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  1. Sweet, I think this sounds rather expensive, sorry! It sounds like the ABS unit has failed. The same components are used for ABS (antilock braking) as for the TCS (Traction Control System - which helps prevent wheelspin amongst other things). I Googled "Mazda premacy TCS off" and got a lot of hits. Try this : http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Your_2004_Mazda_premacy_abs_tcs_off_brake_system_warning_light_do_not_go_out_after_starting_up Your still have brakes, so driving to the garage etc will not be dangerous so long as you are aware that you won't have ABS. I've seen this on VW Polos and Golfs on a recent TV programme about fraudulent garage operators; sometimes it's just the fuse, which cost very little but unscrupulous people charge for replacement units when it's only the fuse. That fact that your warning lights went out and then came back suggests (but I could be wrong) that it's not the fuse. Good luck, Sweet! Please let us know for future reference.  
  2. So you were hoping to use your old lenses... how?  [8-)]  
  3. I did some Googling after I posted that last message; a lot of people feel the same as you. The results are mixed. Some old lenses can be used on the newer digital bodies (by the same manufacturer naturally!), but I get the feeling that there has been too long a gap now and manufacturers are not really interested in what you had 20 years ago; they'd rather sell you a complete new outfit! The difficulties are to do marrying up manual lenses onto electronically controlled bodies, and also driving the auto-focus lenses with smaller power packs, and that's just 2 problems. I feel (not backed up by any evidence) that a lot of us have put our old gear away and have been seduced by the convenience and undoubted technical advances of the newer compact stuff. I definitely don't want to lug a camera bag full of heavy equipment any more. Flying is also an issue with weight and bulk. I'm sorry, but I don't have any definitive answers for you.  
  4. Great workaround! Well done. I still think it's something on the local (user's) machine though, incompatible with the web software. If it happens after clearing your cache, doesn't that point to the change being made at your end, and not at the website? We've heard that the software driving the forum is ancient and not going to be updated. Other forums use the vBulletin forum software which is far superior.  
  5. Hmm, I have an old Minolta X-700 SLR stashed away somewhere. I remember reading about a Minolta "digital back", this must have been around 1995 when digital was in its infancy; this replaced the original film cassette door and contained a CCD chip and associated circuitry, and was horrendously expensive AND produced a very low resolution image. I think the whole thing just got too expensive, being specific to one model, and linking in to the original camera circuits for exposure etc. I guess the old profit motive took over; it's easier to push new products; manufacturers can lure you away from your current brand. Never going to happen now surely. I've Googled and can only find vague references to this and a similar Leica device.      
  6. I just tried it and it's OK for me in Firefox (not my usual browser); not very helpful I know, but at least it points to a more local problem at your end I think. [Www] 
  7. I'll have a butchers at the Tourdregs pics. Sundays are difficult for me; I'm involved with 3 bands and weekends are prime times. I'm retired, I don't have to do moto stuff on a Sunday when I've got all week! However, this Sunday is our local Fête de la Borne; ... we have a "fingerpost" just a kilometer from here marking the meeting point of 3 départements (79,16 and 17) and the local communes organise a "fete" every couple of years, and this year there's an offer of an initiation light on a ULM, so I'm already committed to going on this. I wonder if I can take my new camera? [I]    
  8. Yes, I know, I had Googled it before I posted my message. I've been researching all this for several weeks, [geek] - driving my wife mad!   It's a matter of personal need and preference. I've found my large camera to be rather too bulky, not to mention heavy, at times, particularly when going by plane. The old IXUS just slips in a pocket, but only takes "snaps", there's little control over aperture etc etc. I did consider just updating that with a new model, but from reviews it appears that a lot of keen folk find that they take the Nikon and leave their big cameras at home. I had a shortlist of half a dozen in the end (not really that short!!), including Canon G1X and G15, Lumix LX7 and Olympus XZ-2 (these are compacts, but still quite heavy). I also want something that my wife can use; so the point-and-shoot option should work for her. I've just checked online and mine is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. You must let me know how you get on with yours; the lens sounds good, particularly the telephoto/aperture aspect. I'll keep you posted on mine!  
  9. Hi Bugsy Interesting buy! After lugging a DLSR-type camera (Sony DSC-R1, great lens but heavy) for 6 years, plus an even older IXUS (one of the early ones from 2003!), I've decided to go for a "high-end" compact, a Nikon P7700, which is on its way even as I write (should be here tomorrow). I reckon (hope!) that this will do what my current cameras do, and more, with the added benefit of portability. We'll see.  
  10. sid

    Weed killer.....

    Besides the wall problems, I have ivy growing up the trunks of at least 12 oak tress. The ivy is obviously very old and the main branch of it is up to 1" thick, (maybe even 2.5cms [geek]). Last year I went round and cut all of these ivy trunks with a pruning saw. The ivy above has died and now pulls fairly easily from the trees and the trees look better for not having the ivy stifling their growth. However, at ground level the ivy has started to grow again. I believe this is probably the best time to spray it with "something", but I know not what! It appears that ivy doesn't absorb systemic weedkillers to the same extent as "ordinary" weeds, like dandelions for example. Many of the more radical treatments are now banned (chlorate de soude for example).  
  11. sid

    Weed killer.....

