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  1. nomoss, I really can't believe that a politician would lie to you...

    I have found a link that lays out Citizens' Rights and the Withdrawal Agreement, the document is issued by the Scottish government, but it is  the clearest explanation that I could find.

    If you scroll down to page 16 you will find the text relating to healthcare, exportability of UK benefits and pension provision.

  2. I have just watched the video interview with Albert Thompson, the poor man that is being refused treatment on the NHS for his prostate cancer, it has truly sickened me. As he states in the video he has been working and paying his taxes since 1974 in the UK, yet under May's Britain because he does not have a passport, he could well die of the awful disease due to lack of treatment.

    This man could well be dying and all the tories are concerned with is trying to shift the blame away from themselves, truly disgusting. For God's sake May for once in your life show some compassion, why has this poor man had to go to the press to try and get the treatment that may save his life? Sadly I think that May must run everything past Lord Snooty and his Brexit buddies to see if it is acceptable, although in this instance I cannot for the life of me think that anybody would refuse the Windrush people their rights, just because they are immigrants. But hey it's the tory party that we are talking about.

    For anybody interested, here is the link:


  3. Careful mint, you know who on here will be accusing you of being a Communist, or at the very least a leftie. Just accept it is fine for any country to bomb another without parliamentary consent, because they are soooooo concerned about the people of Syria. I look forward to Ms May welcoming all the new refugees that will now surely arrive into Britain with open arms.

  4. Oh shucks Cajal I must apologize for posting in the Other Topics section which states, NON-France related discussion. Place for members to catch-up. Once again humble apologizes.

    Yes Macron is at it as well, France usually sticks its nose in other countries business, regardless who is President, just like the UK. Our taxes will be helping to pay for the French bombs that will be dropped, not sure old Maccy is closing down any hospital beds though to pay for them.

  5. ...But not the NHS it would seem.


    Nice to see the government has its priorities right, go bomb the *%!$ out of Syria, whilst leaving hospital beds closed. Still The Daily Mail readers will looking forward to another war in which the UK is involved, beats the reality of Brexit I guess. It will also gain some brownie points for Theresa from Donny, perhaps they will get to hold hands again, who knows?

    A sorry state of affairs when bombs take preference over health, but the British public voted for this government, so I guess they have got what they deserve.

  6. Our 'experience' with DHL was pretty poor considering the importance of the document being delivered. As you will know it is quite expensive paying for the delivery of the passport by registered post. When the DHL driver came to deliver our passports we were not at home, so he just left them in our postbox, great security.

    At least we received our passports until like you mint, not much help for your situation I know, but that was our experience with DHL.

    Best of luck with your intervention next week, I hope it goes ahead.

  7. Tory filth...


    So Mr Bradley has had to issue a grovelling apology and make a donation to a charity of Corbyn's choice. Nice to see Corbyn fighting back against all the muck that is being thrown at him by tory MPs and the right wing 'newspapers' run by foreign tax avoiding owners.

    The tories do not seem to learn, even after the last general election debacle that lying about Corbyn will bring them any political gain. If the latest opinion polls are to be believed, it looks like the tories could almost be wiped out in London at the upcoming council elections. Yet still they persist in the pathetic personal attacks on Corbyn, still it is only a matter of time now before they really start turning on each other, with the pantomime taking place called Brexit. Sit back and enjoy the show.

  8. Must admit mint I have been thinking the same, and wondering if the smoothies are too calorific (is that a word?) I have put on about 3 kgs, but only back to the weight I was before my last operation, when I was in hospital I only had tasteless soup for 5 days and lost the 3 kgs. So I cannot really say if the smoothies are responsible, or just reverting back to my normal weight.

    I seem to have got into a bit of a rut regarding as to what I put in my smoothies, usually half a lemon, a handful of frozen mixed red berries, either almonds, brazil nuts or walnuts, so obviously some calories there, a couple of ice cubes and not to forget the delicious spinach! Liquid wise I have tried coconut milk this week, but I think there could be something wrong the carton that I am using as it seems too thin. I have tried the probiotic yogurts that you recommended, which I think that I will go back to next week. Sometimes I use orange juice, so I guess  a few colories there also.

