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  1. We are offering residential art courses - but maybe that is not what you are after?
  2. It was my birthday on the 1st May and my husband also gave me a huge bouquet of ...........nothing!!! [:(]  
  3.   ....And this from someone in Wales!!! [Www] (Fromer Norwich resident)
  4. That's interesting. What region are you in?
  5. And very smart it looks too. (I was going to say 'posh' but thought that far too common for such a property [:D])
  6. There is a french guy who is offering his services as a translator on the French Entree site in the Limousin forum - he lives in the Creuse. His e-mail is Frankie.lefebvre@wanadoo.fr I am sure he would be happy to help you.
  7. Rather than hijack the CdH v. Hotel thread where these signs have been mentioned I wonder if anyone can advise me where to go to have signs done for our chambre d'hote. What do I look under in the Pages Jaunes?  
  8. I stand corrected! [8-)]   By the way what are Mondex cards?
  9. Why do you find that so strange? Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall sings the praises of Dandelion salad in his River Cottage cook book. Incidentally they are a good diuretic - hence 'piss-en-lit' ![Www]
  10. I replied in the 'Renovation' section - you can buy them in Castorama. I don't know where you are, but I saw them in Limoges when I was looking for the same thing.[:)]
  11. Who were the first in Europe to adopt swipe machines? Who developed chip 'N Pin? I always understood it was Finland. I also agree with Logan that until you have lived here permanently for a while and experienced French beaurocracy when trying to start or run a business you have little idea of how restrictive and hide bound "free enterprise" can be.
  12. Have you tried asking the hospital who he was? The nursing staff may well remember him.
  13. They are hardly covering the whole of France either. O.K. if you need to fly to Paris or Lyon.
  14. Sorry, I'll be watching 'New Tricks' on BBC. I love it.[:D]
  15. Linda, Your e-mail keeps bouncing back at me so I have sent you a PM
  16. My son has been looking at brushing up on his French for when he visits and sent the following information: If you already have iTunes, then go to the Music Store and click on Podcasts. You should be able to find the French Podclasses on there quite easily and download them. You can then play and listen to them through iTunes. There is a whole range of interesting stuff in the podcast section - and its all free to download!   I have already downloading a couple of the lessons to my computer, so they can be listened to whenever you wish, as I want to revise a bit and they appear very useful. ITunes can be downloaded for free on your computer.
  17. Surely whoever you use you have to give them some information about yourself and your phone number in order to use them? The price of calls to the UK are the same 24 hours a day with Phonexpat so no 'prime time', but horses for courses and we are happy with what we are getting, as i am sure you are with your provider, whoever that is.
  18. Perhaps 'sign up' was the wrong expression, you can fill out a form on line and it takes about 2 days for your account to be activated. No fees, no changes to your number, no standing charge etc etc.
  19. We have signed up to Phonexpat and have just had our first bill - 13 euros 71 for 530 mins of calls to the UK and France, which we are very pleased with . Of course you still have to pay the France Telecom standing charges for the line on top of that.
  20. Have a look at their Terms and Conditions for clarification
  21. Yes, but only £10, which will be covered for you.
  22. Return ticket for Speed Ferries - Boulogne/Dover  15.04.06 @ 20.25 then Dover/Boulogne 11.06.06 @ 10.40 - available due to change of travel plans. These dates and times can of course be amended. Price paid was £78 return, but offered at £58. Please e-mail me a.s.a.p. as decision regarding cancellation must be made by Tuesday 4th April.
  23. I was told on Sunday, but don't know how true it is, that a lot of money was put into the Brive airport project by the mayor of Bergerac as that airport may close when Brive opens. That would suggest Ryanair will be changing routes.  
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