    Glyphos doesn't kill ivy and I've yet to find anything that does. I saw a small container of stuff for "lierres" in Jardiland one time but it was over 30€ and I couldn't bring myself to part with the money. We have the Virginia Creeper, which attaches itself by minute "suckers" and this covers walls very nicely, turning red in the autumn, but leaves a "dotty" mess if you pull it down. We want to retain this.  Then we have the Ivy, which is far more destructive, growing into the wall and eventually prising stones apart as it swells. I usually cut the ivy at its base but it always grows again; we want to destroy this one. Any suggestions?  
  12. [quote user="You can call me Betty"]Goodness, how far this seems to have drifted from the topic it began with. Two unhinged individuals brutally murdered an innocent man in cold blood in Woolwich. I honestly don't think a discussion about successive political leaders on several continents dating back over the last dozen or more years is going to help anyone, or change the fact of what has happened. No amount of dissecting who-did-what-to-whom throughout the Blair/Bush administrations will alter, or contribute to the facts of this tragic situation. What are you hoping to accomplish? I doubt very much whether the family of this poor man would blame - or even think about - Bush, Blair, Cameron or anyone other than the two perpetrators of this heinous crime. [/quote] Hear, hear!
  13. I agree, Jay. I also can't see how it's going to save any money. From 2016 everyone will be entitled to claim the new flat-rate pension (£144) based on their own contributions, which is considerably more than the £66 being mentioned at the moment. I can't work out whether these overseas claimants will get it or not. All very vague.  
  14. [quote user="Mr Ceour de Lion II"]This is what the tv licence pays for? The whole organization is corrupt. Shut it down. [/quote] ... and the Roman Catholic Church, perhaps....?  [Www]
  15. I love it here in France. I love the quiet, the fabulous wide skies, so much brighter than back in UK, and I never feel threatened. There's rarely a day that I don't get up in the morning and feel lucky to be alive. Every time I go back to visit family in UK I notice the same things, the dreary looks on people's faces, as they barge down the high street with mobile phone clamped to ear, and the traffic...! The French people are NOT like us, I don't know why you would expect them to be cheery all the time. Living out in the country there isn't much work and what work there is is usually pretty hard labour. Our villagers always have a good time at the fêtes and so on. I find the locals at least as cheery as the ex-pats who continually moan about the French administrative systems whilst not speaking hardly a word of French. I wonder what the French think of us? I know that in the cities it's quite different, but I'm not there, I'm here! Brought up in Manchester, and having seen all the changes that have taken place there, the crime particularly, there's no way I'll be going back there to live. Count me in the "mainly happy" sector.  [8-|]
  16. It would be nice to be a rich OAP.  [Www]  
  17. Yes, Wooly, people around here say the same thing, that the office at Ruffec(our nearest mainline station) is very helpful too. My only problem is remembering to go during office hours when she's open, and oddly the station is not listed in the phonebook... I don't think they have a phoneline, at least not one connected to the national network. Not helping very much with the original question though. [:$]  
  18. GP I use the trains only infrequently and have always used the voyages-sncf website. I've just tried it for Limoges to Lille(Europe) out of interest. Baffling if you are convinced about the direct service. It does give one option though via Poitiers instead of changing in Paris, that would be easier as you just change trains, you don't have to trek across the city! However over 6 hours seems a long journey time! EDIT  When I now look at a rail map of France, there doesn't appear to be a line from Limoges to Poitiers; that could be an interesting journey... replacement bus perhaps? [:-))] I've recently done Ruffec(16) to Lille-Europe and had to change in Poitiers (the first leg on TER train then TGV direct from Poitiers) and the journey took around 3 hours, which I thought was very fast and civilised. How did you find the direct service in the first place? EDIT again! I found the direct train on the RailEurope site.!! How strange! 08:06 and taking 5 hours!!  Is the train reserved for foreigners?? [blink] ANOTHER EDIT (sorry!)  By changing the search criteria on the SNCF site so that early trains are included (07h00 onwards) the direct train (08h06) now comes up on the results.
  19. That's how to work the system!  [:D][:D]  
  20. It makes me wonder if the DWP will send a COPY of an S1 which has already been processed (ie been through the CPAM rigmarole) as opposed to a duplicate form which was lost before processing? Maybe that's the difference, as some of you are obviously getting copies.  
  21. [quote user="NormanH"]I got a duplicate from the DWP in a matter of days. It is on poor quality(re-cycled?) paper On the Top Left S1   the EUROPE Logo in the middle  then Co-ordination of Social security Systems top Right It is 4 sides long In fact it was no use to me but that is a long story You should always make photo-copies of ALL documents in France and where possible give them those, although it is not possible in this case. [/quote] That's interesting Norman, because they categorically refused to send me a copy. My CPAM office claimed that they had never received my S1 last year (even though I had handed it in personally!) and suggested that I ask for another. DWP said "no". When I went back to the CPAM office and told them that it was impossible, the original form magically turned up! That was when I learned the value of keeping copies of everything. Im not paranoid... which one of my enemies told you that? [:-))] [:D][:D]  
  22. Hi It had a different number up to a few years ago, E121, if I remember correctly, but unless you took a copy yourself (always a good idea with forms because they often get lost in the system) then you would have handed in to your CPAM office and it's gone now! I think it eventually goes back to UK once processed. The DWP in Newcastle do not issue duplicates. I don't know why at this stage you would need another or even a copy; you're in the system!  
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