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  1. Of course it is not the tories fault, nothing ever is... A House of Commons Library note published in November 2014 found that spending on flood defences during the last Labour government – between 1997 and 2010 – increased by three quarters in real terms. It however said central government spending from 2010 onwards had been cut by around 20 per cent compared to the previous spending period. Link: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/john-mcdonnell-says-cutting-foreign-aid-to-pay-for-flood-defences-would-make-matters-worse-in-the-a6789086.html
  2. Well done Dave, unfortunately this is one cut by your ideology driven government that your cannot cover up with spin. I am surprised the nasty rightwing tabloids haven't blamed Jeremy Corbyn for the floods by now, they have tried pinning everything else on the poor bloke.
  3. We had our pompier call last week, it is the earliest they have ever called. andyh4 mentioned that he gave a donation for the La Poste calendar, can somebody tell me if this is expected please. We just thought that it is a free calendar that La Poste gives to its customers. We always give our nice post lady a tip at Christmas, usually about the first or second week of December, so if she was expecting a tip when she handed over our calendar she was probably thinking tight English **!!%%% or something like that. Really didn't know we were expected to give a donation for it. Oops.
  4. Wow, I wish I hadn't asked. [:-))] So basically the usual total confusion when it comes to the French language regarding the letter T, what chance do we have. It would seem to be a case of learning the various 'T' words by heart, dead easy as the rest of the French language is soooo easy.[:D] Thank you all for trying to explain the letter T to me.
  5. Got to admit this one has confused me since I  have lived here, although most of the French language does that to me. Words ending in T, hmm... My confusion arises from when you pronounce the T or not, for example: The word But I would consider pronouncing but as, boot, that would include pronouncing the T, but then take the word Sport, to my mind that is pronounced spoor, no T. As neither word has an e or s after it, how do you know when to pronounce the T? Is there a hard and fast rule for words ending in T, little chance of that I would guess being the French language, or is it a case of learning all the words by heart. If anybody can shed some light on this matter it would be most appreciated.
  6. Grecian


    Hello Norman, just popping in to see how you are progressing. Whilst I am sure it sounds nice to be recuperating by the sea, and to have nice weather at the moment, if your room is not air conditioned I am guessing things could be a little uncomfortable heat wise at the moment. Have you been given any indication when you are likely to be able to go home? Or are you already at home, I hope so. Wishing you all the best for your continued recovery.
  7. Grecian


    That's great news Norman, so pleased for you, you really do deserve a break after all you have been through. Yes I guess we are both on the way back up, to be cancer free is all that we can ask for at this moment in time, will just have to see what the future brings. Rabbie thanks for your good wishes, glad to of been of assistance in cheering you up! gardengirl glad to hear you have been clear for a year now, long may it continue. Quite happy to join in with the toast, here's to 'better health', cheers. Yes we are all very lucky.
  8. Grecian


    Hello Norman, my complications, well, I had a CT scan 2 weeks ago and saw my surgeon again at Bordeaux last week. The inflammation on my pancreas has reduced to 50% of what it was, the surgeon didn't seem to be concerned and said I can eat and drink normally again. The CT scan included my first 3 month check-up which thankfully turned out to be clear, no secondary spread, really good news. Unfortunately on the pooping front things are still really bad, probably going between 15-20 times a day still, it is really dragging me down at the moment. The surgeon told me it will take at least 6 months for any improvement, and in my case it could be nearer 12 months after what my body had been through. Something to look forward to. So really good news that CT scan was clear, better news on the pancreas, but pooping wise still horrendous. Hope you are getting stronger each day now, and will be able to return home sometime soon in the future. Hope you enjoyed your ice cream!
  9. Grecian


    Well I am almost jealous Norman, seaside, sun and ice cream, I had to make do with compotes and a 10 foot square room with no outlook at Bordeaux. Glad to see  you are able to get out and about, I am guessing your recuperation must be going to plan. Hope you can manage more than just ice cream at the moment, but it is a slow process this post-op recovery lark. I had my first alcohol for 3 months last week, just to see if I still like it of course.[;-)]
  10. Grecian


    Gosh you really are going through it Norman, it's a good job that they picked up the embolism and have operated to remove it. I will have my last blood thinning injection tomorrow. I have been injected everyday for 11 weeks now, I thought it to be a bit OTT, but I think I will review my opinion if it has prevented an embolism. Enjoy you stay by the sea side.
  11. Grecian


