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  1. No-one seems to have mentioned the situation which we have in our small commune. We have a single list of 13 candidates, and we are required to cross out at least two of them (we can cross out more if we wish). The council requires 11 members. That seems pretty simple.  
  2. I'm still sticker-free too. I'll just give the gallic shrug if asked. So far (he says, touching wood) and it's been 10 years now, I've found that the gendarmes are very friendly to motor-bikers, so long as you're not doing anything really stupid. I don't think after all the document checks and breath test rigmarole that they're going to suddenly notice my helmet, which will have been taken off and placed out of the way by this time anyway. Several times I've been waved through roadside checks simply because they know it's a hassle having to take your gloves off, remove helmet, remove earplugs before you can even begin a conversation. I'm not sure that you're doing the right thing in keeping the bikes on UK plates though MJB.  It's not difficult and I for one would expect an immigrant to comply in the UK. (Not that they do - so that squashes that one!).  
  3. Hello BM This is a late reply to your query. I've not been on here for a while and the other local bikers (Poitou Charentes and nearby) have moved their chat to a new site: http://tourdregs.net/phpbb/index.php  You could have look there. I've not been out much having spent the winter searching for a "new" old bike. It finally arrived in January and I've just done the immatriculation for it. Turned out to be a piece of cake, especially after the tales you hear. It's a 1970 Triumph Bonneville and I'm really pleased with it. Definitely a fair-weather bike though! [8-|]     [URL=http://s1118.photobucket.com/user/basstrom79/media/SidsT120_zps8278ab45.jpg.html][IMG]http://i1118.photobucket.com/albums/k611/basstrom79/SidsT120_zps8278ab45.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  4. [:D][:D]  Yes, I'm sure a lot of them would pull the wiring out of the walls if they could!  
  5. Pickles, your post (ha ha, no pun intended) arrived while I was typing. Do ParcelForce packages get delivered by LaPoste here? I get a white van quite often, and I think it's just an independent courier, in our case usually from Poitiers or Niort. Yours sounds like bone-idleness at the far end!
  6. Well, would you believe it! I post about it on here and an hour later the bl**dy thing turns up! I had a long conversation with the postman which ended with, guess what, a helpful shrug! [:D] Actually he's a decent enough guy, and he obviously couldn't explain my previous missing packages. There is a Customs point at Roissy apparently, so I've no idea if it's them or La Poste.  Also, for the first time in years, he came to the door for me to sign for this one! Amazon I find much more reliable, which goes against your experience Q. I've had several packages in the last few weeks all of which arrived earlier than their predicted delivery date, but I notice that these all originated in France even though I ordered from the UK site. It looks as though they're now streamlining their logistics so that stuff is sent from the depot in the destination country where practical. Panic over ... until the next time. [blink]
  7. I wasn't sure where to put this, so I hope I've got the right category! Has anyone else had problems waiting for parcels to arrive from UK? It's getting to be serious problem for me, so much so that I'm beginning to think my name must be on a blacklist!  In recent months I've lost (not received) 3 parcels. When they are sent by Royal Mail ISF with tracking numbers, I can see them arrive in France at ROISSY CTCI IMP RAP . Then there is nothing else, no further progress. The sender has to make a claim from Royal Mail, which takes weeks as there is a waiting period to see whether it eventually turns up, and they're not always able to reclaim the full value. In the meantime some vendors are reluctant to send a replacement item; I think there's a suspicion that we might be pulling a fast one! Whenever possible I now use courier services; it's more expensive, but it's a lot faster and reliable. I've never failed to receive a package or parcel this way. So, what happens at this place in Roissy ? I know it's at or near CDG airport, but is it a postal hub or is it some kind of Customs place? Incidentally "Signed For" isn't all it's cracked up to be; you can't get a copy of the signature for evidence if your package is delivered to someone else, and here in our village it's the postman who signs for it! La Poste isn't worried about Royal Mail formalities, once it's delivered, that's it, job done. Meanwhile I sit and wait for the latest missing package which is currently at Roissy. I hate to say this, but I wonder if it's one of the perks of the job there, rather like it used to be when working on the docks years ago!! [:-))]  
  8. [quote user="KathyF"]I found the need for compatibility view very annoying , since my preferred browser is Chrome and I don't like adding plug-ins unless I really must. Without compatibility view nothing works properly - formatting options, quotes, links and smilies are all unusable. This is the only forum I use which has these problems, so I really do think it is up to the IT staff to ensure their software works properly with modern browsers.[/quote] I agree... irritating. I can't tell whether "compatibility view" is on or off! The little icon doesn't appear to change, but some things definitely don't work without it. I'm on IE10 and W7. As for the software which runs the forum, it is VERY old and is not being developed now. If you've used other sites running forums under VBulletin for example you'll know how much better they are. Over the years many of us have suggested improvements but the site owners are not about to spend money on something which doesn't at the end of the day pay them back financially; it's just a free service.  
  9. [quote user="PaulT"] I am using IE10 and W8 and no problems. Must be a big headache for programmers when people do not upgrade their systems. It means that to enable all to access they have to write a number of versions to suit all. Otherwise they could spend their energies producing a superb piece of software for the latest systems. [/quote] It certainly doesn't appear to be a problem for the developers at Microsoft; they just leave all the existing code in place and add any new code required; they can test which browser you're using and direct the logic to that path. The downside of this is that the programs grow and grow and there is inevitably loads of redundant code in there. They don't seem to bother about clearing out the very old code. Also many of the program share huge chunks of code, Outlook and Word for example. I've found that there is a peculiar action on this site now when using IE10, when I click on a link (any link on these pages) the screen display "jumps" a fraction, sometimes enough to put the cursor on the next line, so if by chance I double-click, I get the "other" link I didn't want.  
