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  1. Many thanks for that Quillan. I tried 3 or 4 times to boot in safe mode, but only 3 icons out of about 40 were coming up on my desktop. I then booted the computer in safe mode with the original XP disc in the drive, the computer booted up correctly in safe mode with everything booting as it should. I quickly went into control panels and switched my virtual memory back to programs. I promise not to play with my virtual memory ever again! I think you are right about needing more memory, the computer only has 512mb, and is about 5 or 6 years old, so I maybe looking into replacing it with a newer model. The DVD drive will not burn any DVDs, only play them, so maybe its time to replace it.
  2. Oh dear, I have been playing with my virtual memory on my desktop, due to my computer running very slowly, and switched virtual memory from programs to cache I think it was called, rebooted my computer, and now I am unable to get my computer to boot-up, with it saying something like my resources are too low. Now apart from somebody telling me not to fiddle with the advanced settings on my computer, has anybody any idea how I may be able to get my computer to boot-up, so that I can switch my virtual memory usage back to programs.[8-)]
  3. Grecian

    CPAM Perigueux

    When we presented all our documents at our local CPAM office in person, we went armed with everything we could think of, as advised by others on here, only to be asked for a long version of our birth certificates, which we did not have, only the short versions. So if you do not have long versions of your birth certificates, this could be a problem. As with most things in France every office seem to have their own rules, so maybe short birth certificates may suffice.
  4. Many thanks for the links pachapapa. I updated my version of Java, and restarted my laptop, SFR then asked for my password, and after entering the password, hey presto back online with no dodgy invalid certificate messages. Still strange why Internet Explorer didn't seem to have a problem, but who cares. Once again many thanks.
  5. Here I am again, with another computer problem, why isn't life ever simple? On firing up my laptop this morning using Firefox as my browser, a messgage appeared on screen telling me my SFR certificate expired yesterday, the message advised me that somebody could be trying to attack my computer. After trying to boot using Google Chrome the same message appeared, but when I use Internet Explorer 8 I can connect as usual with no mention of expiring certificates. I have run my Avast software and it found no viruses on my computer. Any ideas please as to why Firefox and Google are giving me these messages, and Internet Explorer 8 is not? I do no wish to go onto any sensitive websites, i.e. online banking with my certificate possibly under attack. All views most welcomed.
  6. Thanks again Danny, your posts have been most helpful. Yes I did misinterpret the bit regarding carte WiFi and took it to mean you would get a card and a dongle. Well, I uninstalled the software as suggested and reinstalled, then instead of clicking on the 4 green bar icon to bring up the dongle dialogue box, I right clicked the other icon that has little beam things coming out from a screen, and this brought up my available networks, I clicked on the NEUF_CEE4 icon and this brought up the window to key in the wifi code, I did this and at last I connected via WEP encryption, at a reasonable speed, not as quick as the laptop, but at this moment in time I will settle for what I have. Reading the reviews on Amazon for the dongle I am using some people do seem to think distance can be a problem from the box to the computer. As my computer is downstairs in the sous or is it the sol, and the neufbox is upstairs this could be giving me problems. I will consider buying a new dongle in the near future. I still have to click on the internet explorer icon to get connected, but who cares as least I do mange to get connected. Once again Danny many thanks for all your assistance.
  7. Once again thank you all for your replies. Regarding keying in my security code Danny, when I click the icon to bring up my network connections, and then double click on Neuf_CEE4 box to key in my WPA Sharekey, the box is greyed out, so I am unable to key in my code. I also tried connecting to the site but I was unable to connect to the site either yesterday or today. My laptop is working OK, alibeit using WEP so I am going to leave it alone for the moment. Specifications for my desktop are as follows: Dell Dimension 3100 Operating System: MS Windows XP Home32-bit SP3 Dongle: BN BlueNEXT BN-WD54G I am going to purchase a SFR dongle tomorrow, and after having looked at their website this throws up another question. They have two for sale on their website, one with a card and one without, do I need to buy the one with the card and dongle, or just the dongle? Totally confused. ANO I take on board your observations regarding security, and I guess if somebody really is determined to hack in then yes they will be able to hack in quite easily, you just have to watch CSI to know that! But I would rather be connecting to the internet encrypted rather than not. If installing a SFR dongle does not do the trick I think I will throw the computer against the wall, that really will not solve anything, but make me feel a whole lot better!
  8. Thank you all once again for your input, I must admit I am getting a bit bogged down at the moment with this wi-fi stuff. I managed to get my laptop connected to the neufbox which is wi-fi enabled, but the laptop would only accept WEP security, which at the moment I will settle for. The older desktop which is not wi-fi enabled is giving me a bit of a problem. Danny many thanks for you excellent post again, you mention that there could be a conflict with my wi-fi dongle, which I think there could well be. I have established a connection to my neufbox but I can only get connected via clicking on the internet explorer icon, and not the SFR icon, when I do get connected the connection is very slow, and sometimes disconnects me altogher, whereas the laptop is lightening fast. Do you think if I purchase the SFR dongle that this could sort my connection problems out?
