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  1. Hi Done a search on this but most posts refer to exporting vehicles to the UK. We have now moved to the  Middle East. I was going to sell my bike but my company have offered to transport it at no cost to me. I will be living a couple of miles from a beautiful F1 track that does plenty of open days so I have decided to bring the bike with me. I spoke to a bike dealer here in Bahrain, he said it is very easy to import bikes as there are very few rules and restrictions (a breath of fresh air after being in France for so long) However he mentioned getting a paper from the French embassy, but didn't know what it was called. What is the paperwork and procedure to permanently export the bike from France? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Not really SD, there are as many loonies riding <100bhp as >100bhp, what I meant that by rolling over and surrendering to rediculous laws like these will only make the morons think that their meddling in our sport was welcome, which it most certainly wasn't. The fact it hasn't yielded any results means it's only a matter of time before they introduce even more legislation in a desparate bid to get the results they desire.
  3. Hi Big Mac Your description summed up biking quite well and I found myself grinning as I read it. As Bugbear says, anything that is any fun is being eroded and legislated against, and France is already one of the most over legislated countries in Europe. That is why I can't agree with the people whose attitude is "biking is still fun at 100 bhp", yes it is, but I think it gives a green light to the morons who make up these stupid laws and only draws even closer the dreaded day they finally ban motorcycling forever. The 100 bhp law has done nothing to reduce motorcycle deaths, and France still has a far higher rate than the UK, which has no bhp limit, so what next?
  4. Thankyou Sunday Driver I didn't see it on this forum before. I first heard about it from the FFM at circuit Carole, they had organised a petition against it. There seemed to be a lot of signatures! Personally I don't have anything against it, unless they want to charge €100 for it.
  5. [quote user="Thebiga"] Hi Oakbri I did ask but no one has come back to me, it did say in your post that bikes have to have a MOT every year. I knew they did not have to have a CT but where do they go for a MOT as I did think that a CT was the same thing? As I am looking at getting back into bikes in the near future. Cheers [/quote] Thebiga When you posted you asked about MOT's, CT's and then mentioned road tax so I didn't know if you were referring to bikes in the UK or France so I answered for both. I should have been a little clearer. In the UK bikes need an MOT every year as well as road tax, I don't know if bigger bikes pay more tax but I don't think so. In France there isn't currently any road tax. Bikes do not need a CT, but that is probably about to change.  
  6. [quote user="Patmobile"] Hello again Yes, it's true I don't like noisy bikes.  What's the point of them? All my cars for the last 20 years have had catalysts and injection systems that completely cut off fuel on the overrun, so there's nothing very advanced about that.  I might ask, "Why have bikes been using old technology?" OK, maybe I didn't interpret the OP's smiley correctly.  I thought it denoted a smug tone - I'm sorry I didn't understand it. I'm not against bikes, but the idea that they are some sort of less-polluting alternative to the car is truly laughable.  Somehow the bike lobby has become so strong that politicians and the press, and maybe the bikers themselves, have swallowed this lie. Just for my information - I'm really not picking a fight now - do bikes have to undergo a regular MOT/Controle Technique test?  Do advertisemants and showroom stickers for bikes have to carry mandatory information about fuel consumption and CO2 emissions?  Is there any legislation on the way to make very large gas-guzzling bikes pay more road tax than smaller economical models? Patrick      [/quote] Patrick Modern sportsbikes don't, as far as I know use any more modern technology than cars but they are not lagging behind either. Bikes in themselves are not usually less polluting than cars the opposite in fact, small scooters are an exception, but in the case of larger bikes, an R1 for example does about 40 mpg (from memory) whereas say a Ford Fiesta will do around 50 mpg and carry more passengers. Where bikes come into their own and reduce pollution is due to the fact they don't cause traffic jams. The Paris peripherique would be totally impassable if it wasn't for the high volume of commuters who brave the rain on a bike rather than sitting in a car. Bikes do have to do an MOT, every year. They don't have to do a controle technique - YET. When I bought mine it had information on the showroom sticker regarding fuel consumption etc. Bikes, as with cars, don't pay road tax in France. The bhp limit was introduced without any real forethought as a kneejerk way to try to reduce France's dismal motorcycle road death toll ( which is far higher than the UK, despite having better, less congested roads and better weather) All the evidence I have seen so far has shown it to be a failure, the death toll is still higher here than the UK despite the brits riding round on penis extensions of 185bhp+. I guess this may be because many of the accidents are between a bike and a car, which is very one sided, and the biker almost always comes off worse. However as the new rules are only against the biker the car drivers carry on as before, which is why the death toll is not dropping. I guess the next step will be to reduce the bhp down to 45bhp, apparently we don't use any more than that anyway.  
