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  1. Maybe I'm being dumb, but can't see Haddock on the link to Facebook (which I hate anyway!). Why not put a link to him/her on the Phoenix page? I'm guessing Haddock is a dog, but from the posting could be anything!
  2. Just an update - the French guy came yesterday, had a look but said he didn't know the make of cooker (It's a Belling range cooker - why do they call them pianos over here?) so wouldn't know where to get the parts but if we got the bit he wouldn't mind fitting it. That's when the fun really started! I've trawled the internet, made various phone calls to U.K. spares companies but all said the same thing, the part is obsolete and unavailable! Belling themselves were less than helpful, apart from giving me the actual part number. This is a £1500 range cooker first bought in 1999, so 13 years later (some) parts are not available including replacement gas taps which are probably used more than anything else! I have found one on E-bay for sale that has a problem with its ovens so going to see if we can buy that for spares, then OH will go and pick it up from Essex and bring it back; sounds drastic but there is nothing wrong with my cooker otherwise and I don't want to change it.
  3. Thank you both. My husband would be happy to do the job as he used to be a panel beater & welder, so well versed in dealing with gas; getting a new valve could be the problem. However this morning I happen to see a chap who moved in near us a year or so ago and he does gas cooker repairs! I never gave him a thought as he drives around in a 'Phillips' van, but his parents run a shop in the local town and sell all white goods including gas cookers, so he's calling in today to see what he can do. I'm keeping my fingers crossed[:)]
  4. Thanks, I have seen this site before but not really what we need at present. We've got to find a way to either isolate the burner or replace the valve and at the moment don't know how to get into the hob.
  5. I was wondering if anyone can advise us about a problem with our range cooker. We have a Belling Cookcenter (their spelling, not mine!) duel fuel cooker (gas hob, electric ovens) connected to a gas bottle. One of the back burners on the hob is leaking gas, we've obviously turned off the supply which of course leaves me without any hob burners. I spoke to Belling in the U.K. hoping they would either tell us what parts we needed to repair it, or how to isolate the burner, but they were not very helpful, just suggesting we call out an service engineer. Quite frankly I'm not sure where to find a gas engineer around here (Dept 19, Correze), I tried Pages Jeunes on-line but all that came up were emergency numbers for GDF/EDG or the poision centre in Toulouse. Can anyone offer any practical advice please?  
  6. [quote user="Théière"] I can only say that I would imagine the victims of such un wanted ( People who accompanied Jimmy Savile et al over several months may not be considered in the same way) sex attacks be they male of female must feel violated and degraded and possibly suicidal in much the same way but if you consider the age of teenage mums in Lewisham and indeed John Peels girlfriend, it is at least an anatomically correct orifice. So yes in some small way I do feel that it's worse for a boy. [/quote] This is something I have always thought too.
  7. [quote user="Quillan"][quote user="sweet 17"] That was me saying that so I think I now need to correct myself.  Actually the age of consent in Spain is thirteen![:-))]At least that's what the poll's about...... Someone who knows these things better than I do kindly pointed this out to me: http://www.20minutos.es/encuesta/4872/0/0/ [/quote] Certainly is, you might find the following link interesting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ages_of_consent_in_Europe . Seem in the Vatican City there is no age of consent at all, I could make a joke about Catholic priests but better not. [/quote] I think you'll find, if you bother to re-read it, the age of consent in Vatican City follows that of Italy.
  8. It's not an Elephant Hawkmoth is it? I found one some years ago:   [IMG]http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i312/Bouillaguet/2007_08290002.jpg[/IMG]  
  9. £38?[:-))] It's bad enough having to replace proper shoes at least twice a year, without paying that sort of money for what are essentially 'posh' wellies. I'm afraid my children (if they were still at that age) would have to make do with basic welly boots, with room to grow as they can use an inner sole to start with! (Besides wellies are taller, so keep more of the leg dry[:)])
  10. I'm so very sad to read this news; a lovely and courageous lady. R.I.P.
  11. I got a call about this the other day and also put the phone down as I thought it was advertising! As our phone book is half Pages Jaunes and half Pages Blaches I don't quite see why they are asking.