  9. Many thanks for the replies, sorry if I didn't make myself clear in trying to explain the situation. I am using a USB WiFi adapter as pointed out by Quillan, as the computer is not Wi-Fi enabled like the new computers you buy now. When I hover my mouse over the icon showing I am connected to the internet, it reads that I am connected by Wi-Fi Public. When I click on the icon it brings up a box showing my Wi-Fi options, one reads NEUF_CEE4 which shows it is encrypted by WEP whatever that is. I seem unable to use this as an option to connect to the internet and have to use the Wi-Fi Public option. If this doesn't make any difference as long as the secure sites show https then I won't worry about it.
  10. Not sure if the above sounds rude or painful, but can anybody advise if connecting to the internet unencrpted can compromise your internet security, especially when accessing online banking etc. I ask the question because when I connect to the internet using my 5-year old desktop computer which is not 'wi-fied', I have to connect using an USB stick, I can only get connected unencrypted. I have Avast loaded on the computer, which I have paid for, not the free version, so can I presume that my Avast security will stop anybody attacking my computer even though I am connected uncrypted? I guess I could connect with a wired connection but that would mean blasting a hole through the floor to connect to my computer downstairs. Any computer whizz kids out there who can advise?
  11. Well after having reconnected our Neufbox this morning and checking that all scart leads were connected correctly, we now have French TV via AV1 and Sky via AV2. Another problem solved.
  12. Thanks for that Bob. After I posted yesterday I went back and used the zapper that came with the TV to try different AV channels, which I had tried earlier and nothing appeared on screen. When I selected AV2 my Sky picutre appeared, so I thought all was well, then after about 5 minutes the sound disappeared but we still had a picture. After checking our old friend the scart lead it was indeed hanging out of the TV slightly, after pushing it back in, we have both picutre and sound from Sky. I don't know if this was the problem all along as I have left well alone for the weekend, I will connect our Neufbox back into the TV tomorrow and see if we can access both French TV and Sky.
  13. Why isn't life ever simple! With the advent of French digital TV in our area from 19th October, we switched over to SFR for our telephone, internet and French digital TV. After a few problems setting up the internet connection we were back online, onward to the TV connection. Following the instructions which were quite simple we managed to receive French digital TV via our neufbox, fantastic. Feeling rather chuffed with myself now having got all our new services to work, I switched the TV back to receive Sky TV, rien! Does this mean we are unable to receive both French and UK digital TV signals, and it is a case of one or the other? The television has obviously been tuned in to receive French digital TV via the neufbox, and seems to have disabled our Sky signal. I have unplugged all the leads from our neufbox, but when trying to access Sky the screen is blank. I must admit that I am not very good at all things technical when it comes to setting up TVs etc, so is there anybody out there more technically minded that can shed some light on my situation.
  14. Thank you both for your replies. It seems to be the done thing in France to get somebody in so to speak Coops, both my neighbours have somebody to rotovate their gardens with a professional looking piece of kit, I have been struggling this week rotovating my garden with a normal sized rotovator, hard work but gets the job done. I will take onboard your suggestion, but I am going to try a scarifier blade for my mower first. I have found one on UK ebay for 15 pounds, although they won't deliver to France I can get over that problem. I must admit I was tempted this week with an ex-display petrol scarfier in E.Leclerc, reduced from 395 euros down to 315 euros, but I am goint to try the cheap option first.
  15. Having blown the dust off this thread and brought it back up to the top, I too would like to know if scarifier blades really work on your lawn. I have come to the conclusion that our lawn is more of 'a moss' now than a lawn, so something has to be done. I will say in my defence that we have only been in the property 2 years and the previous owner had let things go a little, in the scarifying department. Having looked on the internet it would seem that you can pick up an electric scarifier for around 100 pounds, and the petrol ones start from about 400 pounds. I don't think the electric scarifier would be man enough for the amount of lawn we have, but I don't really want to shell out over 400 pounds for a petrol one at the moment. So back to the original question do scarifier blades really work? Any feedback gratefully received.
  16. Yes Judith it is that simple. I keyed in the sequence of numbers and symbols for 8 rings, the nice pre-recorded French lady advised me the change had been accepted. I then used my mobile to phone myself, and yes it range EIGHT times, yippee!
