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  1. Widows. I have been following the health care changes with a great deal of interest.  As 'in actifs' and living off a govt. penion paying into URSSAf  etc and paying  top up insurance, we thought we were paying our way. Sadly in June of 2007 we discovered  that my husband had kidney cancer, and that it was also very aggressive. He died at the end of October  aged 55. .I  went to our local C.P.A.M office at Carhaix yesterday, who confirmed that as from the 31st March I would have to take out private health insurance, but also added that I would receive written confirmation of this sometime in February. I have to say that I,m sure she wasn't aware of the full implications of the latest rulings and was probably telling me as much as she knew herself.. We had not been resident in France for 5 years. I know that I am able to live off my entitlement to my husband's pension, but I thought that my Carte Vitale  would be O.K. for a year following his death, whilst I sorted out all the necessary bits and pieces, including , hopefully,selling the house before I returned to the U.K. I can only say that the care my husband received was superb and nothing was too much trouble. Any scans etc. were done as quickly as possible and the results made known very quickly. At all times were both treated with great coutesy and respect. If anyone has any further information, then I'd love to here from you. Many Thanks. Brit girl
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