  7. [quote user="Bugbear"][quote user="Patmobile"][ Thank you, In choosing to compare your bike with a Ferrari or Bugatti, you make my point far more convincingly than I could. Why don't bikes have catalysts?  Why are the standards for noise emission less strict than for cars?  Why do owners of  noisy bikes fit aftermarket exhausts deliberately tuned like trumpets to make an even louder noise? [/quote] Come on Patrick, at least read whats been said and do some research before making such comments. Perhaps you just don't like being overtaken....................[:D] I didn't actually compare my bike with those cars, my reference was with full-blown sports machines of similar performance levels.  My bike, if you're interested, is completely legal, 106bhp and fitted with a factory exhaust system. I've never felt the need for more power than I currently have and don't choose to wear the 'penis-extension' that some individuals feel 150bhp gives them. Some car drivers, of course, suffer the same illusion..............[:)] Modern bikes DO have catalytic converters fitted and have done for some time. They also have some of the most advanced fuel-management systems currently available. One example is injector management that completely shuts off the fuel in closed-throttle, over-run situations. Thats why you can't smell them when they've just passed you. Gary. Live and let live perhaps.........................................[:)]   [/quote] Gary I find it interesting you dare call my comments silly and then go and talk such drivel about how environmentally friendly your restricted bike is due to its advanced fuel management system. If it has been restricted in the way mine was you may as well remove the entire system and throw it in the bin. Modern bike engines are controlled by an ECU which  manages the amount of fuel pumped into the cyclinders using various sensors, whilst the ECU can make minor adjustments for changes in local air density it cannot compensate for massive bungs fitted to the intake as was in the case of my bike, the ECU's have such limited authority they need to be reprogrammed or replaced if you fit such things as an aftermarket exhaust or airfilter. Sports bikes are considered polluters due the the low MPG they usually deliver compared to a family car, especially as you can only take a maximum of 2 people, but once the good old french bureaucrats have got hold of them you may as well drive a Sherman tank.
  8. [quote user="Patmobile"][quote user="oakbri"] ......Maybe the slim chance of being caught is what makes the locals unconcerned, or maybe they are all friends of the earth and like to let their engines run as intended instead of spewing out excess fumes all in the name of "safety"[:D]   [/quote] All - or very nearly all motor bikes, especially any over 100bhp, are massive polluters compared with almost any car, including 4x4s.  So spare us the fake concern for the atmosphere of our planet, please. Patrick   [/quote] Patrick I never said I was concerned about the atmosphere (that's why there was a smiley), what I said was that I find the hipocrisy of the French government amazing when they introduce bhp limits, which makes bikes bigger polluters, and try to extract taxes from you all in the name of the environment. I have yet to meet a biker who is a fanatic environmentalist, however I know many members of the FFM who are very opposed to the governments interference in their hobby. I like my bike at full power as I regularly take it on the track, and use every precious bit of power it can produce, losers who think having the bike at full power is a penis extension really make me chuckle - they are pathetic, and I find it interesting that they obviously think that way about the thousands of bikers in the UK with powerful bikes.
