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  1. Sorry mate I'm looking for facts and for verification and all you offer is "it's obvious", it may be to you, but not to lots of others, me included. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/dec/16/brexit-is-a-business-bankrupter-small-firms-brace-for-no-deal No doubt this is project fear as well.
  2. nomoss, I really can't believe that a politician would lie to you... I have found a link that lays out Citizens' Rights and the Withdrawal Agreement, the document is issued by the Scottish government, but it is  the clearest explanation that I could find. If you scroll down to page 16 you will find the text relating to healthcare, exportability of UK benefits and pension provision. https://sp-bpr-en-prod-cdnep.azureedge.net/published/2017/8/25/Brexit--Citizens--Rights-and-the-Withdrawal-Agreement/%20Citizens'%20Rights%20and%20the%20Withdrawal%20Agreement.pdf
  3. WB, if you highlight and copy the text, and then paste it into a text document, you will be able to read it. The same works for the website link.
  4. I have just watched the video interview with Albert Thompson, the poor man that is being refused treatment on the NHS for his prostate cancer, it has truly sickened me. As he states in the video he has been working and paying his taxes since 1974 in the UK, yet under May's Britain because he does not have a passport, he could well die of the awful disease due to lack of treatment. This man could well be dying and all the tories are concerned with is trying to shift the blame away from themselves, truly disgusting. For God's sake May for once in your life show some compassion, why has this poor man had to go to the press to try and get the treatment that may save his life? Sadly I think that May must run everything past Lord Snooty and his Brexit buddies to see if it is acceptable, although in this instance I cannot for the life of me think that anybody would refuse the Windrush people their rights, just because they are immigrants. But hey it's the tory party that we are talking about. For anybody interested, here is the link: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/apr/19/civil-servants-union-boss-dave-penman-hits-back-at-rudd-windrush-blame
  5. My nasty mind says that this is a set up to embarrass the PM. My money is on the former Home Secretary.[:D]
  6. Careful mint, you know who on here will be accusing you of being a Communist, or at the very least a leftie. Just accept it is fine for any country to bomb another without parliamentary consent, because they are soooooo concerned about the people of Syria. I look forward to Ms May welcoming all the new refugees that will now surely arrive into Britain with open arms.
  7. Oh shucks Cajal I must apologize for posting in the Other Topics section which states, NON-France related discussion. Place for members to catch-up. Once again humble apologizes. Yes Macron is at it as well, France usually sticks its nose in other countries business, regardless who is President, just like the UK. Our taxes will be helping to pay for the French bombs that will be dropped, not sure old Maccy is closing down any hospital beds though to pay for them.
  8. ...But not the NHS it would seem. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/apr/13/revealed-82-ghost-wards-1400-empty-beds-nhs-england Nice to see the government has its priorities right, go bomb the *%!$ out of Syria, whilst leaving hospital beds closed. Still The Daily Mail readers will looking forward to another war in which the UK is involved, beats the reality of Brexit I guess. It will also gain some brownie points for Theresa from Donny, perhaps they will get to hold hands again, who knows? A sorry state of affairs when bombs take preference over health, but the British public voted for this government, so I guess they have got what they deserve.
  9. Our 'experience' with DHL was pretty poor considering the importance of the document being delivered. As you will know it is quite expensive paying for the delivery of the passport by registered post. When the DHL driver came to deliver our passports we were not at home, so he just left them in our postbox, great security. At least we received our passports until like you mint, not much help for your situation I know, but that was our experience with DHL. Best of luck with your intervention next week, I hope it goes ahead.
  10. Tory filth... http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/jeremy-corbyn-ben-bradley-tory-mp-apology-spy-tweet-donation-homeless-charity-false-foodbank-labour-a8226661.html So Mr Bradley has had to issue a grovelling apology and make a donation to a charity of Corbyn's choice. Nice to see Corbyn fighting back against all the muck that is being thrown at him by tory MPs and the right wing 'newspapers' run by foreign tax avoiding owners. The tories do not seem to learn, even after the last general election debacle that lying about Corbyn will bring them any political gain. If the latest opinion polls are to be believed, it looks like the tories could almost be wiped out in London at the upcoming council elections. Yet still they persist in the pathetic personal attacks on Corbyn, still it is only a matter of time now before they really start turning on each other, with the pantomime taking place called Brexit. Sit back and enjoy the show.
