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  1. Appoint a Power of Attorney. It can be you, your sister or a third party. Once appointed, the POA is authorised to make legal financial decisions, ie not to the detriment of your mother, and an arrangement can be drawn up as to the ownership or disposal of the property.
  2. "Hack" The word hack has numerous meanings and connotations from :- 1. Cut with rough or heavy blows. 2. A writer or journalist producing dull, unoriginal work. 3. A cab 4. A horse for ordinary riding. 5. To tolerate or cope with a situation 6. To cough 7. To gain illegal access to a computer network, system etc 8. Restriction to quarters as punishment for naval officers 9. A guard or warder at a prison 10. To kick at an opponent's shins in Rugby football. Now the internet influencers have garnered the word for the purpose of "to proffer advice" No! Enough already! It's called a "tip" which, by the way, also has numerous meanings. They'll be all over that soon.
  3. ........and has anyone worked out how much the research, preparation and presentation of this annual bullsh*t and public ****-kissing exercise is likely to cost the taxpayers of Nantes?
  4. If only. Thanks for your thoughts and kind words, much appreciated. Following the procedure at the start of September, my well-being improved and grew daily, where at mid to the end of October I was beginning to believe I'd morphed into a combination of Johnny Weissmuller and Kirk Alyn! However, come November I underwent a rapid decline back to my pre-op status, which is where I find myself today. I am at the moment awaiting a call from the surgeon who performed the procedure regarding the way forward following my conversation yesterday afternoon at the 3-month follow-up, at my cardiolog's cabinet. Regarding the under performing bakes in the breadmaker, my wife reduced the amount of salt she added, and the result was bread attempting to raise the lid. ☺️
  5. To poach an egg successfully, use a pan of not quite boiling water, ie no volcanic bubbling, so about 80°. Add a teaspoon of vinegar and slowly slide the contents of the shell into the pan. The time until removal from the pan will depend on how you like your poached eggs cooked.
  6. All I know about sat. broadband is that the quality of the signal is dependent on a clear and unobstructed signal to the dish and how many transponders the satellite is carrying. Satellites on a low earth orbit tend to have fewer transponders than those orbiting geostationary, which means they are at a fixed distance from the equator and able to follow the earth's rotational speed. Perhaps it will assist your decision if you are able to ascertain which category of orbit, your chosen supplier satellite adopts.
  7. cajal


    Given the effect that fronting a double 'Marshall stack' for decades had on my hearing, coupled with the questionable quality of translation audio, I don't think my F⇾E ajatio is a million phonetics away from Lori's example. 😊
  8. Never mind a photo of a pan of stewing raspberries. The thing which grabbed my attention was the shots of the impressive handwriting. A dying trait in today's world.
  9. cajal


    I guess the most accurate pronunciation would be achieved via a French -> French, simply for the audio. However, translation software doesn't allow for that permutation.
  10. I would certainly recommend you do so. We had a home there for 12 years from the late 80's until the early 00's and was my frequent destination when I needed to relax and unwind between tours.
  11. cajal


    Out of interest, did you translate English -> French or French -> English? I entered 'Ajaccio' into DeepL, and it returned two totally unrelated pronunciations. E -> F (amyahcho) and F -> E (ajatio).
  12. Yes and yes. Following an intervention for the insertion of a coronary sinus reducer at the beginning of September, I received an email within a matter of days, following discharge. It stated that all the paperwork appertaining to the lead-up and the final summary of the above procedure is now available to view on my “Espace Santé”. The email invited me to open an “espase” personal, if I didn't already have one, by clicking on the link provided. As I tend not to click on links in emails, I opened the accessibility properties of the email to retrieve the address embedded in the link and opened it via a new browser page. I felt comfortable with the site and duly signed-up. My account now has available, a complete paper-chain of all the correspondence from the consultant, who initially had me transported to the Emergency room, further hospitalisation for assessment and the ultimate hospitalisation for the procedure and the surgeons final summary of the procedure. I believe this is a very useful one-stop information hub, should it become necessary in future. It also saves me having to remember everything that was said and done over this period of time. As an aside. The above procedure is relatively new here in France. The surgeon told me he has performed approximately one procedure every couple of months during the past two years, whereas he constantly performs by-pass surgery on a weekly basis. In view of the infancy of this procedure, he asked me If I would be willing to participate in a follow-up bi annual survey over three years to which I agreed.
  13. Although this phenomenon took place during 2022 it's possible it could still be influencing the present weather conditions. Tonga Eruption
  14. The 'clean all' command will be sufficient and “do the Trick”. If it is in a laptop or tablet, ensure it is plugged into the mains throughout the whole process, as it is not recommended to rely on the unit's battery in case it dies mid-clean. Then you will be in schtuk.
  15. THIS might go some way to explaining your dictator disposer.
  16. I was channel surfing on Sunday evening and happened upon the game 10 mins in. I'm glad we decided to follow it, as it seemed to be a match of considerable action to we novices. (I'm a more major league Baseball follower than a Rugby fan.) Unfortunately, madame took the dog for a toilet trot and missed out on a try, a conversion, and two penalties. I understood, from the commentary, that 'preventing a transformation' was only illegal on the taking of a penalty?
  17. cajal


    A sixteen year old youth has been arrested on a charge of criminal damage. If convicted, he should be locked-up for a serious length of time.
  18. Did you try the 'Arebos Paddle' link I posted? You will find that it takes you to a page on Vente-Pieces-Menager's site where the paddle displayed, is on sale for €11.50 and the description states:- Cette pale de pétrissage est conçue pour les machines à pain Arebos, Lagrange et Silvercrest (voir liste des modèles compatibles dans les détails de l'article).
  19. This paddle claims to be compatible with Arebos. They are a legit outfit- I sourced a paddle connector for our Panasonic from them. Arebos Paddle
  20. They even have their own theme tune to hum along to whilst you cook up a feast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bpS-cOBK6Q
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