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  1. Hi all, I thought I would share with you a very good offer that I have just received from SpeedFerries last week. In connection with World Cup 2006 they are offering price at £19 to cross the Channel.....instead of explaining I might as well copy paste some of the text from the newsletter. 15,000 Ferry Tickets Available at £19 in Connection with World Cup SpeedFerries offers 15,000 one-way tickets at £19 for a standard car + 5 passengers during this year’s World Cup peak season from 8 June to 10 July on selected sailings out of both Dover and Boulogne, i.e. 17:40 & 21:10 out of Dover and 09:55 & 23.55 out of Boulogne. We recommend that you book early, as this is a limited offer. 1,000 12-Trip SuperVouchers – 2 Extra Tickets at no Cost In order to give all customers an extra opportunity to travel to the Continent during World Cup 2006, SpeedFerries offers 1,000 12-Trip SuperVouchers at regular 10-Trip voucher price - £270. Book now as the vouchers are expected to sell out quickly. They also say that they have improved their customer service, so you can now contact them 24/7.  
  2. I think you are absolutely right, Coco. Sometimes people can't not get enough. When SpeedFerries started, the price level were definitly much higher, and you could easely spend £250 for a return crossing.   So, I have no doubt that it is because of SpeedFerries that other operators have lowered their prices, just like what happened when Ryanair first introduced their low cost concept.  I have travelled with SpeedFerries several times when I visit my family in France and it's true that their catering concept are not terrific and sometimes it has been difficult to get through to their Call centre, but I just got a newsletter from them saying that they have improved their customers service. They have now open 24/7 and promesses a instant reply to enquiries by phone. In the same newsletter they are also promoting a new offer in connection with World Cup in Germany 2006. During the World Cup period they offer tickets at £19 to and from France along with a 12-trip Voucher at a regular 10-trip voucher price £270. The 12-trip voucher is valid for 2 years after purchase.                
  3. Hi, I think this ferry link could be really useful  -  www.speedferries.com Ciao Benne      
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