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  1. The term is "depth of field". When everything seems to be in focus, that's a deep depth of field; when only the subject, a person in a portrait for example, is in focus but the background is blurred, that's a shallow depth of field. The depth is controlled by the aperture, a large aperture (that's a SMALL f-stop number) gives a shallow depth of field, and vice-versa. Modern cameras usually have a setting for portraits and this setting will normally set the largest aperture and correct shutter speed for the prevailing lighting conditions. There's lots of info on the internet.  
  2. [quote user="You can call me Betty"]Selected text...  I'm just watching Question Time where one of the speakers has just stated that 26% of doctors working in the UK were not born in the UK. it would therefore be logical to assume that someone from another country would have a fair chance of finding a doctor who speaks their language, and it follows that if you want to communicate with an English-speaking doctor in the UK, you have a one in four chance of it being a doctor whose first language is not English. [/quote] I had to take issue with your statistical conclusions.  [6]  "26% of doctors working in UK were not born in UK". It doesn't necessarily follow that they wouldn't speak English as their first language, as I'm sure you are aware that English is the first language in many large countries, USA, Oz and NZ for example. Therefore without knowing their country of origin, the 1 in 4 chance is a guess. [geek]  
  3. [quote user="Kong"]No idea if our doctor's writing is legible, he prints his prescriptions from a pc.[/quote] Same here, and the prescription has a duplicate tear-off part which you keep, and the dosage is on that.  
  4. [quote user="idun"]Why does this annoy me, because no one is forced into moving to a foreign country and I BELIEVE that one should just get on with the local language if living full time in another country. I have no idea why anyone would move to France and want or expect english speaking anything. I HATE it when I see all the options in the UK of two zillion languages at council offices or the health service. IF someone needs a translator, let THEM pay for one. [/quote] I have to agree with these sentiments! My wife is having long-term medical treatment just now and we have met a really charming set of consultants, all of whom like to try their English on us. We have these double-language conversations where they try their English and we try our French! As an aside I have to say that the health service is first class.  
  5. Agreed. I hope they found enough to do. Often visitors find things that we didn't know about, right on our doorstep! Oh well.
  6. [quote user="Théière"]Maybe the ones that trip too frequently are just worn out? [/quote] My thoughts exactly, which is why I was surprised, not to say disappointed when our electricity supplier refused point blank to replace ours even if I were to pay the full cost. [:(]    
  7. Quite right, the cyclists (and horses, walkers, runners, tractors, trucks, buses and other miscellaneous road users) should never have been allowed to use the private reserves which are the car-drivers' own reserves. Sid Froome
  8. [quote user="NickP"]How many of you will be celebrating the Queens record of becoming the longest serving monarch of the UK on 9th September. Nice to know we have something that other countries would love to have, well done to her for becoming an iconic world figure. [B][B] [/quote] Yes, I'll second that.
  9. You'll have to find a workaround yourself. You don't say which browser you use, but firstly try a different one. For Internet Explorer try the Compatibility View if the normal view doesn't work. I'm using MS Edge (Windows 10) and it looks OK to me, however I can't post links or smiley icons in my replies unless I go to Internet Explorer.
  10. It's interesting that this thread has reappeared. Back in our early days here this used to happen to us, the main switch (immediately after the meter) would trip out at the slightest hint of a storm. We're in a rural village where the electricity supply is via overhead cables and thus susceptible to strikes and surges. At one point we lost the contents of our freezer when we were away. I noticed that the switch (Baco) was dated 1989 and asked the supply company (SEOLIS not EDF) if they would change it; the reply was a firm "No", not even if I paid for the whole job. The house has been completely re-wired now and the problem seemed to have gone away, so maybe there was a fault in the circuits? But then this summer, after 5 or 6 years trip-free it has tripped out twice during the recent storms, bringing back the worries about what happens if we're away. We don't have an immediate neighbour to come and reset the switch, and to be honest, I don't see that as a proper solution in this hi-tech day and age. Previously I did some research but found it very confusing. Firstly I don't think our meter and "disjoncteur général" to give it its proper name, belongs to EDF as everyone keeps saying; I think it's the responsibility of the supply company which could be SEOLIS in our case, or VEOLIA or EDF or other. Secondly there seems to be some doubt as to the legality, by which I mean "normes", of having a re-arming switch in a habitable building, although there are several such devices available including Legrand (which would be my choice for quality). We use the "Loiseau method", checking the state of the frozen ice cubes! If we go away, for central heating/frozen pipes security in the winter we leave the heating on a frost protection setting, but turn off the water main. The heating pipes are filled with anti-freeze, so it wouldn't matter if the heating went off completely, and the domestic water pipes would only flood what was left in the pipes. We would have to suffer the lost freezer contents, which is horrible, especially if there is a supply of homemade dishes from the summer's fruit! If there is a better way I'd be pleased to hear about it, but I'm not holding my breath, after 11 years we treat it as part of the "new life experience"!
  11. Oh good! I've recorded it so I've got that to look forward to. EDIT: I watched it after lunch and thought it was very good. I'm not a train buff as such, more of a nostalgia freak, and I love those snippets of the post-war period that I remember so well . My parents didn't have a car and we always went on holiday by train, usually to North Wales.
