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  1. What area of France are you in Rob101? It might help to know for your advertising.
  2. Welcome to the forum, Maryjane. Sorry for the delay in replies to your first posting - I must admit I had not seen it until today! We have lived and worked here since 2001 and we have just sold our house and bought another - due to complete at the end of May. I am not sure whether prices have gone up a lot in the last 6 months, but do know there are plenty of places available in all price brackets. As a general guide you get more for your money the further east in the Correze you go, generally because you are further from the main road arteries and transport links, the area is less populated, higher up and colder in the winter (nearer to the Massive Central). Personally we are very happy with our move and have no plans to return to the UK to live. There are things that frustrate and annoy you here, as anywhere, and things you miss about the UK (going to the library for a good browse is one for me) but that hard to define thing 'lifestyle or quality of life' make those niggles worthwhile. If you can give us more idea of what you have in mind in terms of the type of property you are hoping for, what you want to do when you get here etc. perhaps we can all pitch in with our thoughts (so you can get thoroughly confused![:-))]) 
  3. The first time our youngest son came to see us in France (then 20 and his first time in France) he had his wallet pickpocketed at Gard de Nord first thing in the morning. Luckily he had his passport and train ticket to Brive in another pocket so could get to us. However he had no money, no credit cards, no contact phone numbers - all were in his wallet - so couldn't eat or drink all day and didn't know how to phone us either, and said he felt very vunerable. Poor lad was so pleased to see his mum (me) when he arrive that evening he very nearly burst into tears . 
  4. I'm confused now - I applied for, and have been sent, an organ donor's card here in France, but according to some of the posts it is not possible. Why would they send me a card if I can't donate? 
  5. Does anyone remember Labi Siffre - singer/songwriter - he went to school with my brother and came to several parties at our house. He told my brother that he was going to marry me - never did ask me though! Another brother was in the same class as Chris Patten (last Governor of Hong Kong) and he also came to our house several time. (Do they count as 'celebrity' ? [8-)]) 
  6. Bernice and Fleur are both correct. I have just checked my cupboard for the make I use - it is 'Regilait' bought in pack of 4 x 170g tins. (I use it for Delia's recipe for chocolate fudge icing.)
  7. [quote user="fussy"]I'm thinking about laser eye treatment, sick of my glasses and lenses, anyone know anything about this over here.I don't even know who to approach.[/quote] Please think and research carefully about laser eye treatment. I used to work at a large London teaching hospital and none of the doctors involved in ophthalmology were prepared to undergo the treatment themselves as they felt there were still too many possible side effects and problems with it. They did not offer it to patients and I think you will find it is promoted by private clinics rather than the NHS.
  8. What stamps do you collect ErnieY? My husband is/was a keen GB collector and I think there were more boxes of stamps and albums that came over when we moved 7 years ago than there were anything else! (Although the books were not far behind!)
  9. One bag checked in is 18 pounds, so not sure where the 6 pounds has come from. It used to be 10 pounds, so very unlikely to have been reduced. You can fit quite a few clothes into a reasonable size flight bag, and thereby avoid checking in a case.
  10. Charlotte also make good roasties, and Agata is good for chips.
  11. The only information I can give you is that I worked in a large London teaching hospital and talked one day to an Ophthalmologist about having laser eye surgery and he did not recommend it. He said there were not many doctors who would have it done as the cons outweighed the pros (How many doctors do you see who do not need either glasses or contact lenses, I wonder why if laser surgery is the answer?!). It is possible it will work well, but there is also a possibility that you can get side effects or even worse eyesight than before the procedure. Following our conversation I decided to leave well alone! 
  12. I agree, the frozen peas are a bit tasteless and take longer to cook too (long live Bird's Eye!) Will have a try with the Italian ones next time I can get some.
  13. My goodness, I've only been away one night and this thread has exploded!! I was looking at the link to the e-bay site that Quillan posted and my husband walked past and asked what I was looking at and where it was - his comment?   "You can stay in Formula 1 for 30 euros a night". Enough said.  
  14. We filled ours out on Saturday afternoon when a nice lady called to see us. She had been a couple of weeks before to warn us she would be back with the form. I thought her very nice as she said I spoke good French!![:$] (which is not true)
  15. So pleased to hear that, Mogs. Let's hope it hasn't given him an appetite for such things!
  16. [quote user="Frederick"]I have noticed in a local butcher to me some customers purchase beef steak  and then get the butcher to feed it through his machine  and out it comes minced and compressed  into an oval shaped burger .......perhaps thats the answer ?[/quote] It doesn't have to be a local butcher - if I have asked at the butchery counter at the supermarket they do exactly the same thing. I made a beef casserole yesterday. Started it at 12.00 noon on the wood stove and we ate it about 7.00 pm with mashed potatoes and broccoli, then left it on the stove most of this afternoon, added some pasta quills about 5.30 pm, then later cooked some green beans and we had another lovely meal tonight.[:)]. The meat cost about 4.50 euros, so a good value two days food.
  17. I'm sorry but I think this is ridiculous. You are not really running a Chambres d'hotes but a small hotel, albeit you are no doubt keeping to the 5 room maximum required under French law, but IMO it is all getting out of hand and you are far removed from the original French concept of chambres d'hotes. 
  18. Definately contact the gendarmes - they have phoned us a couple of times when one of our dogs have gone missing. If he is chipped the vets will ring you - we've had that too! (We had an escapee who would get himself lost when he was young)
  19. A really remarkable achievement. I bet she'll try again in a year or so!  
  20. I have just 'Googled' this plant as I had never heard of it - according to most of the information it is a rampant growing annual, so perhaps you'll want the seeds and cuttings for following years. You can keep it inside in the winter (a bit difficult if it's growing up the house wall!) so I would think your cuttings will survive well. It looks beautiful.
  21. The problem with a lot of cooking in the UK now is that everything is done quickly and there is this great fashion for undercooking food. I'm with Sweet 17 in that leaving the meat to slow cook for many hours really brings out the flavour and once put in the dish it can be forgotten about. Even when I roast pork or chicken here I put it in foil and increase the cooking time quite a bit more than I used to do it for in the UK. But oh, how I wish for some nice crackling on the pork!
  22. Almost - it's Collonges-la-Rouge, south west of Brive. Goldfish, why should it take you much longer to get home from the Limousin? You can fly from Limoges to East Midlands or Liverpool airports.
  23. [quote user="dave21478"] Fantastic, thank you very much! toulouse to gatwick, luton to aberdeen for £20. Ill get it booked tonight. cheers!   oh, how the hell do i get from gatwick to luton?[8-)] [/quote] Thameslink train - have a look at this site: http://www.londontoolkit.com/travel/gatwick_luton_transfer.htm   
  24. Crikey Clair, you are not that far south of us! I did notice it was quite a bit colder this morning, but then we had some lovely sunshine by midday. How long did your snow last for? I must admit I also get quite excited when it snows! ColinE - Clair is NNE of where you are going - have a look at your departments in your French road atlas, that will give you an idea.
  25. They didn't charge us last Christmas when gales in the channel cancelled all sailings of everything. Glad I stayed at home this year, and not stuck in UK![:)]
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