    I drink the lot in one go, some days there seems more than others in the container. Health wise I think the lemon that I put in has helped with my bloating, but I still fall asleep in front of the telly on a regular basis, so no energy boost there. I have a smoothie everyday, so the fact that I am taking in my 5-a-day in one go justifies maybe the extra calories.

    In your situation as stated already I would think that putting on weight is better than losing it, but I guess none of us wants to put on too much, especially you young ladies.[;-)]

    Hang on in there mint, sending you my best wishes.

  9. Not sure if this will be of any use to you mint, but when I was diagnosed my wife fed me AHCC tablets, which are derived from mushrooms. They are used extensively in Asia, especially in Japan in treating cancer patients. I started taking them about 2 weeks before my radiotherapy started, up until then I had been passing a fair amount of mucus, which stopped before any mainstream treatment started. It may have been pure coincidence, but I personally think that it helped in my situation.

    They are helpful in combating side effects also.

    Two links that may be helpful:



    If not just search AHCC tablets.

    Hope you are going on alright mint.

  10. woolybanana wrote:

    Companies will be lining up to take over the contracts, don’t worry. If

    Carillion fail it will be because of competition being too tight. Other

    companies in the same market have had the same problem.

    Only shareholders, mainly your pension funds,will be screwed.

    Well not according to a quote I heard on the news that supposedly one of their competitors said, something along the lines of, 'we don't need to take on their loss making contracts, if we wanted to we could write our own'. So without a huge sweetener from the government, i.e. taxpayers money I don't think anybody in their right mind will want to touch Carillion. Although Mr Branson may be interested he like being subsidized by the UK tax payer.

    As regards to pension funds taking a hit, Carillion as it stands at the moment are the second most shorted company on the entire UK stock market, any pension fund with money invested in Carillion, is not a fund I would want my pension pot to be with.

  11. mint wrote:

    Apparently, people without this good bacteria are now able to have, wait for it, a poo transplant from someone else!!!

    Maybe putting spinach in a smoothie is not so bad after all, if that is the alternative.[:D]

    Norman, don't worry about losing your fingers, I have been making smoothies since Christmas day, and still have all 7 of my fingers. [:D]

  12. You are a braver lady than me Gardengirl, spinach and kale in the same

    smoothie [+o(]. I can report that I am now a proud owner of a Nutri

    Ninja, and have been smoothing everyday since Christmas. I have managed

    to include one chunk of frozen spinach in every smoothie I have made to

    date, although today I treated myself and left the spinach out. As mint

    posted I also just throw in various bits and pieces and experiment. I

    have looked at lots of smoothie recipes, but everyone seemed to have

    something in that I do not like.

    My biggest problem is bloating

    since my first operation, and have been trying various combinations of

    supposedly anti bloating food. The good guys are: lemons, ginger,

    fennel, pineapple, bananas and spinach. I have tried various

    combinations, but have not been brave enough to include bananas as I

    really cannot stand them. I have included a handful of frozen red

    berries in pretty much every smoothie, which colours the smoothie purple

    as opposed to the green  sludge colour without them. I have found brasil nuts to be the most tasty in the smoothie, and you can actually taste them in the smoothie, almonds and walnuts don't seem to register any flavour.

    I think that I will continue to have a smoothie a day, if nothing else it helps get the 5-a-day out the way almost in one go.

    mint, I also have a sprouting machine, but at the moment I have not proceeded to sprout anything yet, been too busy playing with the smoothie machine. But I will try and get things going next week and will report back. Hope you have not been pestered by anymore neighbours coming around uninvited. Good luck with your upcoming radiotherapy sessions.