  12. Tread carefully, Mint! This looks interesting: http://tinyurl.com/nr42h9v Eurosport offering 1 month's access to their video coverage for 1 month at 5,99€ on a 12 month contract or 7,99€ a month at a time. I can't follow it properly but think it's live or up to 3 hours after the start time.  Perhaps other posters have some experience of this? I've no idea what speed your broadband would need to be, often these things (like Netflix) work from 2mega upwards but I'm open to correction.    
  13. Mint, the free streaming sites are exactly that, FREE. You mustn't give your details and definitely not give your credit card details to anyone who you don't know is legit. You don't need to sign up either. Most of these sites that I refer to are merely lists of links to the free streams for that day, and they change often. There is always lots of advertising and most of the annoying little windows partially obscure the live picture underneath. You have to be patient and work your way through finding the almost hidden little "x"s to close each advert or notice. Often they tell you that your video player is out of date, or your Java is out of date, but you don't need to click on their "update now", you'll just get more advertising.  I guess I've got adept at it now after several seasons of this. Tread carefully, I'm sorry I mentioned it now.      
  14. At the start of every football season I go through the same routine, looking for "reasonable" subscriptions to satellite or online services to receive just the Premier League matches. Every year it's the same, too expensive at around 39€ because I also have to take additional channels that I don't want. I already have the free French TNT channels for news etc. So, every year I settle for streaming feeds, of which there are plenty, although the quality leaves a lot to be desired on our 2mega broadband service. If only the "powers that be" would wake up to the fact that there is a market out there for people to pay for specific channels! One of my French friends lives in the local old people's home and he gets BEIN for 12€ pm and tells me he watches PL games (I'd be happy with that, so long as I didn't have to live in the home!) but it's part of some special deal with the home itself. So, Mint, just Google for "live streaming tennis" and see what you get. Not that I could ever condone doing something so illegal !! This year I was able to watch the Tour de France online because one of the French TV stations (francetvsport.fr) supplied a free feed, which was excellent, and showed all of the marvellous helicopter shots and fast descents which are normally cut from the ITV4 coverage. We live in hope.
  15. I can't see you point of view at all Q; I think the other replies have pretty well summed it up, holidaying on home turf you expect to be able to relax and speak your own language. Sometimes I think it's us Brits who are lazy about languages, going to Spain where "everyone" speaks English and all you have to do to make yourself understood is shout louder!
  16. Thanks Nick, I've seen those adaptors, but it's a totally unnecessary contraption at the top of the tripod for such a small camera (Canon G7X). I just need the "old-fashioned" ball/screw fastening. Really what I was hoping for was that someone had the same experience as me, but maybe I'm the odd-man-out, and everyone else likes the quick release ! In my experience they become loose and wobbly after a while and if you're doing anything requiring absolute rigidity, like photographing the moon or Milky Way it introduces more problems than it solves. Why would you want a plate fastened on the bottom of a pocketable camera, rendering it un-pocketable? I accept that I may have to go down this route in the end.
  17. The usual solution would be a Velux in the roof; I've certainly slept in rooms like that... only the warder kept me awake.
  18. I haven't been able to buy books from the UK site either. I know that many people have managed to register their Kindles in UK; my wife included!!! I see from her account that there are many more books at very low prices on the UK site. Wot a swiz!
  19. Not just in France, but a general query. I've bought a new "high-end compact" camera and I'm looking for a tripod, not too expensive as I only use it (the tripod) occasionally. My current one has seen better days and the telescopic legs collapse on their own accord now. What has always annoyed me is the quick-release mount. I've had this one for over 20 years but find the quick release more trouble than it's worth, and now the little camera doesn't fit it particularly well. You can't access the battery/SD card and it's almost twice the depth of the camera. I can't find one with just the standard screw, apart from mini-tripods, and I've already got one of those. Any suggestions?
  20. GG, I wondered that about the medals too! Not much mention of it on TV news, just a picture of the 3 guys holding the medals, but it was so soon after!
  21. I read this book by Graham Robb (I think it was free in the Kindle boutique) two years ago and I'm on my second read right now. I agree with PatF that it is a little disjointed but I've found lots of interesting stuff in it. EDIT The Kindle version is 1,30€ on Amazon.fr now.
  22. sid


    I think glysophate is a systemic weedkiller and therefore needs to be absorbed through the leaves. I think there are other products for removing the remains of the "trunks" such as "destructeur de souches" (sp?) normally used when you cut down a tree. Best to ask at the garden centre, I'm sure they'll sell you something expensive and useless!  [:-))]
  23. sid


    Yes, I agree with Minnie, and I do exactly the same. The new shoots are black and they grow very fast. Cut them while they're only a foot high (that's one day's growth, mind you!) and you can keep it confined. The more recent tall shoots have a ball type root system and will come out with a pick axe, anything from a previous year is difficult as others have said. I cut them with a saw and then run over with the tractor mower (but my mower is old so I'm not too worried about potential damage!).
  24. Hmmm, the OP was a first-time poster; I wonder if we'll find out how they went on, or is it another of those threads where we don't even get a thank you.
  25. I've just retired a Dell laptop that I bought in 2003; it was used until the end of last year for email. I couldn't bear to throw it away so I guess it'll be in the loft until doomsday. You can hear stories about all makes but really what counts is your own experience or people close to you. Same for cars, washing machines... anything.
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