  12. To get back to the original posting - one of my brother took up the case of our parents who were both in a care home suffering from senile dementia. My mother was the more severely affected and needed nursing as well as social care for 4 years. It was a ten year fight to get the relevant authority to accept liability for her nursing care, by which time both my parents had died - but in the end it had become a matter of principle to make them accept their responsibility ( they were one of only two authorities who had refused to pay anything). In the end a court ruled in our favour with the result that the authority had to pay back the proportion of contribution agreed to be for nursing care - plus the interest that would have accrued over the years, so it cost them far more than it should have done if they had agreed payment in the first place. I'm sure they hoped my brother would give up (or die himself as he was in his 60's at the time!) without a settlement being reached. As it happens his daughter is a solicitor (she was still in university when he started) with a friend who's a barrister and they helped him. What about those people who are not able, or can't, put up such a fight? The law says these payments should be made, but the line between 'social' and 'nursing' care is a very fine and rather gray one.
  13. My wedding ring has never been off my finger since we married (40 yrs ago last month) and my engagement ring has only been off when I was at work as a nursing auxiliary as it was not allowed on duty for obvious reasons. Otherwise I wear the two all the time for everything; I can rarely get  them off now anyway. I also have worn my grandmother's wedding ring on the middle finger of my right hand since my mother gave it to me about 25 years ago. My husband wears a signet ring on his 'ring' finger that I gave him when we got engaged and has never removed it (to my knowledge!), that won't come off now either.  
  14. The price will depend on how good the harvest is this year. Two years ago I paid 10€ a bale but last winter it was 20€ due to the poor harvest last summer. These are smaller bales than the large ones you usually see these days, which might be about 40/50€ - this is the size I get: [IMG]http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i312/Bouillaguet/The%20Donkeys/Donkeyswithstrawbale1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i312/Bouillaguet/The%20Donkeys/Happinessisbaleshaped.jpg[/IMG] I'm not sure that you'll be able to control a large bale (they are very heavy) once it starts rolling and they don't necessarily keep in a straight line! Why not ask if you can go and collect some loose straw (filling plastic sacks) from the farm as they are sure to have some.
  15. Why not ask you local wood mill if they could put it through their machine? Being in the Limousin you can't be far from a mill!
  16. Thanks Leo, I'll pass on the information. Tony, I've sent a reply, thanks.
  17. I know it's a long shot but has anyone got a small gite available for a couple for a week in August? Any area on the west coast or inland as far as the Limousin; we have some friends who have decided on a last minute visit to us but also would like a week somewhere on their own
  18. I've read through several threads regarding Kindles and one thing I'm still unsure about - If I buy a Kindle from the Amazon French site, re-register it to one of my Amazon U.K. delivery addresses and then want to buy books from Amazon U.K. to download via my PC (using Expat Shield). Can I pay with my French bank card as I would with other items I buy from Amazon, or would they block me? I've looked at the French Kindle books in English, but the U.K. site seems much more suited to my tastes. 
  19. What about donating them to the new English Library in the Correze? https://sites.google.com/site/englishlibraryinthecorreze/
  20. It's the IE-based tab top right of the screen, beside the spanner (tools) icon
  21. Peanut Butter??? Yuck![+o(] Kit Kat has never been as good since Nestles bought out Mackintosh - especially the ones sold in France that are made in Germany.
  22. It could well be me [8-)] but I still find the site is not compatible with Google Chrome and I have to use the IE tab button to make replying more user friendly. I use W7, Google Chrome and Modzilla Thunderbird.
  23. Not forgetting the 15th August, Feast of the Assumption, when the Virgin Mary ascended into Heaven. [:)]
  24. [quote user="Kitty"][quote user="Louise"]I have another query... when you register with the Mairie do you include babies in the numbers e.g we have beds for 12 people but 2 cots so do I register for 12 or 14. I think I should register for 14 ???[/quote] In the UK, where I have a holiday let, when you say, for example, "sleeps 10", this means that the house "sleeps up to 10 adults and children over the age of 2".  Children and babies under the age of 2 are not included in the numbers.  I gather that the same applies in France.  So, in my opinion, you would register for 12.  I assume that you could ask the Mairie to verify this. As for twin beds, I have a house with two doubles and three twins and that works out well.  No one has ever complained that I have too many or too few double beds.  Sometimes, people put the twin beds together. There certainly was a thread about this in the past but it was probably 3 or 4 years ago and I can't find it. [/quote] Is this the one? http://services.completefrance.com/forums/completefrance/cs/forums/525547/ShowPost.aspx
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