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  1. I agree.... however, ALL of BF are on winter timetables. We enquired earlier, and the normal timetable resumes 1st March, 2013, as several of their boats are currnetly in for refurbishment/maintenance.
  2. Hi Mike, We bit the bullet and joined Club Voyage immediately after we completed on the purchase of our home in Brittany. Yes, I agree the initial £130 to join was nearly a show-stopper (£70 Admin Fee??? ) However, we are VERY glad we did. In the two trips we have already taken we have saved nearly all of that cost just in the tickets alone; plus you get free breakfasts, discounts on other goodies on-board. They even let us watch a movie in the cinema for free. Year on year, it costs £60 to renew. That cost is immediately recovered on the first trip after that is paid. From then on, we're quids-in... Now, keep in mind that our circumstances are a bit different from yours, in that we travel from Portsmouth to St. Malo (or Caen if the ferry is not running on that route due to winter schedules). Hope that helps... Cheers! Richard
  3. Hello! We would like to purchase one of the car stickers of the Brittany Dancing Girl that you see on loads of cars. I believe it is to represent the various hats that are customary around the different regions of Brittany. We have been searching and searching for them, but due to not knowing exactly what they're called, makes the search a bit difficult. They look like a cartoon drawing. Many thanks! Richard
  4. Ok.... so, will a UK telephone work in France or not?
  5. Thank you everyone! Very valuable information... Much appreciated! Richard
  6. Hi All, We hope to soon be property owners in France, and are wondering about Brittany Ferries Club Voyage....  Is it worth joining up for it?  Does it provide enough discounts on ferry crossings to justify the membership costs? Cheers! Richard
  7. Hello! Thank you both for such great information.  Very helpful...  and has pretty much sealed the decision as to the area we want to buy in, and ultimately retire. Also, thank you VERY much for the information about the upcoming power lines....  Whoa!!!!   I had no idea that was coming.   That map from their website will be taken with us to show estate agents whilst we are looking. We had originally decided we wanted to live near Cognac & Jarnac; but have reconsidered due to the logistics of getting there....  Would be great once we didn't have to travel back and forth to the UK; and was chosen primarily because of the weather (we both ride Harley's). Again, many thanks! Richard
  8. Hello Everyone! Bonjour! We are in the beginning stages of our house/property search, so please bear with us as we ask loads of questions.... We would really appreciate "hearing" your opinions about the Mortain area from those who live there, or reasonably close. We have found a potential property that looks good on paper, but would trust first-hand opinions before treking across the channel for a viewing. Which port is best for travel to the area? Caen, Le Havre, St. Malo? Is there a weekly market? Distance to mod-cons; e.g. Super Marche's? Weather? Is it similar to southern England? Or is it more sun than gloom? (sorry, but ned to ask) How long have you lived, or owned property, in the area?a. And, are you happy that you chose the area? I think that should get some dialog started.... Many thanks in advance! Richard
  9. Doesn't do us iPad users much good.....   I have been requesting, and requesting that the digital versions be accessable/usable on iPads.  However, it just seems to fall on deaf ears....  :-(
  10. Folks!!! Hold on here..... My original question was an honest one. Not one to create all of this hostility and hatred. For goodness sakes, I thought I was conversing with pleasant folks in France... Not the angry population of England! Sorry I asked anything.... Bye!
  11. We both have V&H Big Shots; still with baffles. But, we've been known to set off car alarms and activate bike-to-bike Bluetooth helmet systems... I love the sound, but just wanted to check before we take them in to have them registered in France.
  12. Thank goodness we've held on to our OEM pipes!!!
  13. Hi All, Silly question, but will our UK telephones work on the French telephone system?   The reason I'm asking is whether to try and get our existing telephones to last until we move (they are on their final days, but "might" last if need be).  However, if they do work, then we can get the new set now.... Thanks In Advance, Richard
  14. Thank  you Andy!!!   Big help....  we'll check them out on our next trip down in April. Cheers!
  15. Hi All, In the Aquitaine area, where are the best places to shop for white goods? Also, can we get recommendations on DIY stores?  Similar to B&Q, HomeBase, Wickes, & Focus? Cheers! Richard
  16. Thank you Cooperlola!   I think that's going to be the best option for us.   As I am only 53 y/o at present, I do plan to work at least until I'm 62 (hopefully in France).   I would like to get out of this corporate life I currently lead (it's total BS) and do something I enjoy!  Gee, doesn't everybody?  :-) Thanks again! Richard
  17. Thank you Sunday!!!   I've PM'd you....
  18. Hi Sunday, Thanks for your quick response.   Let me see if I understand what you're saying.... Are you suggesting that it doesn't matter where my state pension comes from?   Once we have our S1 (which I understand can cover us for up to the first 30 months, depending on the timing of our physical move, of us living in France full time), then all we would need to do is pay for our medical coverage thru private medical insurance (say, BUPA for example) for the remainder of our 5-year residency "test"?   Then, once we meet the 5-year requirement, we would be able to be covered by the French national health service? Or, are you saying that regardless of where my pension comes from, once we have our S1 and the time limit associated with the S1 elapses, we are on our own for the remainder of any health care coverage? Sorry I'm being so thick on this....  but it is a "deal breaker" if we don't have health care coverage; and not at some exorbitant premium (€€€'s). Cheers! Richard
  19. Thanks Krusty! Cheers! Richard
  20. Hi Folks, I hope I have posted this in the correct section of the forum.... I have just been given some information that I hope is not true, but thought I would ask anyway.   I am a dual-citizen between UK and USA.   When I am eligible to collect a state pension, I will be collecting Social Security from the US.  I don't/won't qualify for a UK state pension. I was told that because I will be collecting my state pension from he US, that I will not qualify for any sort of health coverage in the French health care system?   Is this true? Many thanks in advance! Richard
  21. Hi All, We were at The France Show yesterday in London, and stopped by the Bupa stand.  When we mentioned that one of us has Type 1 Diabetes, they immediate stated that they would not offer coverage.  However, the guy did state "I am prevented by law from telling you who, but there are companies that offer coverage to diabetics; just google it"....  Well, I have googled it, and am not finding any mention of such a company. Does anyone have any idea who this insurance company might be?  We would need the insurance only for the 3 year period until we can be covered under the French healthcare system (CMU?). Many thanks! Richard
  22. Ok, I feel like a real numpty having to ask this question....  but how do I interpret a French postal address?  For example, my friend's address is (changed to protect the innocent): Le Guillery, 37290 Preuilly-Sur-Claise I am, unfortunately, so used to postal addresses being in the form: Name House #, Street Name City, County, Postal Code Thanks in advance! Richard
  23. Hey Big Mac! Yes, just over the hill from you...   How do you like 53?   Cheers! Richard
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