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  1. Hope that the bicarbonate is continuing to ease the ulcers mint, you certainly deserve to have some relief for all that you are suffering at the moment.

    I see that you have mentioned turmeric, I started taking it as soon as I was diagnosed and have continued taking it everyday since. My wife is into the old homeopathic stuff in quite a big way and has asked me to advise you that turmeric is not absorbed by the body too well, and it is best to take specific capsules that are absorbed by the body more easily. I take Super Bio-Curcumin, 400 mg capsules, which can be purchased from lifeextensioneurope.com,


    The other one that she recommends is Curcusorb from naturesbest.co.uk


    Just to let you know the mobile charger is packed and raring to go, I rang the mobile today from our landline and the ringtone is the X-Files, as I have no idea how to change the ringtone I have decided to leave well alone, so I guess the X-Files it is.[:D]

  2. That's a good idea mint, will ask nicely tomorrow and see what transpired. Until about 2 years ago my neighbour was mayor, so I am sure he would have obliged, I am ashamed to say that I have no idea who is mayor now.

  3. Sorry to hear the ulcers are bad mint, hopefully the bicarbonate and pain killers with give you some relief. How many more sessions of chemo have you got to endure? Hope it is not too many.

    Yes they will be 'intervening' on Monday, with all the hassle of not knowing if I still have health cover it is not exactly helping the situation. It will mean leaving my wife alone again for a week or more so also worried about that as well. Bloody disease.

    Don't mention the mobile, had awful trouble trying to get the damn thing to start initially. When I switched it on the first time it was asking for a pin number, where does one find a pin number I thought. Looked on the internet, suggestions were: use the last four digits or your phone number, nope, 0000 nope, four digit number on the SIM card, must be that one, nope, I was about to throw the damn thing against the wall, when I looked at the card the SIM card was attached to and on there was an 8 digit number, tried that and yep all system go, nope. Well yes it accepted the pin and I could get into the phone. First window asking for which language I wanted the phone to be set up in, selected English pushed the big button in the middle of the phone, and the phone set itself up in Dutch.[:-))] I now know a little of the Dutch language, well the Dutch for settings and language. Finally managed to get the damn thing to speak to me in English, so hopefully things will now go according to plan, if I remember to turn it on!

    More relevant to the thread, Théière I like the sound of a chocolate one, that sounds more like it. I guess you can pretty much zap anything you want to really. I keep dropping hints to Mrs G for Christmas, not sure she is taking them onboard though.

  4. Sorry to hear that mint, especially in your current situation. I guess it could be the same in the UK, doctor's receptionists spring to mind, but here in France I think there seems to be a fair sprinkling of 'jobsworths' in positions of power.

    When we had the office in Bressuire we were always treated well, and the problem was always sorted out there and then. I remember the first time that we went in there 9 years ago to register with CPAM a very nice man apologized profusely when he was unable to accept our short birth certificates, and even took to explaining things to us in English come the end. But today like yourself the female was none too friendly. So if we are able to obtain an Attestation de Domiciliation tomorrow, not holding my breath as I am sure a new problem will arise tomorrow, we will have to send it off to Niort, and hope that this is what is required and they agree to continue our health cover.

    All worrying stuff.

  5. Well that didn't go as well as I would have liked. We went to CPAM at Cerizay this afternoon, luckily armed with a print off of the message that we received. The lady who we saw was not overly helpful, and seemed a bit confused by what she was reading. She asked to see our E121 and then consulted her computer, and told us that the E121 will expire on the 31st December. We tried explaining to her that E121's do not expire, or not until the Brexit nonsense cuts in then who knows. More consulting with another lady, and then I think she telephoned Niort, where the main office is for Deux Sevres.

    After about 5 minutes on the phone she then informed us we must go to The Maire's Office and obtain an 'Attestation de Domiciliation' and then send this off to Niort. I really have no idea as to what this document she is referring to is, and why we have to send it to Niort. Judging by these boards not lighting up I can only assume that it is only us that have received this request. So tomorrow morning off to the Marie's office and try to explain to him/her why we need this piece of paper. So with an operation coming up on Monday I hope I will not wake up to a rather large bill for the procedure.

