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  1. Support and security for all versions, prior to win 10, ceased in January. However, all is not lost. If your versions of win 7 are not 'snide copies' and are kosher, it is still possible to upgrade and claim a digital licence for free. Worth considering.
  2. Exactly, it's been going on for several decades on things such as confectionery, products in box type packaging, jars and bottles. It is now normal practice and will continue to be so, which will prompt further reductions in quantity and price hikes to cover the cost of the relabelling the packaging informing consumers what they already know.
  3. Correct regarding the timescale. Partially correct regarding the method of execution.......he didn't after all fall from a balcony but from out of the sky!
  4. Perhaps: $1300000 outstanding on Stormy Daniels debt. and $90000 to cover whom ever bankrolled the original payment to her.
  5. I tend to agree that that would be a solution. However, getting back to reality, this forum is owned and operated by a commercial company, France Media Group. They are in the business of selling a service and products to the public who also have access to this forum, and I doubt it would be conducive to their company policy to be condoning a section of that calibre. Since a poster posted links to other immigrant to France forums, I have occasionally viewed them (yawn). I assume they are independently run forums and judging by some posters comments suspect they are only mildly moderated, and it is up to their owners how their sites are operated. I hold my hand up to shoving one up some posters here, which the mods are at liberty to delete. Furthermore, I do however believe my comments have been justified on those occasions.
  6. On topic. I must say that this morning's production of bread was superb in every way. Two slices, buttered and, a bowl of tomato soup (Carrefour's own for me) accompanied by two soft-boiled eggs. That's what I call a 'rock-star'lunch'. 🙂 Onto High BP (I have a season ticket for this condition). I bought a tension meter in 2014 following a 'triple pontage cardiaque' which I use sparodically, usually before a 3 monthly visit to my medicin or my annual visit to my cardialogue. When visiting my medican, it can be as high as 15 or 16. I put this down to 'white coat' plus the fact she is young and extremely attractive! When visiting my cardialogue, a very pleasant middle-aged guy, the reading is typically between mid 12 to top 13. However, on my last visit 3 weeks ago, I mentioned I'd had been suffering from pressure and tightness in my upper chest region for the past 9 months. His response to this was to cancel a non-urgent patient the following afternoon and put me in for the velo test. Wednesday afternoon, the nurse started prepping me for the test at 15.00. Test commenced at about 15.10. 16.00 I was on a gurney-trolley being loaded into an ambulance heading for Urgence. At the beginning of the test, I registered 126. Ten minutes into the test, I was registering 180 and climbing! Following all the usual tests and a cardiac catheterisation, I will be returning at the end of this month to have a 'réduction du sinus coronaire' fitted. The op comprises the insertion of a mesh stainless steel, egg-timer shaped device into the main vein carrying blood out of the heart (coronary sinus). This narrows the sinus, elevating the pressure and helping to redistribute blood to where it is needed most. Four to six weeks later, the device should have become encased in natural body cells, where it will become fully effective-one hopes. I feel very lucky as this procedure is still relatively new and in its infancy and has only been available here, in France, since October 2021. Following on it will hopefully, for me, be 'farewell' to refractory angina and 'hi there' to onwards and upwards.
  7. We have never bought a store loaf since the early 90's, and we are on our 3rd Panasonic, which is used as many as 4x a week to make wholewheat bread and brioche. Three years ago I snagged one off Amazon Fr. on offer- €60 which is stored until the demise of our present one. Last year, I replaced a broken base connector, which is the unit that drives the paddle. A new connector from Vente Pieces Menager cost €5. As to your query re product quality, we are suffering the same, some loaves perfect, some loaves less than perfect. I also toast the dodgy ones. My recollection is the drop in quality seemed to coincide with the problems re Ukraines' shipping of grain from Izmail ???? As to the junking of your machine, sheer sacrilege. 🙂
  8. Best you sample a few extra wines and possibly a couple of shots while in Anaheim then. It might go some way to numbing your senses, prior to your venture into the park, in view of some of your previous posts. My first visit to Disneyland was spring 1968 and the only edgy appearances were made by The Cowsills (the band the Partridge Family was styled around) and The Lovin' Spoonful. Fast-forward to 2023 and THESE are the kinda edgy appearances you're likely to encounter.😲 Where is California's Desantis when you need him. I don't find it necessary to hold back until October, as every day is a holiday for me.😊