    Sorry that you had to have a second emergency operation Norman, I know all too well that it can set you back again. Hope the procedure was carried out via keyhole and not open surgery, my 8 inch scar is healing nicely but it has left a dent in my tummy! Are you back on solids yet, or is it just water or those pesky compotes? Really wishing you a speedy recovery Norman and hope you return home as soon as possible, although I must admit to being slightly jealous about the sea view, I had to look across at another block of wards at Bordeaux.
  12. Yippee Mot de Passe back on TF2 this evening, you egg chasers will have to wait another week for your next fix.[:D]
  13. Stuff the chuffing rugby, I want Mot de Passe back on TF2 at 19:00H[:@]
  14. In the last 3 days we have received two telephone calls, one from a 0486 region and one from 0975 region, we did not answer either call, as we only answer numbers we know, and certainly do not answer withheld numbers. Both left a message on our answer machine, the first one asked me to phone back about my appointment, quite ironic that I am actually waiting for an appointment from the hospital, but as the message did not say my name, or any reference to the appointment mentioned we chose not to ring the number left on the message. The second call left a garbled message that we could not understand, but could hear a number being quoted. I Googled the two numbers and found a website referring to the two numbers, with people who had in fact telephoned the numbers and they turned out to be fraudulent, trapping you into telephoning a premium rate number. I assume this scam is only operated with messages left on an answer machine, because I do not know what the person would say if you answered the call. So beware if any unusual numbers flag up on your telephone number pad, as I say this has only happened in the last 3 days.
  15. Thanks for the info Pickles, have been into my account and changed my password.
  16. It's hard to know what to say, other than echo all the other comments that have already been posted. You really are a smashing lady Coops, always happy to provide help for other people, so I would like to add my best wishes and hope for a speedy recovery.
  17. I guess a lot of people who are reading this thread have no idea as to how genuinely sick and disabled people in the UK are now being treated, as they are constantly fed a steady trickle of lies from the right-wing press and media, and reassurances from this vile government about how genuine claimants have nothing to fear. This is coming from a government who used the parliamentary privilege rule to overturn some very watered down amendments passed by the Lords to steamroller their welfare reform bill into law. As already stated by Sara only 0.3% of all disability claims are deemed to be fraudulent this figure coming from the government themselves, yet they are proposing to force anybody who is placed in the work-related activity group (WRAG) into forced unpaid labour. I will not post any links to blogs or newspaper articles, but a link to a website that helps and advises people who are claiming benefits, the link to the thread is from a man who is very distressed because his BLIND wife has been placed in WRAG, this is the same group that the government is targeting into forced unpaid labour, this government has sunk so low that it thinks blind people should be forced into employment against their will. God help us all. I really feel that the government and the UK have now hit rock bottom. Link: http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/forum?func=view&catid=10&id=71257
  18. Thank you all for your swift replies. I really did think I had been given false information regarding the 5-year rule and having to have worked the 5 years to qualify for entry into CMU-B. Also regarding the qualifying period for health cover if starting an AE business. Coops and SD in respect to my wife's IB E121 at the moment she has only just sent back her completed form, so I know things can take a while to materialize, and there is the option of an appeal, although I do not know what will happen to her E121 whilst she appeals any negative decision. Whilst I can see and know she is not fit to work, and there is no prospect of any of her problems ever getting better, unfortunately now the system is now heavily stacked against genuine sick and disabled people, and I feel I must try and have a ‘plan B’ so to speak if the situation arises. I will certainly try the Accident de Vie line if I am faced with the situation. If anybody is really interested the current government is transferring everybody who is on IB to a new benefit named ESA, via a much harsher and practically impossible test to pass to be placed in the top group, where the recipient will be left alone, and things will carry on for that person as they are now. If you are placed in the bottom group you will be means tested, and if you have been stupid enough to have saved more than £16,000 you will be deemed fit for work and your benefit will stop after 12 months. If on the other hand you have blown the lot, and have no savings and are placed in the bottom group you will be deemed unfit for work, and your benefit will continue indefinitely. What a crazy system, but there you go that’s why I need a ‘Plan B’. Hope you are going on OK Coops God knows you have had enough dumped on you, a bit like my wife really although differing circumstances for her. Once again thank you for all your replies.