  6. Brave lady mint going for the green sludge, all joking apart I think there must be something in raw nutrition it certainly helps Théière, and if it builds you up whilst on chemo, then go for it. I am thinking about getting one myself, but do not like buying something that I perceive to be trendy, although as Théière has said the Nutribullet does the business. I have been looking at Breville blenders that are meant to do the same thing, and a Breville VBL136 has four and a half stars out of 5 on UK amazon for £19.00. The reviews state that it will cope with ice and frozen vegetables, not sure about seeds, didn't see anything about them in the reviews.

    Really wishing you all the best with your chemo sessions mint, not having had to go through them myself, I can only imagine how horrible they must be. Hang on in there, keep 'sprouting' and drinking the green sludge, this surely will help build you up and make the chemo more tolerable.

  7. As you say nomoss it would be nice to know as to why these requests are being made, we have never had anything like this in the last 9 years. I 'piggyback' on my wife's account, as it is her that has the S1, so as Norman had already posted on this thread maybe this is the problem.

    Wooly it is genuine as the message appeared via the message facility on our compte ameli. Although I did have an e-mail about 2 weeks ago telling me that my income tax had been recalculated and I was due a 158 euro rebate, but the offer only stands for 2 days, so I had to submit my personal details immediately, yeah right.

    Andy I have gathered everything that you have posted, also taking passports, birth and marriage certificates, like you I only have internet bills for the telephone, we pay the water rate bill monthly and I think that I have read somewhere that it is accepted if you show the bill which states the monthly payments, I may be wrong, but will be taking it anyway.

    What a lot of hassle.

  8. I wonder is somebody who has received the message like mogs did could advise as to what CPAM are requesting please. My wife looked at our CPAM account this morning and we have a message:

    Vos droits à l'Assurance Maladie vont prendre fin prochainement. Merci de fournir avant 10 jours vos justificatifs pour continuer à être remboursé. Veuillez contacter votre caisse d'Assurance Maladie.

    It is obviously asking for documentation but has not specified as to what is required. We drove into our local CPAM office this afternoon, only to discover that it has been closed down from the 12th September, we must not drive to Cerizay which is about 30 kms from us. We will be going there tomorrow, and it would be nice to know in advance as to what to take with us. We will be going with the full gambit. This has come at a worrying time as I am due to have an operation on Monday, so obviously I would like to have my health cover in place.

  9. Gosh mint, have I missed something I never realized that you are on chemo, so sorry to hear that you have to go through all of what is happening to you at the moment. Have you had an operation yet or is this pre-chemo before your operation?

    You are obviously doing the right things in trying to improve your diet, and you take regular exercise with your walking group, so for the moment you are doing all the right things to help your body. I know that chemo can knock your white blood count, so in trying to boost your immunity is a very sensible thing, obviously your oncologist will be keeping an eye on things.

    Never really know what to say in a situation like this, difficult for all concerned, but I am sure that you have the determination to get through all of this, and come out the other side. Wishing you all the very best with your treatment, and look forward to having our mint back provoking the forum with your controversial posts.

  10. mint, I will not eat cabbage whatever the colour, much to the annoyance of Mrs G who really likes all things green. My dislike of green leaves only really applies to big green leaves, cabbage, lettuce, spinach etc, the tiny leaves that would be on anything sprouted would be no problem.

    I like the sound of fenugreek as I can relate this to curries, I would imagine they have a strong flavour. I think you mentioned that you buy your seeds from biocoop, I have found a mixed bag of organic sprouting seeds on Amazon that I think I will start off with. So I have made up my mind and will add a sprouter to my Christmas list, I have made a space in the back of a cupboard where the sprouter will live after I stop using it after about two uses.[:D]

  11. I looked at my diet after being diagnosed 3 years ago, and bought a book on what is recommended to eat. I came to the conclusion sensible eating with a little bit of what you fancy. I have cut my alcohol intake down to less than half what I was drinking before, we still have the odd 'blow out' when we stay the night at the hotel we use regularly. Cut out most processed food, eat fish twice a week[+o(], usually chicken twice a week and the rest of the week whatever is left.