  9. [quote user="Sunday Driver"] I think you'll find that the French do take the bhp limit seriously. I'm sure your dealer will have reconsidered his position since January 2006 when they introduced a new law making it a criminal offence for a professional to modify a motorcycle in order to breach the legal power limit.  I suspect the penalty of a 30,000€ fine, two years imprisonment and a five year ban on carrying out his business will have influenced him.  Plus, of course the seizure of the motorcycle which he has modified.....     [/quote] Sunday Driver I said I didn't think the French worried too much simply because most of my friends ride unrestricted bikes. With regard to the new laws, I also said I didn't know what dealers do nowadays. As far as I have heard only the Paris police have a dyno, and even that information is hearsay and I don't know if it is true. Maybe the slim chance of being caught is what makes the locals unconcerned, or maybe they are all friends of the earth and like to let their engines run as intended instead of spewing out excess fumes all in the name of "safety"[:D]  
  10. [quote user="DS19"]Does the 100hp limit apply to motorcyles registered in the UK? What if I have UK nationality and residence in France? Will this make any difference? If pulled over, will the cops rough me up? Is there indeed such a limit or is this an urban myth? Do French nationals care much about this (the 100hp limit, not my living in France) and ride unrestricted anyway? Are the penalties as severe as I've heard? €30k + prison + bike? Only curious - what are speeding tickets like? Severe? Moderate? Other? Thanks in advance. [/quote] DS19 I don't think the French take the 100 bhp limit too seriously. When I bought my bike new here the dealer routinely derestricted it at the first service. Most of my french friends with bikes have unrestricted ones. However I bought my bike 4 years ago so things may have changed with regard to people derestricting new bikes now. With regard to actually getting caught, I have heard the Paris police have mobile dynos, but outside the capital I doubt they are equipped to catch you, but I honestly don't know. I always find it amusing when I hear Sarkozy talking about carbon emissions when the French government put up STOP signs everywhere instead of GIVE WAY and they introduced the crazy 100 bhp law. My bike was restricted using massive bungs in the inlets. Of course the ECU wasn't reprogrammed so it had the fuel consumption of the QE2 and a carbon footprint the size of Cornwall, but hey that's OK as long as I don't have over 100bhp. It is a bizzare country sometimes!!!
  11. [quote user="Gluestick"][quote user="oakbri"]  According to the internet its still beautiful in Southend. [/quote] Ha! Been raining most of the night and most of today! We're not too far from Southend-on-Mud. I thought the planet was supposed to be suffering droughts and high temps? Presently, after Paque, when it was colder than New Year and we had a blizzard [:'(], we seem to be suffering from Global Colding and Wetting! Perhaps someone can start using the CFC aerosols again please!   [/quote] Gluestick I was only going by what my google gadget was saying, and it showed sun. But it was beautiful there the last few days. My wife confirmed it stayed the same in Picardie all week - rain!!!
  12. I was in particular need of a rant this morning. I have been working a new job in the west of Ireland for 6 weeks, doing a week there and a week off back in Picardie. The routine is becoming depressing, nice weather all week in Ireland and then returning to the usual rain and greyness of Picardie. It brightened up a bit this afternoon so I wheeled the motorbike out of the garage, by the time I got my jacket and helmet on it had started spitting again. I am already looking forward to going back to Ireland next week. Anyway hopefully the house will be finished soon and will sell. Then I am moving somewhere that actually has seasons, as opposed to the 9 months of greyness and rain followed by winter which I have sadly become used to.
  13. Just spent 8 days away, 4 in the west of Ireland, weather very pleasant, then 4 days in Southend in the UK, weather fantastic. We took off out of London last night in perfect conditions, after 25 minutes of flight I saw a bank of black cloud ahead, you guessed it - France. Got home last night to clouds, woke up this morning to torrential rain, and its still raining. According to the internet its still beautiful in Southend. I never thought I would live in a place with worse summers than the UK, but I do. The worst thing is, my house is almost ready to sell, and the market appears to have gone flat. I have a job waiting for me in Spain as soon as I sell up but I need to finish this place and get it sold. I have promised myself and my family that this will be our last year without a summer, I just hope the market improves by the time I am ready to sell. Picardie is without doubt the greyest, wettest most boring place I have ever been. I envy those of you in the south.
  14. [quote user="ams"] Black skies, thunder and yet more rain, whats happening, time to wake up from my dream about retiring to France and the sunny south west.   ams [/quote] I know what you mean ams. I have recently taken a job on the west coast of Ireland. Me and the Mrs speak several times a day and always compare weather, and it DEFINITELY rains more in Picardie than in Ireland [:-))] they don't tell you that on Househunters in the Sun  
  15. [quote user="groslard"][quote user="oakbri"]  Marie took down the street lights yesterday [/quote] Who is Marie? [/quote] Sorry, - Mairie Damn my spelling !!!
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