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  1. Can I trouble anyone with a more retentive memory than I have (probably Martin, or Anton!) to remind me how you get to the setup page on a Sky box please. My Classic FM signal keeps dropping out and I suspect it's on the most 'iffy' of the transponders, and thus should be the one the box is monitoring if I want to position the dish absolutely accurately (with my new lump hammer !) and as I recall, setting or changing the channel to monitor for signal quality/strength is a function of the engineer's installation page buried within the 'services' menu thanks p
  2. [quote user="Catherine"]Thansk both - I'm hoping we will be able to get broadband but as I don't have a phone number yet I can't check and want to look into other options as I need a reliable internet connection for work. It looks to me like the mobile option might be about the same price as satelite but I need to do more research if it comes to it. Yes it is my first post (probably of many - we are moving next year and there are a lot of things I don't know....) Thanks for taking the time to reply, Catherine   [/quote] Do you have a neighbour close by? Try inputting their telephone number* into www.degrouptest.com . it will show if their line is capable of getting broadband, and what maximum speed. Should be a guide for you when you get a phone. p * search for name and number with www.pagesblanches.fr
  3. Thanks Martin, will give them a go this evening when it's cooler. I'm currently emptying the camion of the last of 10 loads of removals; the one where you have it full of stuff which won't fit into boxes + the wood burner, the chimney parts, the garden furniture, the cleaning stuff, the odd cupboard or two, brushes, mops, strimmers and all those things with cables which manage to copulate on the 5-hour journey, making unpacking (in the heat) like some fiendish Chinese puzzle. I'm finding it all a bit of an effort: I think I peaked - strength-wise - about two trips ago ! p
  4. Yup... bought it specially.... I though about an adaptor, but dismissed it because the loader only displays a list of available com ports. How did you get round that? p
  5. I really thought the days of recalcitrant COM ports were over; but apparently not. I'm trying to wake up a com port on my all-singing, all-dancing PC (It's the only way to connect a satellite receiver in order to update its software).  However, the loader isn't having any of it. The hardware device manager page in 'control panel/system' shows it to be working, with no conflicts; I've also checked that it's enabled in the BIOS, I've uninstalled it and re-installed it, disabled then enabled it again....  changed it's IRQ ... that's about the limit to my expertise.  Nothing has any effect: either the loader says 'checking com port status' (then nothing happens) or 'can't open com port' Any thoughts anyone??
  6. [quote user="tel"]Hi, AFIK all standard sound card midi/gameport connectors are 15 pin.  Not to teach my Grandmother etc.etc. are you sure you are looking inthe right place?, does your P.C. have onboard sound and if so the midi/gameport is grouped with all the other connectors.  If the soundcard is P.C.I. then there should be the standard 3 or 4 mini jack sockets (blue/pink/green/black) plus the 15pin midi/gameport socket.   Regards     [/quote] You'd think so, wouldn't you? crammed onto the back panel are a vast array of mini jacks for every concievable option of sound, half a dozen USB's, some SPDIF's, a DVI socket, a couple of RCA's, a scart socket, even a printer parallel port, but just the one little d-type 9-pin, and not a flat twin 15-pin to be seen. And the only 9 - 15 adaptor on the site mentioned above is for a 3x5 socket rather than for a 7+8-type. Seems I shall have to contain myself until I can go to the other house and cannibalize (sp) the elderly pc there. p
  7. I'm trying to connect my midi keyboard to my PC.  To that end I've acquired a proper midi-PC cable, which terminates - at the PC end - in a  pair of 15-pin plugs, 1 of each gender. Imagine, if you will, my horror/dismay/consternation (fill in your own suitable word here), when I rummage round the back of the PC and discover that the only serial connection on the back is a 9-pin RS-232. I've looked on the web for Serial PCI cards but they all connect with 9-pin sockets, and 15-9pin adaptors appear not to exist any more. Question: Is the 15-pin actually an RS-232 standard (i.e. am I searching for the wrong thing)? Any other ideas how to connect my midi cable? The annoying thing is I know that, buried under 4 van-loads of furniture in the barn, is an old PC which I'm sure has a serial pci card with both 9 and 15 pin sockets on it, but it's just too inaccessible to retrieve. p
