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  1. Correze has now got water restrictions: http://www.lamontagne.fr/correze/premieres_restrictions_d_eau_annoncees@CARGNjFdJSsBER4FChk-.html Luckily we've had a lot of rain this week, so no worries about the veg garden and the donkeys field, for the moment at least.
  2. I love that candle stick as well as the egg cups, but can see they might be difficult to clean if your egg's dripped down the side![:)] 
  3. They are lovely, aren't they? I have seen one just once in the past, and during the day I can hear one in the trees opposite our house, but just can't see it [:(]
  4. [quote user="Cathy"]Come on then - how many of us know where Azerbijan is? [/quote] I did - abut half an hour before you posted, I'd just looked it up on Google Maps![:)] Mind you I had guessed it was possibly NE of Turkey, so not so bad [;-)]
  5. Rob Roy

    Blood Test

    The doctor requested I have a blood test as my BP was a bit high. I had it done last Tuesday and Wednesday received the results by post. I presumed they also sent a copy to the GP, but I'm now wondering if I should be forwarding the results I got to him. I thought he said he would receive the results and would ring me if there were any problems, so I presumed we both got the results but now I'm doubting myself! Can anyone enlighten me please?
  6. Our Super U has lovely scales have a touch screen that start with two picture catagories - Fruit or Vegetables. Whichever one you press then shows all the items under that catagory, for instance if you have some apples - Press Fruit, press Apples, press Golden/Pink Lady/Canada or whatever and hey presto the weight and price are shown and your ticket gets printed [:)] No need to remember any numbers. By the way Coops I hate Mr RR doing the shopping.[:-))]
  7. Before I saw the picture I wondered if it was badgers, but those marks look very deep in the tree. Are there any stories of big wild cats in the area?[:-))]
  8. Only just seen this thread. In our local Super U supermarket I can get (with all the other sugars) 'Sucre Vergeoise Blonde' and 'Sucre Vergeoise Brune', the Brune is the dark Muscovado, the Blonde the light variety.
  9. Last night I made a beetroot and goats cheese tart, from a Hugh F-W recipe. It was really delicious and even OH enjoyed it, and he's usually sniffy about things for his main course that haven't had legs or fins! I used beetroot I had in the fridge from a vacuum pack. My own beetroot is only just putting tiny shoots through the ground at the moment.
  10. Rob Roy


