets...and I won't even speak for myself on this occasion.[:-))][;-)]
  9. I haven't had them for ages - I mean at least a year - even though I subscribed for pm alerts. It's only now the rest of you are catching up with me. Always ahead of the game, me.[:D][:-))][;-)]
  10. [quote user="Lisleoise"]You spelt Bordeaux wrong [:P][/quote] [:D] How did you fix it Chris?  The 'e' does still look a bit different. Will it 'weather' the same as the rest of the sign?
  11. Rose, these things can be quite tricky, but don't underestimate how much value your thought and time has. You explaining what was OK and what wasn't (re your mates' visit) will be a huge service to your French friends/neighbours, and you still get the benefit of the interactive language imput.[;-)] If you 'repay' your neighbs for letting your friends stay free, they'll feel they have to 'repay' you in some way. I have been through this whole thing, and it was much better once it settled down into 'we're neighbours, it's normal to help if you can'.  I'm not saying I don't ever give my neighbour anything as a surprise (flowers, vegetables I know don't work on her land, etc.), but that's the best way I can think of to put it.
  12. [quote user="sweet 17"]... Dominant genes, is that what you call it?[/quote] I don't normally call it anything out loud. Too scary for words.
  13. [quote user="Hoddy"] Trouble is ........  I'm in England at the moment. Hoddy  [/quote] Phew! [:D] When are you over here next, Hoddy? I'm not being nosey...it's just general interest, you understand, and nothing to do with your Ogerish powers failing at the channel.[Www][:P]
  14.  [quote user="sweet 17"]Why, is Hoddy such an ogre as that?[/quote] Well, strictly speaking Hoddy is only part Ogre (on her grandmother's side, if my memory serves correctly) but lets just say her granny had 'dominant' genes.[Www][:-))][;-)]
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