    Théirè I am interested in the green smoothy you drink daily, I must admit I looked at buying a nutribullet type thingy, but the price put me off, although there are cheaper products that supposedly do the same thing. I won't go anywhere a green leaf I am afraid, and definitely not cabbage, so does the smoothy taste very cabbagey (is that a word?), or do you add something to take the taste away?

    mint, glad to hear that you are still 'sprouting' and monsieur coli has not got you yet! You have got me wanting a sprouter now even though I am not sure I would like the end result. Must say I am better at pulses and beans more than green leaves.

  12. Did you mange to sleep last night mint, or did you spend all night howling?[:D] As Idun has pointed out gardening by the moon seems to be a big thing in France, so there could be something in it. I have tried planting seeds when the moon is doing a double somersault or whatever, not sure it has made any difference to anything that I have planted though.

  13. Thank you mint for all your efforts, but sadly when I sent off an e-mail to the address provided the mail just bounced back to me undelivered.

    This then stirred the British bulldog in me, I picked up the telephone ready to do battle with SFR, sadly I could not get past the menus, I was trying to find the 'autres demandes' option, but fell down badly at the first hurdle.[:(] Mrs Grecian then took control, gracefully navigating the menus and unleashed both barrels at the unsuspecting monsieur at the other end of the telephone. Supposedly SFR will now send me the pre-paid label in the post, we shall have to wait and see.

  14. Thanks for the link mint, I had already looked in there and for the life of me could not find an email address, if you keep clicking and going further down the menus it just brings up the 1023 number to ring, no email address. If you could find the email address that you used it would be much appreciated.

    After reading everything that I could find on the website for cancelling the contract, if I have read things correctly, it states that we should have received a letter with our return slip enclosed, to date we have not received anything. It also states that if we have not received our cancellation etiquette, click a link that takes you back to the 'Etiquette retour équipment' button to click that does not work.[:-))]

  15. Thanks for the reply mint, is there any chance that you could post the email address that you used please, I have looked all over their site and I just could not find an email address on their site. Like you I have a phone phobia, although mine is not so much a phobia, more the fact that I cannot really understand what they are saying to me.[:D] My wife if far better at understanding what they are saying, but unfortunately she does not do hassle very well, so email would be the best route to go down.

    One day I will be a free man.[:D]

  16. I have to report that at the moment we are still in the clutches of SFR, we have our new Bouygues Bbox up and running and are paying for both SFR and Bouygues unfortunately. We lost both telephone and internet connection for five days, whilst Bouygues were changing over the line from SFR.

    The question that I have to ask now is how do we get our return label from SFR? I have read on their website that SFR should comply with our cancellation instruction within 10 days, and that we must return their equipment within 20 days. It says that they will supply a pre-paid return label, but it doesn't say how we will receive the label. My account is still accessible and in my space personal there is a button to click on 'Etiquette retour équipment', when I click on this button a message tells me that there is a error, and I cannot access instructions. Whether this is a ploy by SFR to try and charge us for the equipment because we will not have returned it within the 20 days I do not know.

    So bottom line is how do I receive the pre-paid return sticker and address as to where to send their equipment. We are now on day 9 since they received our cancellation instruction, so the clock is ticking.

  17. We received our new passports today, which took 2 weeks to arrive. This time could have been reduced due to the fact that our old passports arrived back in the UK within two days of leaving France, but Royal Mail then sat on them for 5 days before delivering them to the passport office. Mind you DHL then left our new passports in our postbox, as obviously we were out when they came to deliver them. Seeing as we had to pay £20 each for recorded delivery, I am not happy that they were just dumped in our postbox.

