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  1. Wow! What a quick response Tim. I suspect that you may be right . This machine is fairly new but other issues with the supplier were never resolved despite pounds worth of phone calls and registered letters. I have given up as it was making me ill . I tried googling the name of the supplier ,which I am not allowed to name and shame on here, and was aghast at the bad press they were getting.  If I had known then what I know now!!!!!!  I do have a spare power supply and I can try swapping that. Adding the memory stick did solve other problems I was having running some programs. It was added before this big problem. In the end I shall probably need an engineer if all else fails. It is a pity that you are so far away from where I live. I am really grateful for all the help that you and every body else have given me. I shall let you all know how I get on in a few days time. Some of this stuff may be useful to others struggling with their machines out there. Thanks again to everybody 0Helen
  2. Thanks Tim for taking the time to reply. I could not do a repair install either as the machine would not boot up from the cd drive even though I had chosen it as the first boot up option in the bios and saved on exit.  I have recently added another  memory stick so  I  shall remove it when I strip the machine back to the original configuration.  When I have stripped  the machine down and saved my data on another hard drive I will try to boot up and perform a repair.  If that doesnt work I will go for the clean install. I could kick myself as I have a 31/2 in. floppy but did not make the old fashioned back up disks that I always used to as I thought that system restore and booting from the cd would solve any boot up issues. I know better now. One further question now  that you have reassured me that I am on the right track.  Is it possible to copy the windows file 'windows/system32/config/system' from my son's xp disc or is that file specific to his system? That is the file that is corrupted, the non destructive reinstall has not repaired it and I still cannot boot up beyond  a brief glimpse of the first windows screen. 0Helen Just to add, I have thought of sticking my boot up hard drive in my son's machine and copying the windows/system32/config/system file into the correct folder does this sound feasable or would it cause other problems?
  3. Thanks to you also Pancake. I cannot follow your suggestion as I cannot get the machine to even boot up to the start menu. I did try system restore from the rescue disc but the machine just crashed, hence the need to do a non destructive reinstall, which has not worked either. 0Helen
  4. Thanks for replying ChezSchells. My rescue disc is legit for my machine. I will strip the machine back to its original configuration before I try any thing else 0Helen
  5. That was an interesting article.  We went to the truffle market in Thivier once. I asked the price. It worked out at £40 for one black and wrinkled specimen the size of a walnut. I did not buy.  I am thinking of training my dogs! 0Helen
  6. Thankyou for the helpful replies. I have already printed out some stuff from the microsoft web site but none of it helped.  I just thought that as I have read some very savvy stuff on here, from the friendly LF forum posters, that if I had missed  something obvious and simple, you might be able to help.  As a last resort I shall remove my hard disks and dump the contents into storage through my son's computer and do a clean install of windows . I was hoping that I would not have to do this as I have read that there can be problems with re-registering my copy of windows.  Any further advice would be very welcome. Many thanks to all who replied - I shall go and cry now.......... 0Helen
  7. I always use wine vinegar for pickles and chutneys.  It acts as a good preservative and does not taste too 'vinegary'. I have just opened some peach chutney that I made 3 years ago and it is fine. 0Helen
  8.     I have problems starting windows XP.  I have tried many things and have ended up using PC Angel to reinstall.  However, there is a problem with this file - windows/system/config/system .I have reinstalled 3 times and I still get the message that this file is corrupt and the computer will not boot up.  It gets to the beginning of windows first screen, then there is a brief glimpse of the blue screen of death, then boot failure message.  Can I try copying the file from my son's copy of windows or is this file tied to his operating system only.  Both our copies of windows are manufacturers preloaded with rescue discs.  Please help before I throw my computer out of the window...............! 0Helen
  9. Asafoetida is good for wind problems.  Only a pinch is needed and should be cooked with the food which upsets you.  Bart spices, sold in many UK supermarkets, makes it.  There may be other brands - or you may find it in Indian spice emporiums, as it is used with pulses in vegetarian cooking.
  10. This sounds crazy but it does work.  Pulverize the walnuts in a food processor.  Scrape onto a large piece of clean muslin laid over a plate. The plate should be as flat as possible.  When the cake of ground walnuts is about 4in thick tie the muslin over the top and put another flat plate over that.  Place the lot in a clean dish.  Pour yourself a glass of wine.  Place heavy weights on top and leave for a while.  Drink the wine.  This is tedious but works.  LOL I will try anything!!!!
  11. 0Helen


    Has anyone ever tried this?  In the Ken Muir catalogue there is an advert for bulbs, gathered from the Swedish countryside, which secretes a smell which keeps moles and field mice away from your garden.  The bulbs last 2-5 years and are planted 9 yds apart. One pack at £16.00 is supposed to protect 500 m2.   I think this is a tad expensive - but does it work???? Any thoughts?
  12. Fresh wood ash is excellent as a slug deterrent around pots and tubs and around the edges of veg. beds.  It is not suitable for placing around young plants until it has aged. It makes a good additive to the compost bin.
  13. We have the same problem with one of our walnut trees.  I researched the symptoms and it is a virus disease which is not fatal.  The treatment is to clear the ground underneath and rake in some good fertiliser in the Spring.  Do water regularly in dry periods.  Our tree had a very heavy crop last year - this weakened the tree and the weird weather at the beginning of this year allowed the virus to get hold.  Apparently, the virus is common and endemic but only causes symptoms when the tree is stressed.  There is no cure but a healthy tree can fight it off - a bit like human influenza virus!
  14. 0Helen


    All nuts freeze well.  I keep mine in the freezer.  You can also make chestnut wine. Our local Shopi used to sell it but they have not had any for the past two years.  It was sold for only about a month. The wine was sparkling but not in champagne type bottles - instead it was in an ordinary wine bottle with a fine hole in the cork to let the gas escape.  I do not know the recipe - if anyone else does, can they post it please?
  15. This is not a judgmental post.  Try this link www.alcoholism.about.com/cs/alerts/l/blnaa35 there is a useful graph of how long it takes to metabolise [metabolize if you are American] various amounts of alcohol. I would have the wine.  I am quite sure that you will be fine if several hours elapse before you drive home.  Have a great picnic!!!
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