  13. Glad to hear you have finished chemo mint, at least now your body will be able to start to recover from the onslaught that it has been suffering. Bloods should come back up to normal, it did take me a long time to revert to near normal, as mentioned before the whites are still a bit low. Sorry to hear that you now have to embark on 33 radiotherapy sessions, whilst it certainly is not what you want to go through, at least unlike the chemo any problems will be localized to the area that they are zapping. In my case come the end I did have a bit of a burnt bum, but was manageable with cream that they gave me. The actual machine makes a horrible screeching noise when it is zapping you, so be prepared for that the first time, nobody mentioned it to me before I had my first session. I hope that the hospital you have to go to is not too far from home, but presumably you will know that you are eligible for a taxi for each session.

    I have to now admit that I bottled it when I looked at spinach in the supermarket, I thought no way, I did buy my frozen red fruit berries, but to date I have not made a smoothie yet. Still not sure if Father Christmas is going to be dropping a bullet down the chimney or not, I am pretty confident that he will be leaving a sprouting machine though. All joking apart I will start the smoothies in the new year, whether I am the proud owner of a bullet or not, I certainly need a boost of some sort at the moment. Unfortunately after my last operation my plumbing has gone haywire, it wasn't too clever before, but now it is pretty unmanageable. Ironically when I saw the surgeon 3 weeks after the operation everything was fine, but the very next day wallop. So maybe smoothies will help to sort out the latest problem that I am encountering.

    So how do the French pronounce smoothie? I am guessing it must be something like smootee as they cannot get their head or more like their tongue around the th combination. I will try and ask my neighbours to pronounce smoothie at the annual gathering in January.[:D]

    I will have a drink for you on Monday mint, and hope that next year you have all this horrible situation behind you.

  14. Just more lies from the Brexiteers I am afraid Norman, as the article points out, Burgundy passports were never compulsory, but hey-ho it fitted in well with the £350 million a week for the NHS type bullsh!t being spouted by the likes of Gove and Johnson at the time. I really do think that the tory MP Andrew Rosindell should have gone to Specsavers if he thinks that the current EU passport is pink!

    As myself and my wife renewed our passports this year we can at least pretend for another 10 years that we are European.

  15. Now come on Richard, stop getting your news from a Russian owned newspaper, you know that you will get a far more balanced view from a right leaning newspaper, shall we say one that is owned by an Australian for instance. [:D]

    I really hope that a large percentage of the Poles living in the UK do return home to Poland, and then we can see what an awful mess Brexit will have made of the UK. May is gushing in public how valued the EU citizens are to the UK, and then the next day a deportation notice could land on their mat, instructing the person to leave the UK within x amount of days. Don't forget as home secretary it was her that sanctioned the 'foreigners go home' vans that proudly drove around Britain. Only today it has been reported that there has been a large spike in hate related crimes against Poles in Aberdeen, so can you blame any Polish person wanting to leave Britain? I certainly could not.

    mint, why stop at Polish plumbers, just imagine if Polish dentists start leaving en mass, I hope the British public will be happy paying for private dental treatment. The list is endless, and if the Poles and any other EU citizens do start to leave the UK in large numbers the UK will have a very large problem indeed. Glad to see you are back posting again mint, I was getting a little concerned, hope things are as good as they can be at the moment with yourself.

  16. Oh Pinocchio, you are making me blush now:


    At least it has wiped the constant smirk off his face.

    Hammond has just stated that the government has no ultimate Brexit goal, obviously just making it up as they go along. What an absolute shambles, we have the tory far right nut jobs trying to jump off the cliff-edge, Davis and Johnson just treating the whole Brexit situation as one big joke. Theresa really doesn't know what to do next, claiming the Brexit negotiations are progressing, still I guess another billion will do it for Arlene.

  17. You are quite right Loiseau grapefruit can cause problems with certain medications, fortunately at the moment I am not on any medication. When I took blood pressure tablets some 20 years ago now I had to steer clear of grapefruit which was a bit annoying.