  9. Why not, for starters, try Carrefour for THIS phone and Leclerc for THIS provider and see how you get on?
  10. Reconditioned Smartphones- Apple MacBook-Mac Tablettes-Photos et Vidéos-Montres Connectées-Consoles-Enceintes et Son
  11. Bull Sh*t Baffles Brains.
  12. My take, at the moment, on all of this is that yesterday we witnessed two mafia style bosses sorting out their ongoing spat in a hastily cobbled manner for the benefit of the world's media to digest. The situation has, though, left Putin in a vulnerable and weakened position where he was forced to take to the Russian airwaves with an unscheduled public address, something he never does. I will not be at all surprised, if in a few weeks I read that Prighozin has met an untimely death after falling from a balcony while in Belarus. Therefore, no knife or gunshot wounds, nor signs of any ingestion of polonium to cover up. NATO must now ignore Biden and elevate that Brit guy, Wallace to secretary general in autumn to replace Stoltenberg, fast track Ukraine's admission to NATO and then proceed to chuck all the latest military hardware and technology at Zelensky's disposal. This would aid the Ukraine forces to hopefully call time on this criminal Russian activity.
  13. It looks like the Wagner Group may have acquired a new pay master. 👍
  14. I omitted, above, to add that at no time until I had read the replies here did I attribute any of my sneezing attacks to covid-19 or the vaccinations I had already received. I just put it down to dust generated from the Jøtul poele during winter and pollen during spring. It appears that it could well be a side effect of covid after all. While I'm here – a 'sneezing' gag. I was talking with my wife the other day regarding all this sneezing I was suffering and said “when I have these powerful sneezing attacks it causes me to have an erection”. “Really” she said, seeming quite surprised. “Yes” I replied, “do you think I ought to be taking something for It?” “ I certainly do.” she said. “Ok then. What do you suggest?” With a beaming smile and a glint in her eye, “Pepper” she said.
  15. Interesting opinions and view points, particularly the sneezing and runny nose issue. Since December, when I tested positive, the sneezing etc has been epic to the extent that if it were an Olympic event I'm sure I'd make the podium. 🤧 When I got home from my walk at lunchtime, there was a message from the cabinet informing me I have an appointment on the 12th. As DL stated, 'I'll continue until I'm told to stop'.
  16. During May last year, I received my 3rd covid-19 booster vacs, ie this would be my 4th vacs in total. In the following December, I tested positive for covid-19, initially subscribing to the idea that 'a lot of good those vacs were - not' style of thinking. However, 6 months further on, I now like to believe that the vacs subdued my symptoms to a minimum having only suffered a couple of days being under the weather of which just one day was spent bed-bound. I am now considering whether to subject myself to booster vacs number 4 and would be interested to know if anyone here is still continuing vacs within the anti-covid programme and as to how many vacs, to date, you have received? 💉
  17. Written by Sam Shepard (1984) who also, amongst other things, performed banjo on Patti Smith's cover of Nirvana's song 'Smells Like Teen Spirit album Twelve. 😉
  18. I have to profess to having no knowledge whatsoever how asylum applications are assessed or processed. It appears to me, however, that someone who enters a country, via a rubber dinghy, having already disposed of their passport, paperwork and cellphone inevitably will suffer extreme, self-inflicted, delays with their application for asylum. Ya pays ya money........
  19. Socialists don't love the poor, they just hate the rich.
  20. Ha. It'll take more than an AI bot to have me shift my a.ss from the ramblings of the wonderful people on here. Although it appears, right now, to be just me and thee. Hang on a minute here. Hold the presses before I post.....I've just had a banner informing me 'anotherbanana' has also replied to you. Now we are three. Oh, and not forgetting a shout-out for the tech. dept. for sorting the issue.
  21. A word of caution. From 2023, the taxe d'habitation on primary residences has been abolished. However, owners still have to pay it on second homes or vacant properties. Before July 1st everyone is required to register their property, used for residential purposes, with the tax authorities. The new reporting obligation is to enable the Directorate General of Public Finances to identify which taxpayers are still liable for the housing tax in 2023. To register this information, it is necessary to access your personal tax space and select "biens immobiliers". Here you will be able to register the status and the occupation of the property. I assume you aren't at present registered for tax purposes and therefore will not yet have your own tax account. If this is the case, then I suggest you make contact with the tax office, a.s.a.p. so as not to incur yourself with any financial penalties.
  22. OK, chemistry (lite) and French lesson coming up. Carbohydrates are sugar molecules. However, it was found they do not contain 'hydrates' in a standard chemical form. With this in mind, unlike English speakers, the French adopted an alternative word:- Glucides. Hope that helps.
  23. Unfortunately, Mihai, there are posters here who tend towards disruptive, self-opinionated and belligerent retorts towards other posters content when it fails to chime with their own. This is likely to be a factor, along with the unsolicited advertising and second rate software, contributing to the overall demise of this 20+ year forum. Anyway, good luck in your endeavour to track down and uncover the location and owner of the property.
  24. Overhauled and renovated, it could be quite an impressive place. Try dragging the two photos into 'Google Images' and see what that throws up.
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