  11. Grecian


    Not sure if this will be of any use to you mint, but when I was diagnosed my wife fed me AHCC tablets, which are derived from mushrooms. They are used extensively in Asia, especially in Japan in treating cancer patients. I started taking them about 2 weeks before my radiotherapy started, up until then I had been passing a fair amount of mucus, which stopped before any mainstream treatment started. It may have been pure coincidence, but I personally think that it helped in my situation. They are helpful in combating side effects also. Two links that may be helpful: http://ahccresearch.com https://fr.iherb.com/search?sug=ahcc&kw=ahcc&rank=01 If not just search AHCC tablets. Hope you are going on alright mint.
  12. woolybanana wrote: Companies will be lining up to take over the contracts, don’t worry. If Carillion fail it will be because of competition being too tight. Other companies in the same market have had the same problem. Only shareholders, mainly your pension funds,will be screwed. Well not according to a quote I heard on the news that supposedly one of their competitors said, something along the lines of, 'we don't need to take on their loss making contracts, if we wanted to we could write our own'. So without a huge sweetener from the government, i.e. taxpayers money I don't think anybody in their right mind will want to touch Carillion. Although Mr Branson may be interested he like being subsidized by the UK tax payer. As regards to pension funds taking a hit, Carillion as it stands at the moment are the second most shorted company on the entire UK stock market, any pension fund with money invested in Carillion, is not a fund I would want my pension pot to be with.
  13. Carillion may be in the doodoo, but it didn't stop Grayling giving them more contracts even after they issued a profit warning. It's going to be funny now to see how the tories wriggle out of this latest mess of their own making. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/jan/13/government-challenged-over-decision-to-give-more-work-to-carillion
  14. Just more lies from the Brexiteers I am afraid Norman, as the article points out, Burgundy passports were never compulsory, but hey-ho it fitted in well with the £350 million a week for the NHS type bullsh!t being spouted by the likes of Gove and Johnson at the time. I really do think that the tory MP Andrew Rosindell should have gone to Specsavers if he thinks that the current EU passport is pink! As myself and my wife renewed our passports this year we can at least pretend for another 10 years that we are European.
  15. Now come on Richard, stop getting your news from a Russian owned newspaper, you know that you will get a far more balanced view from a right leaning newspaper, shall we say one that is owned by an Australian for instance. [:D] I really hope that a large percentage of the Poles living in the UK do return home to Poland, and then we can see what an awful mess Brexit will have made of the UK. May is gushing in public how valued the EU citizens are to the UK, and then the next day a deportation notice could land on their mat, instructing the person to leave the UK within x amount of days. Don't forget as home secretary it was her that sanctioned the 'foreigners go home' vans that proudly drove around Britain. Only today it has been reported that there has been a large spike in hate related crimes against Poles in Aberdeen, so can you blame any Polish person wanting to leave Britain? I certainly could not. mint, why stop at Polish plumbers, just imagine if Polish dentists start leaving en mass, I hope the British public will be happy paying for private dental treatment. The list is endless, and if the Poles and any other EU citizens do start to leave the UK in large numbers the UK will have a very large problem indeed. Glad to see you are back posting again mint, I was getting a little concerned, hope things are as good as they can be at the moment with yourself.
  16. Oh Pinocchio, you are making me blush now: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/7-times-tory-david-davis-11649452 At least it has wiped the constant smirk off his face. Hammond has just stated that the government has no ultimate Brexit goal, obviously just making it up as they go along. What an absolute shambles, we have the tory far right nut jobs trying to jump off the cliff-edge, Davis and Johnson just treating the whole Brexit situation as one big joke. Theresa really doesn't know what to do next, claiming the Brexit negotiations are progressing, still I guess another billion will do it for Arlene.
  17. For goodness sake ignore the troll, let him live in his hate filled world, if that is what turns him on. I guess history wasn't his strong subject at school.
  18. Did you mange to sleep last night mint, or did you spend all night howling?[:D] As Idun has pointed out gardening by the moon seems to be a big thing in France, so there could be something in it. I have tried planting seeds when the moon is doing a double somersault or whatever, not sure it has made any difference to anything that I have planted though.