    Nice to see the OP has told us how he/she has got on.[;-)]

  18. Wish me luck mint, I have signed up with Bouygues, mainly on price really, not sure that is the best way to select an ISP, but as mentioned previously my neighbour is very pleased with the service he receives from them. My new Bbox arrived today, but at the moment my line has not been sorted, so I cannot activate my account.

    In the cancellation letter that I am sending to SFR I am refusing to pay the 45 euros cancellation fee, as they have changed my contract yet again just recently. They increased my bill by another 5 euros a month adding some more TV channels that I did not ask for, and do not wish to pay for, so as they have broken my contract again, I am within my rights to cancel within the stated 4 month period. I guess they will not see it that way, and I suppose in due course I will receive a letter from IJ. I will just refer them to you mint, as you are obviously the lady to sort out SFR and IJ.[:D]

  19. Hello mazandcol not sure if you are still having problems renewing your UK passports, but if it is any help I applied for ours online yesterday. You have obviously got to the point of uploading your photos for their software to check, and say that you have had your photos rejected. I uploaded  two photos yesterday and my first photo for myself was rejected, but the second one I uploaded was accepted, the photo for my wife was accepted first time.

    Regarding the head and shoulders bit, I supplied both photos with head and shoulders showing, when your photo is accepted the website displays the photo that was uploaded, cropped automatically to just showing your head which will be used on your new passport. So maybe worrying about the French photo booths showing too much head would not be an issue.

    Even after the software accepts the photos there are further questions on the form that asks you to say if you are smiling or frowning and you must answer yes or no, and it further stipulates that the photos will be checked by a real person, and still may be rejected.

    By this time if you have managed to jump through all those hoops, the print off you receive says your new passport will be issued roughly 4 weeks after they receive your old passport. So I guess for maybe at least a month you will not be able to leave France.

  20. Well mint can we assume unless you have wi-fi access from your prison cell[:D], that you have managed to avoid the clutches of SFR and IJ? I am wanting to switch from SFR to a new supplier, but not sure I want all the hassle that you have had. Saying that the service from SFR is appalling with the Internet connection disconnecting several times a day now. Add to this their massive price rise then I must bite the bullet and move to somebody else.

    I am looking at Orange or Bouygues, I guess that lots of people out there will have good and bad opinions of both companies. My neighbour has Bouygues and is very pleased with the service, and we used to have Orange, and I must say that their service was far superior to SFR.

  21. I really think the tories and May in particular are going to regret using 'the magic money tree' soundbite, the article above posted by Norman blows their whole austerity claim out of the water. The soundbite is now showing up all over the media with usually similar comment being made about it, as in The Guardian article.

    As I stated before the election soundbites was all that May had apart from personal abuse of Jeremy Corbyn. The old 'strong and stable' soundbite was totally shot to bits with the four day U-turn on the dementia tax[:D]. I am also guessing that the slur they tried to pin on Corbyn with his alleged support of the IRA will now be quietly dropped (just as grammar schools were today). The fact that they have now jumped into bed with terrorist sympathizers will have finished off that soundbite, unless they are going to start peddling good terrorist/bad terrorist soundbites.

    I am personally glad that the tories have jumped into bed with the DUP as it will hasten their demise, the British public is not going to wear the one and a half billion pounds being bunged to the DUP, whilst they are being told the only way is austerity for the rest of the UK.

    Roll on the next election, although not too soon I want to see the tories burn the economy a while longer with their reckless Brexit soundbite, 'no deal is better than a bad deal', just buy your popcorn and sit back and watch[:D]

  22. Lucky May, wouldn't mind a cutting from her money tree to see whether it will grow here in the Dordogne.....ha, ha!

    Me too mint, so long as the money tree with grow in Deux Sevres, a bit cooler than where you are, so perhaps I will need to apply some sort of protection for it over the winter.[:)]

    Just to remind ourselves what our lying Theresa said in response to the nurse that questioned why she hadn't had a pay rise for 8 years:


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