  19. I am trying to weigh up our options of maintaining our healthcare cover having lived in France for less than 5 years. We have lived in France for 3 years 4 months, and have obtained our healthcare via my wife’s E121 due to ill health, not being of retirement age. As there is the possibility that her E121 could be withdrawn anytime in the imminent future I need to try and ensure we stay within CPAM. As private health cover is not possible, due to her many pre existing conditions, I know the other option is to obtain employment or start up a business. Having spoken to an accountant I am a little confused with the information that I received and I would appreciate any comments you may have regarding the information that was relayed to me by the accountant. I was told that entry into CMUB would not be granted after 5 years of residency if you have not paid into the into the system for 5 years via employment. You cannot combine say for example 3 years of health cover via an E form, and 2 years via an AE business, does anybody know if this is the case. I thought it was just a matter of remaining legal for 5 years either with an E form, private health cover or employment, to be granted entry into CMUB after 5 years if you wished to remain an ‘inactive’. Also if you are paying into CMUB the 8% social charge is based on a minimum of €32,000 a year, I am pretty sure people I have never seen that written anywhere, and I think this would have had its own thread on these boards by now if it was the case. Hope you are still with me, also I was informed you have to wait 12 months for a social security number to be granted if registered as an AE before access to CPAM is granted, again I have not read that anywhere, and I thought your number was issued when you register your AE business. Sorry for all the above questions but as it is such a serious and worrying matter I need to try and get things sorted clearly within my own mind as to how we can maintain our health cover. I know in theory entry into CMUB before the completion of 5 years residency should be allowed after the recent EU ruling, but nobody anywhere I have read seems to have had any success on that front, although if the need arises I guess that will have to be our first port of call and hope our local CPAM office will grant us entry. Another question that has puzzled me is when does the 5 year residency period start from, is it when you register yourself with the French tax authorities, as we did the day after we arrived in France, or from when you first registered with CPAM? I really would appreciate any feedback anybody has on all the above points I have raised, and apologize for such a long thread.
  20. Very glad to hear that news Mr C, best wishes to both of you, and hope for a speedy recovery.
  21. Thank you both for your replies. It seems to be the done thing in France to get somebody in so to speak Coops, both my neighbours have somebody to rotovate their gardens with a professional looking piece of kit, I have been struggling this week rotovating my garden with a normal sized rotovator, hard work but gets the job done. I will take onboard your suggestion, but I am going to try a scarifier blade for my mower first. I have found one on UK ebay for 15 pounds, although they won't deliver to France I can get over that problem. I must admit I was tempted this week with an ex-display petrol scarfier in E.Leclerc, reduced from 395 euros down to 315 euros, but I am goint to try the cheap option first.
  22. Having blown the dust off this thread and brought it back up to the top, I too would like to know if scarifier blades really work on your lawn. I have come to the conclusion that our lawn is more of 'a moss' now than a lawn, so something has to be done. I will say in my defence that we have only been in the property 2 years and the previous owner had let things go a little, in the scarifying department. Having looked on the internet it would seem that you can pick up an electric scarifier for around 100 pounds, and the petrol ones start from about 400 pounds. I don't think the electric scarifier would be man enough for the amount of lawn we have, but I don't really want to shell out over 400 pounds for a petrol one at the moment. So back to the original question do scarifier blades really work? Any feedback gratefully received.
  23. I feel very let down now Bugbear, there I was building myself up for massive downpour, and what did we get this morning, a 15 minute thunderstorm, better than nothing some might say, but it only managed to fill the water butts about a quarter of an inch. Still best not to complain, so I guess it's back to the hosepipe, and watch the water meter start to whizz around again. [+o(]
  24. Now don't get me wrong, having spent the last 12 months in the UK before me moved to France living in West Yorkshire very close to The Pennines, where it never seemed to stop raining, I am more than happy to see the sunshine. But as it has probably only rained about twice in the last two months in Deux Sevres, the weather is causing severe problems trying to keep things alive in the garden, with no well, and empty water butts. [:(] I have to ask the question is this normal for France this time of year, or do we have to blame all les vaches, and their windy tummies causing the planet to warm up, thus making life really difficult keeping my veggies alive!    
  25. Thanks Les, I have read the replies on the link you provided, and have decided to go with the RAC, sorry only joking. I will store my pdt in my cave without the powder this year, and see what happens.  
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