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  1. P'raps he should get a medal for believing what he thinks is right.( In the middle of winter  I have to question his judgement.)  Any volunteers.....?[blink]
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryuSTj5ajIU Apologies ladies for the lyrics, but it makes me smile. [:D]  
  3. [quote user="Théière"][quote user="britgirl"] And men complain about women's sense of direction.............[Www] [/quote] At 3:26am Britgirl it's obviously been on your mind [;-)] Do you know where it is? [:D] [/quote]   [:$] [:$][:$]
  4. And men complain about women's sense of direction.............[Www]
  5. [quote user="sweet 17"]Yes, indeed, what is it about these pimply youths that mature women (who should know better) find so fascinating? Perhaps there is something about the age of 19 but I can't, for the life of me, think what is is?[/quote] I couldn't possibly comment [Www] except to say stamina and control spring to mind [;-)]
  6. JJ wrote "Some friends back from holiday in Cyprus said they'd been surprised how many retired police officers they'd met, worse, all of them seemed to drink themselves incapable. Just a thought . . " Bit of a sweeping statement based on hearsay.
  7. So sad that she died for vanity. All surgical procedures are potentially dangerous, maybe this will highlight the true cost of cosmetic surgery.    
  8. A short walk to the sea, (spent yesterday watching the storm and the waves crashing on the shore); between Chickerell and Preston[Www]  
  9. Just when a woman thinks she's brought her family up she becomes a grandparent and it starts all over again. [:)] Finding a new retirement home which is an incentive for all the family to visit with easy links and where grandchildren find a specially happy place to be for more than a day or two, is simple in a small seaside town (like Weymouth); whether for a day out or all Summer Hol.[:D]  
  10. For me, it's where I feel content. I was always the more practical, and the 'Roses around the door' did not appeal. When we bought our home in France, we went against the 'norm' because we chose a more modern house (built in the early 90's).  We had viewed many 'desirable' properties, (fairly inexpensive, but the renovation costs.....) but they did not inspire . I loved the fact that it was fairly isolated, but within  walking distance of the local village. It wasn't huge, but plenty big enough  to be able to have friends/family to stay, without falling over each other. More importantly, we were able to live without having to worry to much about bills etc. A change of personal circumstances meant I wanted to return to the U.K. If I could have I'd have brought my  French house with me.  When looking for my new home, I used certain criteria, and one of them was being able to have a cup of tea in a sunny back garden.. Sometimes it's the most simple things that make the differance.  
  11. My late father had his gall-bladder removed in 1974 and the only thing I can recall is that he said he never felt hungry, and had to make sure he ate regularly. He enjoyed very 'plain' cooking. He passed away 2006 at the age of 78.
  12. I am not a great lover of cheese, but if I needed to do a cheese  sauce then it had to be cheddar. If you freeze it, it's a bit crumbly, but when you are desparate......
  13. Yesterday was a hot sunny day in Weymouth. I popped into our small Aldi and guess what?  You've probably guessed already. Lots of Christmas goodies on sale. [blink] Oh to be back in France where Christmas doesn't start until December.  
  14. Hi virginia.c, Short answer is I don't have a visa card. I rang Mastercard (telephone number on the back of the card) this morning, and explained the problems I had last week. They needed confirmation of the transactions I had tried  to make before the 'stop' on the cards were removed. Having just been shopping all's well La Panthere Rose, Due to change in personal circumstances I've only had my cards for a short time, and have used them frequently in the U.K. for large amonuts. I've never had them rejected before. I always pay off the full amont owing every month, so there was never any question of being over the agreed limit. At the time I phoned, I was unaware that others were also having problems. I suppose it is re-assuring that they are keeping an eye on the transactions, even if it can be embarrassing.[geek]
  15. I've also had the same problems with my Mastercards, and have had them re-instated.  I am expecting problems with them again next week when I return to France. Interestingly my Maestro card worked in the cash machine for me to pay by cash. All 3 cards are with the same bank.[8-)]
  16. If they are really 'grotty' how about pureeing the best bits and either eating it now , or freezing it to be enjoyed  later in the year with ice-cream?
  17. And therein Dave21478  lies a problem. Most men seem to crave a size 0 woman i.e for most skin and bones.  The reality is that we have had children and are not ashamed of that, At least you know what you're getting. By the time YOU have taken off the toupee, false teeth, and allowed your 'six pack' to return to it's normal position, who cares?  Beauty (male and female) is skin deep,  in the eye of the beholder. [:$]  
  18. As far as I am aware the ALD will only cover you for the specific problem for which it was issued. i.e if the ALD is for  diabetes, and you break a leg it  may not be covered  100%  for the fracture, because they may not be directly linked. You may need a top-up  insurance to cover this. I hope that some-one will correct me on this. Clair where are you??   Who ever said that life was simple . Edit: Sincere apologies to Nickel who did a fantastic job
  19. There is a mail order company which supplies many craft bits and pieces. www.vbs-hobby.fr .A couple of years ago I was able to order a book which gave instructions and ideas for the metres and metres of 'french' knitting, that you never know what to do with! No I'm not sad, just waiting for my 3 grandchildren to get a bit older.[:)]
  20. Oh dear, I'm busy that day. Such a shame I was REALLY looking forward to the andouillettes as well. [+o(] Maybe next year.
  21. Would they let you in? http://www.ukcitizenshiptest.co.uk/ My score was 15, so just as well I'm back in the U.K. already. [Www]
  22. As it's the 1st August, I thought I'd cook according to the weather, rather than the season. [8-)].  It's cold and very wet so I'm going more for comfort food. Asparagus followed by lamb shanks, mash and veg, and I can't decide on dessert,  maybe treacle sponge pudding and custard.
  23. Come off it Weedon, methinks thou dost protest too much, you remember the poster of that tennis girl and are watching just in case . . .[:$]
  24. Just John, many a true word spoken in jest! Travelling from Plymouth to Roscoff just over a week ago, I was asked (told) whether I objected to being 'frisked' by ferryport security personnel.( Not a problem for me, but I'd have preferred a George Clooney look-a-like. )The reason given was that they had to search a percentage of cars and drivers. We also had to declare we were not carrying anything of a 'hazarous' or dangerous nature. On the return journey no checks were made at all.    Edit.  If it makes travelling safer, then I don't have any problems with any checks made. 
  25. in control of the right side of his body. What a problem. He could be dyslexic and therefore.....
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