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  1. If it's racist, who are the Bongo race exactly?  [Www]  
  2. I'm surprised, on checking, to see that repatriation IS included on my motorbike policy, as Idun says! I didn't know this, not having read all the small print, but it says for illness or injury no matter what mode of transport is used, which seems to imply that I wouldn't have to necessarily be abroad on the motorbike. I'm insured with Allianz. In fact it says it's worldwide cover and includes a whole string of beneficiaries, wife/husband, children, parents!! I can't see how this can be correct for a motorbike policy which would be used by 2 people at the most, but that's what it says! As far as travel insurance is concerned though, because we make several trips to UK every year, plus a main holiday, I've now started to use an annual travel insurance policy by Globelink: which works out cheaper annually than for individual breaks. http://www.globelink.co.uk/ No idea what VAM is though, Idun?    
  3. Customer support at the SIM card provider. If that's Orange FR, well, good luck. [Www] They're not exactly falling over themselves to assist or support, but you may be lucky and get someone who at least tries to help. How about trying here first: http://assistance.orange.fr/obtenir-le-code-puk-pour-debloquer-votre-carte-sim-1877.php#1 (This assumes that you have espace client access.)  
  4. sid


    Oh hello! Are you still here?    
  5. sid


    Strange, I thought Mauritius was English, Creole and French speaking. Hardly a French colony now as it's been a British colony in more recent times. I can understand why Brits would be more comfortable there though, at least most people speak English. Hardly relevant to this particular forum in any case. As for speaking French here in France, I wouldn't worry about it too much, just be prepared to have a go and do the best you can. Any attempt is usually appreciated. The formal grammar can be difficult, especially if you don't understand English grammar (which seems to be taught less and less these days); the terms may be confusing. I found that spelling was even more difficult, and getting accent markings in the right place and so on. Fluency will only really happen if you have no English contact, but certainly you can do enough to make yourself understood.  
  6. I haven't had this but I Googled it and found entries going back to 2004, so it's not new. The simple answer seems to be to turn off script debugging in your browser. You don't say which version of Internet Explorer you have (I'm using IE 10) and the relevant option is in Tools (the little cogwheel symbol top right) then Internet Options, Advanced tab, and under the Browser heading tick "disable script debugging" (Internet Explorer). You could also tick "disable script debugging (other) too. I've also got "display a notification about every script error" unticked. Just recently I've had a few changes made to my system without asking for them!  Nothing new there, then.       
  7. This thread is FOUR years old and I haven't seen any posts from the original poster since that date. I think you'll have to try again elsewhere, we never did find out what happened to his Kwak. [Www]  
  8. You're looking for TWO tradesmen at least then. One for the guttering and the others for the masonry/plastering. The first, assuming that you mean zinc guttering, requires someone specialising in "zinguerie". Around our area it's usually the plumber or heating engineer (plombier" ou "chauffagiste") who does this as the work involves brazing/soldering. I've never heard of exterior plasterboard.  However, the for first point of contact I suggest a local "maçon" for the outside of the wall and ask him to recommend a "plaquiste" for the interior plasterboarding. All these can be found in the yellow pages (there's an online version at www.pagesjaunes.fr ) but I always find that it's best to ask around your local area for recommendations where you can see examples of their work. PS Sorry about the strange fonts! I can't seem to correct that. [:$] Which reminds me, did you hear about the 2 fonts who went into a bar; the barman said "We don't want your type in here".  I'll get my coat.        
  9. Of course! That's why all the public swimming pools have them too!  [;-)]  
  10. If you want the photos to be fully searchable then you have to give each one a title or description when you save it; a right pain in the aperture! I do the same as Nomoss, keep it simple, create folders (in my case, for each month, and within those subfolders for any special events like "Liz's Wedding". This has the drawback of not being able to immediately point to a specific photo, but I've used this system for 12 years and I can generally workout where a photo will be. Also, I edit photos for emailing to friends etc, not wishing to send a batch of 4mb photos every time, and in this case I store the reduced images with a title in the same folder as the originals, thus a search for "Liz walks down the aisle" (or the keywords at least) will point to the right folder. I never delete photos, and never amend/edit the originals; I always create an amended or edited copy. I'm in favour of controlling my own files, and doing my own security. A change or upgrade of machine doesn't require loading old software, just copying the top level photo folder plus its subfolders. It takes some time but it's easy. My family photo folder is currently 30GB.    
  11. CeeJay That's a piece of advice I have had already, but thanks anyway. At least you'd know what fruit to expect. I don't really relish the job of removing the old one, which is in an ideal spot. 6 years could be pushing it for me too! [:-))] Not that I feel as though I'm at death's door but we would consider moving to a smaller place as we reach our 70's !  My French neighbour came up with a strict "No" when I mentioned topping the tree. He said that any fruit tree with a fruit that has a stone must never be pruned. I can't find any reference to this to support it.  
