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  1. Not long after we got married, the OH discovered that he had an allergic reaction when wearing his wedding ring, so he took it off, but continued to wear his 'engagement' ring for another 33 years.

    38 years on I''m still wearing my wedding ring on my left hand, and will continue to do so.

     I didn't want, or choose to end my marriage.  Death raised its ugly head.[:(]


    That's probably the differance in peoples' attitudes to disposing of rings.

  2. [quote user="PaulT"][quote user="just john "]

    [quote user="andyh4"]I wonder what would have been the reaction here if they had sent a single car and there had been something amiss.[/quote]

    I'd like to think that ain intelligent single police car would have guided and stopped the coach off the motorway, then requested the passengers to report anyone seeing any smoke on board, perhaps having the discovered the cigarette, allowed everyone on their way with the minimum of inconvenience;
    or are we to assume guilty til proven innocent and every twat's report of smoke is a bomb scare[:P]



    Perhaps if there had been a bomb it would have done less damage on a closed motorway than off the motorway where houses and the public might be present.

    Wonder if the power that be also decided that they could show a forceful reaction to deter terrorists



    Hindsight is a wonderful thing. They were damned if they did, and damned if they didn't.

  3. Val 2, having just gone through the stress of the 2007 French Health reforms, I didn't have the Ooomph left in me to do battle with insurance companies. I do agree it's not fair that I am perceived to be more of a risk. That's the differance between the two countries. One insures the car, the other the driver(s)

    RH, I didn't have insurance in my own right, just a named driver on the OH's UK policy. I did get some no claims bonus, but tbh I can't remember how much. Things became more complicated because I had just returned to the UK, and wasn't working.

  4. [quote user="Russethouse"]

    As far as I can remember so far she has orders from Liberty's, John Lewis and ASO TV so I guess there is a market at this price mark.


    Personally I just love the young lad who is working at the factory because he wants to set an example of work to his baby, which considering neither of his parents ever had a job must be laudable. (he is so skinny that I suspect every  cook feels like offering him a decent meal)


    Likewise the young guy who was thrilled to spend money he had earned himself and had not been given as a benefit or handout.......


    I am somewhat reluctant to discuss 'ladies intimate apparel' on an open forum[:$][:$], but I would buy at least one pair for all the reasons that RH has mentioned.

    Like her or loath her, at least Mary Portas is trying to do something for both the UK industry and unemployed youngsters.

  5. Unfortuantly I found myself in this position nearly 5 years ago when I had to deal with my late husbands accounts etc.

    Luckily he had printed off details of all the various accounts (both financial and personal), he used, and beside each one was the first and last digits of the passwords needed. As he only used 4 or 5 passwords (which I knew) it was relatively easy to access the account.

    One idea would be to have these with the will.





  6. Whooo-Hooooo!!!.[:D]

    Have just signed in via my old link, although I had to get a new password via my e-mail account. [:(].

     I've bookmarked the page which now takes me straight to the forum page.

    I still have the large white gap at the top, so hopefully the techies will soon get that sorted. [I]

    Not too keen on the black script on the blue background tho.

  7. I am also guilty of not having made my wishes known, and I should know better. Having to second guess what the OH wanted was a bit of a minefield.

    So for me, It'll have to be the simplest box, 'cos I'll be cremated.  I'll leave a choice of songs/readings that have some meaning to my children. I don't want any ostentatious floral tributes. I'd like to have the same number of single blooms as I have children and grandchildren. (Donations always welcome to the RNLI). Followed by a picnic either by the sea, or green field.

    Best go and do some writing before it's too late.[:D]

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