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  1. "Much less fiddly than the wax seal method by the sound of it (mind, it's not my job so I'll shut up now)." I suppose your job is to eat it?[;-)]
  2. It's a Hairy Molly![:D]. That is what my mother said they called them in Ireland when she was a child- she tried to teach one of my boys when he were very small to say it, but it came out a "Haily Maily Moll" [8-)]
  3. That's great, thank you both for pointing it out. There are 28 in the Correze to visit - now which to choose.....[8-)]
  4. Does 'Dog Friendly' automatically imply that dogs are allowed to sleep in the bedrooms, or is it that dogs are welcome to run about the garden and given somewhere comfortable and dry to sleep for the night? If the dog is small (i.e. yorkshire terrier or similar) and has its own bed I would not object to it in the room, but if it is medium to large I wouldn't be keen. Our dogs (labradors) sleep outside in the barn in the summer. They have their own secure area and their beds, blankets etc and make no fuss about it.  We would be happy for other dogs to stay, and can accommodate them in the old bread oven (not in the oven itself!) which is warm and dry with beds raised off the floor against the draught. Would owners accept this do you think? (Would the dogs for that matter[:)])
  5. http://www.foire-expo-limoges.com/ There is a Flower and Gardens show in Limoges at the moment for anyone wishing they were at Chelsea [:)]
  6. Jo53, I am amazed that you don't think you would find rudeness like that in the UK - you can come across it any day of the week, especially in London. As for customer service - would that be the same customer service you receive in the UK when the assistant doesn't stop their conversation with a colleague while they take your money, or hold their hand out for the money without a word to you, while continuing a phone conversation? How many shops do you go into in the UK where they say 'good morning' as you walk in? Where in the UK can you get items wrapped beautifully for free and with a smile? Sorry, I think French customer service is far superior on the whole.  
  7. It's not just a Nord thing - it used to be used in the UK in 'the good old days' too - not that I remember, I hasten to add! [:)] I made the mistake of just putting some waxed disks and the cellophane tops on some jam I made last autumn (marrow & ginger). I went to fetch one the other day from a cupboard and the mice have completely cleaned out the jars, the little b******rs[:@] They were so clean I thought I had picked up an empty one [blink] Won't make that mistake again!
  8. Don't forget when doing your sums that you can't have more than 5 letting bedrooms to stay within the Chambre d'hote guidelines.
  9. This sounds similar to the rubbish a neighbour told me just before we moved here. She had taken her grand-daughter to Disneyland Paris and came back complaining that the French were rude and ignored her questions - she took that as a indication of what the whole of France is like! I wonder how many of those questioned ever look at themselves from  a visitor's point of view - sitting on the London underground or trying to find your way around while everyone rushes past you, when you don't know where you are going, can be the most depressing experience! We have met unending kindness and friendliness since being here, and have tried to reciprocate when possible.
  10. Plenty of rescue dogs available in the local SPA Linda, unfortunately.[:(]
  11. " ....can cite many countries in the world where church/clergy has far too much influence in the governance of the country and where the population suffers terrible hardship with no hope of improving, never mind getting out of the hole they are in because of stupid doctrine/dogma or other religious beliefs .........  " One could say this is very true of the Islamic religion as well, if not ever more so - oh sorry I forgot - we are not allowed to criticise them are we.
  12. "....Even if you are a proper UK citizen you dont have the right to live in France for ever....." Since when? And why should they be allowed into France without a visa if they are not EU citizens?
  13. It has just occured to me that my initial response may have constituted advertising - if so my apologies to forum admin. - it was quite unintentional [:$]
  14. Personally I think the French cookers are c**p! [:P] The gas burners run from front to back (as opposed to being at the back from side to side) and if you are not careful they burn the bottom of your cakes, pastry etc before the rest is cooked [:@]. It is impossible to find a free standing cooker with a separate second oven/grill, so you cannot cook at two different temperatures or use oven and grill at once, and the grills are pretty useless as the French don't generally grill food, so aren't bothered whether they work or not! [:)] The frequency of electricity cuts in the winter rules out electric cookers in this area, so I am waiting for the opportunity/finance to bring a decent bottle gas cooker from the UK. [:'(]
  15. We are offering residential art courses - but maybe that is not what you are after?
  16. It was my birthday on the 1st May and my husband also gave me a huge bouquet of ...........nothing!!! [:(]  
  17.   ....And this from someone in Wales!!! [Www] (Fromer Norwich resident)
  18. That's interesting. What region are you in?
  19. And very smart it looks too. (I was going to say 'posh' but thought that far too common for such a property [:D])
  20. There is a french guy who is offering his services as a translator on the French Entree site in the Limousin forum - he lives in the Creuse. His e-mail is Frankie.lefebvre@wanadoo.fr I am sure he would be happy to help you.
  21. Rather than hijack the CdH v. Hotel thread where these signs have been mentioned I wonder if anyone can advise me where to go to have signs done for our chambre d'hote. What do I look under in the Pages Jaunes?  
  22. I stand corrected! [8-)]   By the way what are Mondex cards?
  23. Why do you find that so strange? Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall sings the praises of Dandelion salad in his River Cottage cook book. Incidentally they are a good diuretic - hence 'piss-en-lit' ![Www]
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