  19. Thank you mint for all your efforts, but sadly when I sent off an e-mail to the address provided the mail just bounced back to me undelivered. This then stirred the British bulldog in me, I picked up the telephone ready to do battle with SFR, sadly I could not get past the menus, I was trying to find the 'autres demandes' option, but fell down badly at the first hurdle.[:(] Mrs Grecian then took control, gracefully navigating the menus and unleashed both barrels at the unsuspecting monsieur at the other end of the telephone. Supposedly SFR will now send me the pre-paid label in the post, we shall have to wait and see.
  20. Thanks for the link mint, I had already looked in there and for the life of me could not find an email address, if you keep clicking and going further down the menus it just brings up the 1023 number to ring, no email address. If you could find the email address that you used it would be much appreciated. After reading everything that I could find on the website for cancelling the contract, if I have read things correctly, it states that we should have received a letter with our return slip enclosed, to date we have not received anything. It also states that if we have not received our cancellation etiquette, click a link that takes you back to the 'Etiquette retour équipment' button to click that does not work.[:-))]
  21. Thanks for the reply mint, is there any chance that you could post the email address that you used please, I have looked all over their site and I just could not find an email address on their site. Like you I have a phone phobia, although mine is not so much a phobia, more the fact that I cannot really understand what they are saying to me.[:D] My wife if far better at understanding what they are saying, but unfortunately she does not do hassle very well, so email would be the best route to go down. One day I will be a free man.[:D]
  22. I have to report that at the moment we are still in the clutches of SFR, we have our new Bouygues Bbox up and running and are paying for both SFR and Bouygues unfortunately. We lost both telephone and internet connection for five days, whilst Bouygues were changing over the line from SFR. The question that I have to ask now is how do we get our return label from SFR? I have read on their website that SFR should comply with our cancellation instruction within 10 days, and that we must return their equipment within 20 days. It says that they will supply a pre-paid return label, but it doesn't say how we will receive the label. My account is still accessible and in my space personal there is a button to click on 'Etiquette retour équipment', when I click on this button a message tells me that there is a error, and I cannot access instructions. Whether this is a ploy by SFR to try and charge us for the equipment because we will not have returned it within the 20 days I do not know. So bottom line is how do I receive the pre-paid return sticker and address as to where to send their equipment. We are now on day 9 since they received our cancellation instruction, so the clock is ticking.
  23. We received our new passports today, which took 2 weeks to arrive. This time could have been reduced due to the fact that our old passports arrived back in the UK within two days of leaving France, but Royal Mail then sat on them for 5 days before delivering them to the passport office. Mind you DHL then left our new passports in our postbox, as obviously we were out when they came to deliver them. Seeing as we had to pay £20 each for recorded delivery, I am not happy that they were just dumped in our postbox. Nice to see the OP has told us how he/she has got on.[;-)]
  24. Wish me luck mint, I have signed up with Bouygues, mainly on price really, not sure that is the best way to select an ISP, but as mentioned previously my neighbour is very pleased with the service he receives from them. My new Bbox arrived today, but at the moment my line has not been sorted, so I cannot activate my account. In the cancellation letter that I am sending to SFR I am refusing to pay the 45 euros cancellation fee, as they have changed my contract yet again just recently. They increased my bill by another 5 euros a month adding some more TV channels that I did not ask for, and do not wish to pay for, so as they have broken my contract again, I am within my rights to cancel within the stated 4 month period. I guess they will not see it that way, and I suppose in due course I will receive a letter from IJ. I will just refer them to you mint, as you are obviously the lady to sort out SFR and IJ.[:D]
  25. Hello mazandcol not sure if you are still having problems renewing your UK passports, but if it is any help I applied for ours online yesterday. You have obviously got to the point of uploading your photos for their software to check, and say that you have had your photos rejected. I uploaded  two photos yesterday and my first photo for myself was rejected, but the second one I uploaded was accepted, the photo for my wife was accepted first time. Regarding the head and shoulders bit, I supplied both photos with head and shoulders showing, when your photo is accepted the website displays the photo that was uploaded, cropped automatically to just showing your head which will be used on your new passport. So maybe worrying about the French photo booths showing too much head would not be an issue. Even after the software accepts the photos there are further questions on the form that asks you to say if you are smiling or frowning and you must answer yes or no, and it further stipulates that the photos will be checked by a real person, and still may be rejected. By this time if you have managed to jump through all those hoops, the print off you receive says your new passport will be issued roughly 4 weeks after they receive your old passport. So I guess for maybe at least a month you will not be able to leave France.
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