  8. No, thinking of the wrong house.  The junction box here is quite new.  I took the top off it, though and it has the FT pair entering at the top and an earth going to.. erm, earth. (!) There is a 'filter' which i assume is a lightning protector. I'd leave any testing until there's fewer thunderstorms about! p
  9. Why not experiment by taking the filter out of circuit and see if it makes a difference ? Actually.... I seem to recall that our line decends to an old-looking junction box... I'll go and wrench the top off it and see if it contains a filter of any sort. back soon... p
  10. [quote user="Timco"]Well done Glyn - you have moved on already to my next suggestion concerning checking the transponders - hence my question about BBC Parliament. I'll leave you carrying playing with all your new channels - incidentally, you didn't mention what kit you are using to pipe the radio around the house - any info gratefully received. Tim [/quote] I use a small FM transmitter - more powerful than the ones sold to transmit all of 2 feet from an ipod sitting on the passenger seat to a car radio. this is tuneable over the whole of band II and has a range of about 50-60ft which is enough to cover the house and barns but won't get to the bottom of the garden when I'm on the mower! - I didn't reply last time because I've been racking my brains to remember the company i bought it from: it's immaterial really since I noticed in their last catalogue that the FM TXer wasn't listed. it's something like Electrospares, except that I think that's actually a company in Birmingham selling washing machine parts. The item itself is made by a company called 'Mgear' which is Chinese I think, which may explain why it's no longer available; they've probably moved on to make bigger and better things! Anyway if I do find it - or an equivalent - you'll be the 2nd to know. paul (not Gyn, and CERTAINLY not Glyn [:)])
  11. The two boxes are a Samsung DSB 9401F which i am about to take by its fixed mains lead, whirl it round my head, and project it as far up the garden as my strength allows. I've had it with its endearing habit of letting you get 3 levels into the setup memory and then freeze. The other one is an Echostar DSB 707 which is much better behaved, although it really needs connecting to the PC and having its software updated, just as soon as I can find an RS23whotsit nul-modem lead. The good news is that I've finally convinced it to search for and find the channels on the right transponder. I was watching it 'finding' channels whilst at the same time I scrolled through the Astra listing on Lyngsat and realised that the transponder frequencies it said it was scanning were producing channels actually on quite different frequencies. So I re-installed the LNB, changed a few configurations, and finally  the contents of Astra 2A transponder 13 (R4, Parliament et al) were displayed. phew! Thanks to all for you contributory head-scratching paul
  12. Well I tried that on the 2nd sky box and it found all the missing channels at once. So why, I wonder won't either of the French ones do it? Most odd. You may be wondering why I'm bothering about either of the French boxes, and not just leaving the 2nd sky box in place. The reason is because it feeds a small FM Transmitter which gives us R4 on radios all round the house. The Skybox line out is a bit too high level and overloads the transmitter causing the signal to distort, the little French boxes allow one to tweek the level with the remote; a feature sadly lacking on a sky box. I suppose I could always rummage around in my box of bits and see if I can find a stereo pot to pad it down a bit. What do you think Anton, -  100k log ?? p
  13. A sort of reverse engineering solution ! I'll give it a try after we've sat through Laurent Romejko's latest dire meteo.. (we have a fete on Saturday.... en la champs ou en la salle?) p
  14. Thanks Anton,   Now this is getting more and more weird... I spent much of last night watching a receiver on a 12" screen slowly finding everything (well, everything but the stuff I want) to no avail. If I plug a skybox into the 2nd feed I get R4 with no problem, but neither of the French receivers, when asked to search for everything, comes up with anything on 11954H / 27500 either on a full band search or a single transponder search.   Is there any way of finding the actual frequency of a channel on the skybox?   p
  15. Hmmmm.... Something odd going on: a full auosearch reveals about 68 TV channels and no radio channels !  More investigation needed, I fear ! But thank you both for your swift responses. p
