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  1. Well I would have liked to see a firewall mentioned and it is surprising what you find when running this: http://secunia.com/software_inspector/
  2. Hi tel, This was in North Wales.   It was a new house and our water bill turned out to be from next door's meter and vice versa, we eventually got a £400 refund.   The electric bill with our name was addressed to two doors along with their reading.   The gas bill was not from our meter reading either and we were pursued by debt collectors for refusing to pay their overcharge. Finally the direct debits took ages to be operated correctly. After we left there we again had the debt collectors after us for the final gas bill, even though they had taken the payment by direct debit.   They were running up our UK mobile phone bill while we were in France.   In the end they apologised and sent a compensation cheque.
  3. [quote user="ErnieY"]Why any sort of right thinking rational person responds to these is what astounds me, yet respond they do hence the scamsters persist [8-)] [/quote] Yes Ernie, there are a lot of bad guys around  and a lot of people who don't think, so need protecting from their own stupidity.   I decided to have a look at this redirect site as I have very good protection.   Site Adviser has blocked my access to it and showed it as a scam, so it would not have tricked anyone with that program installed. I was looking at the Protecting Your Computer FAQs, which seems to be completely out of date and even dangerous.   I wonder what you think? I wouldn't dream of advising anyone to use HiJack This without expert guidance for instance.
  4. Well maybe everyone is not so quick thinking as you Ernie, lol. Some of us older ones need all the help we can get!(to keep us out of trouble)
  5. I didn't go there either John, but I looked to see where it was pointing and it was a redirect to what seemed to be a gambling site.
  6. I have 2 free programs installed which can stop you being caught by these: www.siteadvisor.com/ www.vengine.com/ Either of these can show you if a site is genuine.
  7. Hi John, did you put your mouse over the link at the bottom, showing where it would take you? Sounds very nasty!
  8. Fiona, the one we had could be adjusted for sensitivity, but you have to take the top off it to find the adjuster.
  9. When I was having adsl problems I spoke to FT for free as a telephone problem, they seemed to be able to handle that and ran a test on my line during the free call. They did say that the problem was within the house and they would charge me if they came out and it was so.   I said I would try to deal with it myself first. The problem seemed to be intermittent so I had a look at the wiring and found that the ADSL filters had some corrosion.   I don't know why as there does not seem to be damp around. Having emery papered them and given a squirt of WD40, I have not lost connection since and it was a few weeks ago.
  10. As the penalty is so severe, I doubt whether the risk is worth taking. An alarm can only work if someone is there to do something about it.   As we are sometimes away, we decided to remove ours and have an abri which we can lock and forget. However the fact that an alarm is fitted, presumably complies with the legal requirenent, which is probably why the locals think it is a stupid bit of political nonsence. The river in front of our house doesn't have a fence, so I would think an unattended child would probably drown in that before getting to us.   The people in this village look after their small children.
  11. You will need this process if you ever want to uninstall your Fuji software, but not until then. The following quote comes from auditmypc.com. regshave.exe - Here is the scoop on Registry Shaver as it pertains to computer network security. The big question: what is regshave.exe and is it spyware, a trojan and if so, how do I get rid of Registry Shaver? regshave.exe (Registry Shaver) - Details The regshave.exe process is used when you uninstall Fuji drivers. It will clean up any unneeded registry entries that were installed when the Fuji drivers were loaded. If this process causes problems for your system it should be terminated. Be warned though, that terminating it before it has completed its task will result in redundent registry settings. regshave.exe is an application that does NOT appear to be a security risk
  12. When we bought our house, we called at the EDF and Water offices with the seller on the takeover day and gave them the readings.   At the same time we gave them the RIB for direct debit and had the accounts transferred to us.   In the UK it took 2 years to get it all up and running, but here it was instant. If they are too far away I imagine a letter would do the same.
  13. The fact that the pipes go down and then up again should not change the flow through the pump, as a syphon depends on the relative heights of the two ends.   But maybe a great length of pipework would cause increased resistance.