  17. Thanks for your help again Danny, not a bad guess on my part. I think I have it all clear in my mind now as to what to put where, so to speak. Although I think I will demand from SFR that the pink sofas come as part of the package! We have a SFR shop near us so I think we may pay them a visit to sign up, rather than use the internet. pachapapa I visited the link you so kindly supplied, and next to our village we definately have a maroon splodge, and when I hover over it, it reads: Dégroupé par SFR, so I guess it's Thunderbirds Are Go! SFR here we come.
  18. OK bear with me here, as I am going to go all technical. I keyed my telephone number in on the SFR site, and highlighted the 29,90 a month option. The site informs me that I will receive for my subscription: neufbox de SFR, Téléphone illimité, Télévision HD and modem neufbox. Exactly what I want. Now here is my interpretation as to how all this will work, plese feel free to correct me. I connect the neufbox de SFR to my TV, plug my modem neufbox into my landline and plug my phone into the modem neufbox. Then as if by magic the modem neufbox zaps a signal to my neufbox de SFR and bingo we have French telly! Thus taking care of the problem when Poitou-Charentes goes digital on 19th October. I stand back awaiting to be corrected.
  19. Thanks for the very concise answer Danny, most helpful. I have been onto the SFR site and keyed in my telephone number, and we are able to take any of the packages on offer. I didn't realise there are two different packages on offer, but at the moment I think the 29,90 a month package would suffice for what we want. If we take the 29,90 a month package will this package come with a box for the TV, or does it mean we can only watch TV via the internet? Sorry to be a bit dense here but I could not work out from their website as to whether the 29,90 package comes with a TV box.
  20. Sorry Quillan if I have reported the situation incorrectly, I do not profess to understand how telephone set-ups work. The guy I know who switched to SFR plugs his router into the existing landline socket, and his phone rings as many times as he wants it to, unlike when he was with FT, (I understand that it is still a FT line). Our own set-up at the moment is FT landline, Orange internet connection via a livebox, with no internet phone in the set-up. And it only rings 4 bleep, bleep times!
  21. Sorry to put a dampener on the latest theory Judith, but we do not have an internet phone, only the FT landline. Although thinking it through, the person I know who switched to SFR only has an internet phone, not a FT landline, so I guess your problem could still point to the FT landline.
  22. Don't do it I hear you cry! Well I have read all the old threads relating to SFR I can find, and it seems they are both good and bad. I guess we all have a story to tell about an ISP, I certainly have one about Tiscali back in the UK. After reading Judith's post regarding the phone only ringing 4 times, which ours does, and the fact that we keep losing the internet connection on a regular basis it is time to take the plunge and move from FT/Orange. Not to mention they were quite rude to us when we took out the contract 2 years ago. I am interested to hear from anybody who has made the similar switch, how the mechanics of the whole thing works. Do SFR take care of everything once they receive the instruction to move from FT, or is it left to us to struggle with? For instance do they cancel your contract with FT? I guess we will have to take our Livebox back to the all so friendly Orange shop when we move ourselves. Now I have got to show my ignorance here regarding all things technical. The package offers something like 145 TV channels, so does this mean they will supply us with a digibox to plug into the telly? If this is the case will this get us over the problem when France goes digital on 19th October, so we can carry on watching French TV. On the telephone side do they also supply a hub or whatever it is called, to plug the telephone into? I understand that the telephone calls will be via the internet not through my FT landline. Any SFR feedback gratefully received.
  23. Hello Judith, we too have the same problem with FT, it only rings 4 times. We have tried 2 different phones, one cheap one and one more expensive. We have also turned off the answer machine, but this makes no difference, it still only rings 4 times, most annoying. I know somebody else who had a similar problem with FT, his only rang twice, he has since switched to SFR and has not had any problems since. We are going to switch to SFR ourselves in the near future, so I will let you know if this improves the situation.
  24. Now this is a bit embarrassing, after seeking help from all you good people out there regarding realigning my new digibox with Sky, after my contact back in the UK thelphoned Sky for the second time he was informed that the viewing card is in the wrong slot! Now to be fair to myself on the front of the box there is only one slot in obvious view, but the slot for the viewing card in underneath a flap. Being a male I did not read the instruction manual fully, but upon looking at the manual it does tell you to pull the flap down and insert the card. After placing the card in the correct slot, bingo, all my pay channels were back, so there was no need to have telephoned Sky in the first place! I would like to thank you all for trying to steer in the right direction, and in future I promise to read the manual fully before posting on these boards!
  25. Thanks for that Will, I found the version number Sky are asking for in the System Details window that you suggested looking at. Although when I press my Services button I get a blank screen at the moment, I had to access it via the TV Guide button and then scroll across to the Services icon. So one part of the problem solved. Does anybody know if I use my UK mobile phone to telephone Sky myself could they detect the call was coming from France?
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