  16. Has there been some sort of change to the availability of free-to-air radio from the satellite in the last few days? I ask because we returned home from a short trip to find that our dedicated receiver (French, so obviously non-sky) which is permanently tuned to R4 is giving out nothing, and my friend and neighbour says his free-to-air receiver now says 'scrambled'  on his R4 setting (mine makes no distinction in the listing so I can't tell). My first thought was that the receiver has cooked in the hifi cupboard, as the 2nd feed from the 4-way LNB to the TV and Sky box works fine. Before I grovel around in the mare's nest of cables and try to swop the receivers around I'd appreciate a 'heads up' p
  17. Several threads over the years have discussed the possibility (or usually impossibility) of receiving SECAM signals on a UK-origin (PAL-I) set. The usual response is that a UK set won't receive french off-air signals, but you can get a monochrome picture from the SCART connection from a French VHS machine. More recently I think it was Martin Watkins who said that certain Philips models of DVD recorders will apparently produce a colour RGB signal which will give you colour, off-air pictures on a UK set. Let me add to that the Targa Model DRH 5500, currently on sale in Lidl here in France. It’s a 350Gb hard disk recorder with a multi-standard tuner. The scart output of which is RGB colour, so will also happily produce off-air colour pics on a (-n ostensibly) PAL set.   Let me add the usual disclaimers that : I have no link with, or financial interest in, the company (I should be so lucky!). Other makes and models may well provide the same features. Please ask permission of the person who pays the bill before making the call. Microphone, stands, cables, screens and adaptors must not be taken from this studio except for maintenance purposes. (sorry, got carried away there for a moment!) p     
  18. I spent the last years of my working life at the beck and call of anyone in the office who thought they had a legitimate reason to ring me at any hour of the day and night, and thought I was most odd when I told them that I was in the habit of putting the phone in my bag in the boot when I drove from Birmingham (home)  to London (base) each day.  When I retired I couldn't get rid of the damn thing fast enough! We keep one now for breakdowns etc. Which reminds me.... Any sign of a network PAG deal from anyone which isn't time-limited? Thought NRJ was too good to be true! p
  19. just to balance things a bit, I've been using a Decathlon tent (Quecha) for a month now. it's one of those which you throw in the air and it unfurls !  And I've no complaints with it. sensibly designed; good quality; keeps out the rain...   the only problem I had with it was when I put it on the drive to dry out while I carried on packing the van (it's a demenagement project requiring me to sleep in the garden), only to have my kind neighbours knock on the door about half an hour later to say it was last seen high-tailing it across their field. So then it was not only wet but muddy. p ps Anyone else been 'locked out' of the forum today?
  20. [quote user="CatherineS2"][quote user="Eslier"]you can buy a freesat card from Sky for a £20 one off fee[/quote] I'm a bit confused because I've just looked up Freesat and it appears to be £150 (this from http://www.freesatfromsky.com). Where can I find it for £20? We've just had a satellite dish installed, it is pointing at Astra 2D and we have the BBC channels, but I would quite like ITV, C4 and Five too. We live in the UK and have a full Sky package at home, but the France house is let out as a gite and I would like to provide the extra channels for our guests. Thanks!  [/quote] That's for a UK installation, complete with all the kit. p
  21. Looking up the potential line speed for a friend on the degroupe test page I find - as they are nearly 10kms fropm the nearest headend - that the page is a sea of 'non's, red bars and 'impossible's with the exception of 2 bars of green 'oui' [insert obvious joke here] with the legend "NRA compatible ADSL2+FT". Can anyone explain what this means please ? p
  22. [quote user="f1steveuk"]We should be used to all this with the French love of anacronyms TTFN!! [/quote] Don't you mean "Some weasel has taken the cork out of my lunch" ? p
  23. [quote user="cooperlola"]It is an ordinary Sky digibox (Pace) - the model number on the front is DV3, but no doubt there's more if I look around the back!  I've never had much trouble with it except during power cuts and then it comes back on if the programmes are pre-set.  The only real problem I have had up to now, is the fact that the series link function is very picky - some series it works for and others it never does, but I have always assumed this to be a signal problem, rather than being related to the box itself. I had a Grundig box in the UK for the Freeview channels and it was great I must say. Good to know I'm not alone! [/quote] Ah, well you're one up on me already: I've NEVER got the series link to work, I assumed it was for the Sky+ boxes. p
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