    I don't know what your soil is like at the moment, but to be honest I wouldn't even think about planting shallots yet. Our ground is still cold and more to the point very wet and anything planted would rot before it could grow. I don't plant out onions or shallots until about the end of March, depending on the weather; last year it was well into April but I still had a good crop.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion but since we can get loads of other channels without any problem I think, instead of resetting the box, I might leave well alone! OH is watching Match of the Day at the moment and he won't want me peering at the box to see what make it is[:)] I'm just suprised that we can get everything else on ITV, but 3 + 1 comes up as 'no signal'.
  12. We have no problem getting ITV 3 on our Freesat box, but 3 + 1 says there is no signal. Can anyone suggest why this is? We also get all the other + 1,2, etc channels so I can't understand why 3 + 1 is causing a problem.
  13. But as the OP has stated, the expensive airlines don't bother to fly to Tours![:)] It would be interesting to hear the same story from the perspective of the Ryanair ground stewardess who dealt with the OP.[Www]
  14. It states quite clearly on the Ryanair website that only one item of baggage is allowed - "Strictly one item of cabin baggage per passenger (excluding infants) weighing up to 10kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm is permitted. (handbag, briefcase, laptop, shop purchases, camera etc.) must be carried in your 1 permitted piece of cabin baggage" (my red highlight) so I don't really understand what you are complaining about. If you had paid the £30 excess you could have carried them aboard, as you say the other passenger did; since you chose not to pay that was up to you. One of the reasons Ryanair are so successful is that they have fast turnaround of their flights, so once boarding starts it is quick as they need to take off a.s.a.p. They are not going to wait while passengers re-arrange their luggage.
  15. Ah, now SuperU is our 'local' so I'll have a look, thanks Wooly. All the 'big' supermarkets/hypermarkets are at least 30 kms in Brive or Limoges and I rarely go to either if I can help it![:)]
  16. Anton that is so true - one of my sons lives in Surbiton and has always said it is far easier for him to get to Southampton than Stansted by train - plus it is much cheaper. One thing though you can get a train to Luton Airport from South London with Thameslink.
  17. Yes we have, or at least my husband has, but I'm not so keen. I used to like using fresh smoked mackeral as a starter or for a light lunch with salad or for making a pate which I suppose you could do with the tinned stuff, although the only tinned mackeral I've seen is either in white wine or mustard sauce and not smoked. I've only ever seen herring fillets vacuum packed, but when I next go to a LeClerc (the nearest is about 30 kms from us) I'll have a look. Thanks for the suggestions.  
  18. An alternative might be the London City Airport to the new Brive Souillac, started this summer and will resume next year. Unfortunately only Friday and Sunday so far, but there are rumours that a lost cost airline will start next year.
  19. We love smoked mackeral but I have yet to find it here. Does anyone know if it is sold in France?   [img]http://bestsmileys.com/christmas3/8.gif[/img]
  20. [quote user="sweet 17"] What I want to know is this:  if there are just over 4 million people in Ireland, wouldn't it be cheaper to give them all say a couple of hundred grand each rather than paying the "country" billions? And, don't forget, they weren't on the side of the Brits in the last war.  Yes, I know I shouldn't mention the war, but it's a matter of being unable to choose your own neighbours, I suppose.[:'(] [/quote] Ireland were officially neutral during WWII, but many thousands of Irishmen were killed as they joined up and fought in British Regiments. My own first cousin died in the Paras drop at Arnheim.
  21. It sounds from what you are saying as though we have just a free to air box - it's a FourTrac. We got it from a friend who had bought it as he thought his original one was broken, but it wasn't; it works fine, just got the niggle of having to check internet for programmes. Hubby is very practical, but not when it comes to computers and satellite systems,[8-)] and I wasn't aware there was a difference between Freesat and Free to Air!
  22. As Will says you won't get 'Dave', 'Living' and that type of channel with Freesat, although you can get all sorts of other bizarre channels you would probably never want! You also don't get a listing of  'What's On' the various channels for the whole evening as you can with Sky, which we find a real pain, as I have to keep looking on the internet at a programme guide.
  23. Yes, we've seen hundreds too, we're near Uzerche - a sign of the end of summer and winter approaching!
  24. Bénéficiez aussi de -25% sur vos trajets vers l’un des 30 pays européens adhérents à RailPlus.......  Also get 25% off your journey to one of 30 European countries acceding to RailPlus  (Google Translation) Why would they list UK and Ireland if it was only cross border travel, that doesn't make sense.
  25. Rob Roy


    [quote user="osie"]For the OP, If you feel under worked, while the rest of us are cream crackered,  then something is wrong.. either you place is no good....  or your marketing is no good... Assuming the later... now is a great time to set up a proper website, market it, multi language,  let  people know what they are missing. Get reviews... write to you guests and tell them to review you... join GDF if necessary, google adwords... best marketing (if your website is any good) all this.. how can you be bored osie [/quote] I don't mean to be rude but I think your website could do with improving. As an impartial observer I would not be particularly tempted to book your accommodation having looked at your web pages - it is all rather bland and boring and I would not want to go on to Photobucket to see extra pictures; these should be on the website, with explanations of what I am looking at. The layout of the site could be improved - there is no difinitive front page, when I click on your weblink on your posting I go straight through to a French page rather than a welcome front page and the choice of whether I want French or English. (Incidentally Bienvenu has an 'e' on the end.) I hope you are not offended by my comments - I am only posting to try and help you get better bookings.
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