  14. Yes another vote for Avast free, there is no need to pay for security.   I am using Comodo Antivirus beta, but would not suggest that until it is out of beta, although it is on public release and stable. However the Comodo firewall, CPF 2 is now as good as any and I would certainly recommend that.   CPF 3  will be even better and I am beta testing it at the moment, but it still needs a lot of development and can cause problems. Comodo now also have BOClean, which is now free and runs quietly.   Anyone concerned about trojans and theft of bank passwords etc. could do a lot worse than use that as well.
  15. Yes we too are in a small village outside Carcassonne, but not the same one unless you are hiding John. Not many British here just to the north east of it near Conques.   Haven't seen your glider passing, so I guess you are the other side.
  16. That sounds like normal evaporation to me.   Try filling a bucket with water, putting it near the pool and see how much that drops.   If it is similar you cannot have a problem. The filtering all depends on how much rubbish is going into it.   We rarely need to clean ours as we have an abri and clean the bottom with a robot.
  17. [quote user="Russethouse"]jamesg- have you ever been to Dorset ?[/quote] I love the south coast, but I have never had to wait 10 years to take over.   I don't suppose he has got bored with it all yet, so any holiday would seem like a waste of time.
  18. Sounds like you need to move further south!   We have no water heater but our pool has never been below 28°C since 1st May.  (but we do have an abri) Now we are keeping it below 34 by leaving the sliding door open all day. It has always been well above average air temperature, I wonder if being built of concrete filled polystyrene blocks is anything to do with it.
  19. [quote user="Frederick"]Tough on Gordon  Brown having to leave Dorset at the start of his hols to attend a meeting today ......havent they heard of video conferencing in No 10 yet ?.... he is not having much luck since he got the job is he ? .......[/quote] I expect he is still so excited about finally having succeeded in pushing Blair out, that he won't be worried about missing a boring looking holiday.   He was probably delighted to have an excuse to go back to hear them all saying 'yes prime minister' He will be looking forward to taking delivery of the PMs plane he 'gave' the money for when he was the Chancellor.
  20. [quote user="tenniswitch"] OT, but not entirely unrelated.  I recently got the "we want you to change your wanadoo account to an orange account letter".  Did I understand correctly that one of the options is to keep the wanadoo suffix and Orange will continue to download it into my inbox? [/quote] Yes, I changed over to the Orange, but they do download a lot of junk you probably don't want such as an Orange browser and a messenger.   I uninstalled those without problems.   I do wish these ISPs would stick to providing internet access and not install other things that spy on you. I still use my wanadoo email addresses and haven't bothered to set up any Orange ones.
  21. If it is still on the server you still have to look in case they make a mistake, so you can be shown the porn rubbish if they are crafty about the subject.   I wouldn't think there was a virus problem unless you were to open an attachment and your antivirus should scan the messages anyway.   If you have an av with hips it would stop a virus from executing even if you were to open an attachment by mistake containing a new virus that the av had missed, so I do not think downloading mail is dangerous. Unless you answer yes to the hips query that is.
  22. Thankyou Tim, I stopped getting spam too but didn't realise that Orange had kept it.   I don't bother with their website usually, but your advice has allowed me to get some legit mail which they blocked and turn the thing off. They did email to say they were providing free antispam, but I didn't realise it was optional. With Thunderbird it goes into a junk folder anyway where it is much easier to check if you have a few addresses, so I don't see the point of it really.
  23. Hi Paul, I doubt if a radiator would make much difference, although maybe a solar type system running at night may do something. I had thought that we would leave some of the abri open overnight, but we do get a fair amount of wind here, so not sure about that.  When we tried that the water loss through evaporation was very high. Some shade would certainly help and we could look into that thanks.   It hasn't been a problem owing to the changeable weather this year and the extended season and clean water make it very well worthwhile.   The abri itself does give some shade, as it is polycarbonate, not clear glass.
  24. We decided to get an abri this year, mainly because we didn't think the alarm we had was any use and the child security thing was a worry when we were away. It does seem to act rather like a solar panel and we could swim in 25° C water in late April, whereas it was only up to that in early June before using a bubble cover. The main problem is that we are now trying to stop the water from going over 34°, but without losing too much through evaporation.
  25. Hi, If you go to all programs, accessories, you should find a compatability assistant which reckons to configure XP to run your older program.
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