  12. I think the answer for pests on the tree may be to use some insecticide bands around the trunk. Most fruit pests seem to arrive via the trunk. Unlike last year with its late frost we got loads of flowers on our tree. Unfortunately the promise of actual cherries wasn't fulfilled, although we did get enough for a few tarts and some preserves, the buckets-full we had some years ago didn't materialise. Our tree is very high now and the best fruit is at the top on the new growth, the lower branches being more shaded. I'd like to seriously trim the tree to make it more accessible but the feedback I get says I shouldn't do this! Anyone got any advice? I presume it would need to be done now and not left until winter? (That advice varies too!). [blink]  
  13. We seem to have gone round in a circle here, but you've answered your own question.  
  14. Nothing on the "info trafic" (real time) websites.  [8-)] What have you seen exactly?  I checked earlier during the "heure de pointe"... all clear. EDIT:  Now, at 19:45 it's showing northbound slower traffic on the dual carriageway past the airport. No explanation. http://www.viamichelin.fr/web/Trafic/Trafic_info-Poitiers-86000-Vienne-France?strLocid=31NDJ6Nm8xMGNORFl1TlRjNU56TT1jTUM0ek16a3pNZz09 Further edit: This site shows roadworks between Aire des Cent Septiers and Poitiers Nord. Goodness knows why it didn't show earlier... perhaps it comes and goes???  [blink]    
  15. I haven't passed for a few weeks but last time I was there it was obvious that the works were connected with the LGV (Tours to Bordeaux high speed rail line). I say obvious because there are plenty of signs about it. Are there long delays now? http://www.lgv-sea-tours-bordeaux.fr/commune/poitiers/78?site_source=slider&site_content=Poitiers&site_campaign=site&site_medium=commune&site_bar=1 http://www.lgvsudeuropeatlantique.org/
  16. Hi, and welcome to the motorcycling section. It's been fairly quiet on here of late but there are definitely some bikers around! I realise that you've included your location in the title of the post, but it would help if you could include it on your details shown at the side of your posts (you can do this via "edit your details" near the top of the page, click on your username) then others can see whether your posts are relevant to them, ride-outs for example. As it turns out you're a little too far from me (Deux-Sevres) but I've just spent a week in Albi (very nice too!). I assume you ride a Kawasaki ! There are some other members on here and I'm sure they'll be along to say hello soon.      
  17. Come on, Norman, what's the punchline about the explorers???  [blink]  
  18. Hmmm, shows "le" OK for me. Mont St Michel looked spectacular. It's some years since we were there but then it was disappointing, rather tacky I thought, with all the souvenir shops, a bit like visiting Lourdes (the town). I was in Albi last week to see Friday's stage of le Tour. A much bigger and better caravan than previously and we picked up loads of freebies! Cav is a reformed character for me, compared to the brat of four or more years ago. Fantastic sprinter. He's lacking decent team support this year which is a pity. Still time to pick up some stage wins though.  Froome is proving to be a capable rider; let's hope he can keep the yellow jersey.    
  19. Just had to change the definite article! [geek]  
  20. [quote user="NickP"] I would imagine that Mark Cavendish isn't too happy with the tour spectators at the moment, after being showered in urine today www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/cycling/23251598 At last something to interest Norman. [:D] [/quote]   That's not Cav taking the p**s is it? [:-))]  
  21. [quote user="Loiseau"]Sorry to be picky, Pierre, but is there any chance of your amending the thread title to LE Tour?! At first I thought it must be about some new tower that was being opened this year... ;-) Angela[/quote]  [:D]
  22. [quote user="JeanS"] After alot of huffing and puffing he decided it could be fixed and so I can collect it on Wednesday. More than I wanted to pay but I really can't be with me teeth!! I checked my Travel insurance - can't claim because I didn't break them in an accident. [/quote] Didn't you just remember that it WAS an in accident?  
  23. Good news: decision has been taken to scrap the limit. [:)] Bad news: not effective until (probably) 1st January 2016 ! [:@]  
  24. [quote user="Russethouse"] Details, such as they are here : https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/209036/spending-round-2013-complete.pdf [/quote] Thanks RH. But 68 pages!! I think I'll get a few copies of the report and burn thse to keep warm! [:-))]
  25. There's another reason for using Amazon and similar onlines sites; when you live 50kms from the nearest bookshop it's the sheer convenience of having stuff delivered to your door. Amazon France seems to have fallen in line with the protectionist measures. To take a popular example, the recent Michael Connelly book (Fifth Witness) in paperback and in French is 21.90€ in the shops, and is available on Amazon FR delivered with the massive discount of 5% 20.81€. According to the newspaper article the French reckon it's being sold at a loss at that price; I just don't believe it. In the UK you can buy is for £3.99 !!!  Is it any wonder that book sales are poor here? They don't seem to realise that selling books at lower prices will increase sales. That's why I'm now on Kindle.      
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