    Looks like you bagged yourself a bargain there mint, half price with no postage. How did you get on with sprouting the fenugreek you mentioned a while ago, did it have a curry flavour with it? We have an ordinary blender so I guess I could start zapping and see how I get on. I will try and drive into Bressuire next week and do our normal shop at Leclerc, so if they have any spinach I will give it a go. I have had spinach in curries before so I think that could be my best shot at something green. Also they sell bags of frozen red berries so I will stock up with some of those as well. I guess just trying various combinations to see what I like and do not like, but as you have mentioned there must be something green in there somewhere.[+o(]

  18. The doctor said well there's your trouble, young man, you aren't having enough greens! Boom Boom

    I really  think that I am a lost cause mint, don't like kiwi fruit or pears either. My favourite fruit is grapefruit and pineapple, can eat all red fruits, anything with a skin is pretty much a non-starter like plums, peaches etc, apples are OK but I find them boring. Same with vegetables anything with a leaf again a non-starter the rest is pretty much hit and miss. My aim if I go down the smoothie route would hopefully help alleviate the constant tiredness that I have experienced since my first operation, although having just clocked up number five, I  think that I will need a supercharged smoothie to keep me awake! As you stated I guess it is all trial and error, I will just have to wait and see if Père Noël brings me a smoothie making machine, and throw in various bits and see what happens.

    Don't blame you in keeping off the alcohol, whilst I was having radiotherapy and taking chemo tablets, I had a glass of wine on a Saturday night when I stopped taking the chemo tablets for two days. Must say this kept me going and something to look forward to at the weekend. But in your case your chemo is a lot more drastic than what I experienced, so I think you are doing the sensible thing.

  19. That's good new indeed mint, so glad to hear the the whites are on the up, can only be good news if it helps keep the infections at bay. My white count has been below the range level since my first operation, nobody seems to pay any attention to it anymore, so I have stopped mentioning it to my GP.

    So, what does the green sludge taste like? Is there any hint of the spinach and banana, as I must say I really do not like either, or once it is all whizzed up is the overall taste bordering on pleasant?

    If you are looking towards the chocolate smoothie for the reds, that sounds a lot more appetizing than the green sludge, then unsweetened organic cocoa powder presumably must be one of the ingredients. In one package that my wife had delivered from America where she buys most of our supplements, there was a packet of cocoa beans in the box by mistake, which obviously is pure cocoa. Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants, so eating cocoa beans is giving you a highly concentrated dose, I eat them all the time now, and are not too bad really. Of course the other alternative to antioxidants is red wine.[;-)]

  20. mint, thanks for your best wishes, off tomorrow under the knife again, I hope I have managed to pack everything that I need, definitely have the mobile packed after all of the hassle I have had in setting it up. No wi-fi at the hospital so will be offline for a while. Got to be at the hospital at 7am tomorrow.[:-))]

    I hope that your infections have cleared up and the ulcers are continuing to heal, keep sprouting and drinking the green sludge, all the best.

  21. We went to the Marie's office yesterday where unlike Cerizay the lady at our local office was very nice and helpful. We showed her the printout from CPAM and explained that we had been to the CPAM office at Cerizay, and they had told us to obtain the Attestation de domiciliation. Initially she shook her head but then went and consulted somebody else, she then came back and started keying on her computer, asked for our address and printed something off, looked at it and muttered, threw it in the bin, and started again. She then proceeded to create another attestation, printed it off and took it into Monsieur Mayor to sign. At no point in the proceedings did she ask to see any form of proof of residence.

    We posted the attestation with a copy of the printout and a covering letter yesterday, we didn't bother to send it registered, as we sent something to Niort registered post before, and even though somebody signed for it, they claimed that they did not receive it. This afternoon my wife logged into our CPAM account, and there was a one line message saying 'your dossier has been updated', so I guess for the time being the panic is over and they can slice me open on Monday with me being fully covered by CPAM.

    Thanks for all the input on this thread.

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