  10. We live in a country village, 25 minutes from town, which is also where the local A&E is, at a cottage-type hospital. Main hospitals 45/50 minutes away. We've only used A&E once, when my wife fell and broke her foot one evening. A 25-minute drive there, immediate attention, x-ray, painkillers, splint and crutches and we were back home less than 2 hours after the accident. Plus, we got a daily visit from the nurse to administer anti-DVT injections for the next 5 weeks.   Where we lived in UK it was 20 minutes to the A&E, traffic permitting, but then anything up to 5 hours waiting to be seen while all the drink and drug cases pile up. No guess which we prefer.  
  11. [quote user="idun"]Merçi Professeur is on TV5 Monde and can be found on the internet. An interesting few minute program about the french language, roots, and usage. Worth a watch for those of you who like all the intricacies of the french language. [/quote] How long have they had a cedilla in "merci"?   [Www]  Am I missing something here?    
  12. I've only recently "discovered" Elmore Leonard, and like his uncluttered style. I read today that he has passed away.  
  13. Sunday Driver helped many of us and I for one am very grateful. He moved back to UK for family reasons.  
  14. Not pleasant, but all part of life's rich tapestry! [:-))]  Seriously though, you have to take the rough with the smooth. Thankfully, most guests are fine, so just write this off and forget about it.  
  15. You're not the first! I had a similar experience recounted to me when another friend put their house on the market last year. The "expert" (and I use the term advisedly), didn't believe the oil, electricity or wood consumption figures and virtually made his own up!! Stone walls are not that fantastic at insulating, (we have most of ours placo and insulated now) but surely the utility bills speak for themselves. Seems like a waste of time to me, maybe just jobs for the boys?  
  16. Isn't this something to do with outside temperature and algae development? We don't have a pool but I've heard other people talk about sudden overnight "green-ups". I'm sure the experts will be along shortly.    
  17. Thanks for heads-up. I think most of my biking friends have already noted how much better the roads are here, and none that I know are thinking of going to the UK by bike, but it's a valid point, thanks. I think Bugsy will probably pass the message to his touring group when he sees this, but I'll PM him in any case.  
  18. Not too many games played on a Saturday these days!  [:@]  
  19. Wow! Lucky you! I'll be stuck with grainy, failing streaming again. [:(]
  20. [quote user="greyman"]Real footy started more than a week ago. I think you're talking about the Premier League. That's the one where the poor darlings cry when the throw in doesn't go their way. Support a real club not the one who sell the prettiest merchandise. [:P] [/quote] But what if your club WAS a real football club and now has become a pretty merchandise vendor? Surely we don't switch clubs? Well, I won't, not after 40+ years.  [:P]
  21. Eurotunnel still manages to attract customers, and it's probably the convenience and speed. I haven't used it for a while but I always do a comparison just in case. Our family used it this year and I believe Tesco vouchers can be exchanged for the fare. Several years ago my motorcycle forum published an preferential employee code which purchased a crossing for £12.50 single, and many of us used it that year (me, several times!) before they rumbled that the "employee" was making an unfeasibly high number of trips! I, too, travelled from northern England, and found that with the tunnel I could make some progress into France before having to stop for a break, but with the boat I was already rested and could go further, but of course I'd be over an hour behind. We used the Hoverspeed service too when that was operational for much the same reasons. I still find people who won't use the tunnel because it goes under the sea, but I'm old enough to remember the Herald of Free Enterprise capsizing, so there's no absolutely safe crossing. 
  22. We use both crossings... but never at the same time so far! I've just done a comparison, but to be honest it's more realistic to just get the quote for a car; most people don't take a trailer every time, you only have to look at the queues at the terminal. I picked a mid-morning crossing (at random) for the tunnel, and then picked an equivalent one on P&O. France to England and return, going out on Monday 19th Aug and returning the following Monday, at around 10:20 (ish). £160 P&O,  against 223€ (£192 approx.) for Eurotunnel.  It then comes down to price versus time.  It's great for some people to be able to cross in 35 minutes and carry on with their journey, whilst others appreciate the break that the longer boat crossing gives. Horses for courses.    
  23. [quote user="idun"]Vehicule A Moteur. On your insurance it will, or should be marked RAQVAM and VAM. Risques autres que vehicule a moteur.......... which would be your house insurance[:D] Isn't it marked like that on your insurance policies? I had always thought that worldwide cover was included. Still, I would always check my policy, just in case. And re existing conditions, I'd check. No good asking any of us, that will be between you and your insurer. I will add that I have always  believed that they will expect you to use your EHIC, or CEAM and then they pay the difference. [/quote] Ah, OK thanks, but there's nothing like that on my policy or green document. The repatriation section is under "Assistance" in the main policy booklet. Pre-existing conditions on Globelink: there is a list of conditions on their website which don't require pre-notification, but for anything else you have to phone up for a quote. Once you've phoned of course, there's no going back, and you'd be running the risk on non-payment if you didn't declare something and then required treatment. Insurers generally try to get out of paying! The OP asked specifically about a UK trip, but I also travel elsewhere where the EHIC isn't valid, USA for example, so a worldwide annual policy works well as a catch-all.    
  24. Aubeterre - my idea of hell.  [+o(]    
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