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  1. [quote user="Timco"]I've got a couple of, as it turned out, multi-standard Sony DVD recorders - for the most part these machines work quite happily with the Sky box autoview system - which is nice - but occasionally they don't - which isn't. I've done a very little research and the times that it hasn't worked often seem to coincide with those that have Sky +  boxes having failed recordings - so there seems to be something in common - what I haven't found out yet. I think that when the Freesat system is launched I'll be looking for a PVR. No confirmed date for that yet though. Still, I'm not in any hurry. Tim [/quote] Ah ! I wonder if this is the source of the random problem I have with multi recordings? My DVD player works fine and with its various inputs I can use it to record the o/p of the sky digibox, or the french digibox which we use as a dedicated R4 receiver, or to display the output of the TNT box on a PAL tv. The problem occurs if I set it to record - as one continuous take - several sky prompts. It seems to be worse if they are on the same channel (like, for example, 3 consecutive episodes of 'Timeteam' Saturday morning a few weeks ago) Episode 1 records no problem, then the interminable adverts and promos, then when episode 2 starts, the picture goes to black and the soundtrack continues uninterrupted. Equally random is the likelihood of episode 3 having both sound and vision. I now wonder if it is something to do with Sky+ signal prompts? It's never a problem if watching live, only if recording. p
  2. Anyone know where we are vis-a-vis Freesat on Eurobird1 and the introduction of the HD service? Is it still on course for April? As to the kit, the web site talks about "....one-off cost for box/dish/installation..."  Is the kit (are the boxes, as stand-alone items) appearing in the UK shopping sheds yet? Or is the 'installation' bit going to be obligatoire? Though I don't know why I'm bothering: looking down the TV listings for today, I can't see anything which would be improved greatly by being in higher definition! p
  3. Well, as usually happens, it sorted itself out. Isn't one of the definitions of madness, doing the same thing, witrh the same parameters with the expectation of a different oucome? Having posted the query I tried it again - having changed absolutely nothing - only to discover it worked this time. But thanks for the suggestions. No doubt I'll need them sometime in the future. p ErnieY - you really are a little ray of sunshine ! it's being so cheerful as keeps you going, isn't it ?
  4. I'm trying to install a programme which keeps stopping at a point asking me to 'close Internet Explorer and Firefox' before it will continue. Firefox is easy, but - to the best of my knowledge - there is no I.E. running, ALT+TAB reveals nothing. However Task Manager finds iexplore.exe not in 'applications', but in 'processes'. [end process] closes it for a moment but it reappears after a few seconds. Anyone have a clue as to how to either overcome the halt, or close iexplore properly? p
  5. If you know when the problem began (aprox) then you could aways try rolling back your computer to the day before this. START / HELP & SUPPORT / 'Undo changes to your computer with SYSTEM RESTORE' then follow the instructions. If you've never used this before then you should know it only affects system and software changes, not things like any emails received or files created in the intervening period. p
  6. [quote user="ErnieY"]Gyn_Paul; I'm sure you know that screen resoulution and font size are 2 entirely different things and if resolution is the problem it's unlikely that a font change will fix it. In IE6 (don't know about 7) pressing Ctrl whilst rolling the mouse wheel changes the screen font. David: Should you upgrade to IE7 ? IMHO probably better to take the opportunity to switch to Firefox. There will be some learning to do in either case so better to put that effort into Firefox which is the by far the better browser. [/quote] Yes, you're quite right : Senior moment caused by working too late in unheated draughty barn clearly causing congelation of few remaining brain cells. Changing the screen resolution size will blow things up and off the screen (or make them too small to read) as a single unit, whereas changing the screen font can alter the relative position of webpage cells. I was positing that the route cell is overlaid on the map cell, but this might be total goolies. Yes the wheel + CTRL works in IE7 (about the only thing that does!) No - don't update to IE7 : it's ghastly, migrate to Firefox ! Right. Now that that's sorted, I must go and clean up. Anyone know how to get blobs of mastique chemique of your hands? I was convinced this cartridge was well past it's use-by date, but apparently not, and I now appear to be cover in barnacles. Now I'll never play the glockenspiel again [8-)] p
  7. [quote user="Ab"]I have in the last few days very slow downloading speeds and what took seconds can now be a minute and so frustrating i switched the computer off.I do not know much about them but have neuf which worked ok for 2 years with a usb link but gave no connection one day . A  france telecom engineer sset it up with a lan link and this worked ok for past 6 months until this week.the speed is 10mbps. any ideas for a non computer expert. thanks. [/quote] I think you'll find that is the speed of the lan between your PC and the modem/router, unless of course your ISP is actually in the flat next door ! p
  8. Think your screen is displaying the web pages at the wrong resolution. see what you wife's laptop is doing and alter your monitor accordingly. If you are using Firefox, then it's simply 'CTRL + '+'' to make the font bigger, and 'CTRL+ '-'' to make it smaller. Not sure if that works on IE though. p
  9. You don't need the actual number of the previous owner, any resident in the village - to all practical purposes - will probably have the same potential ADSL speed. Lookup neighbours, or the Mairie or the Poste, for example, you're bound to find someone eventually. Put their number in degrouptest com and you should come up with an result. p
  10. [quote user="Deimos"]What are your Attenuation and Noise Margin figures like.  They can have a major effect on performance. Ian[/quote] Well re-booting the modem has had some effect: down speed is now 121kb - nearly as good as the ISDN service I had 4 years ago! Attenuation (I assume that's affaiblissement) is 57dBs. Where would I find the noise figure? Actually, the odd thing is that now that I look at the degroup listing, the estimated max download for my number  (in ordinary ADSL) has gone up from 602kb, which has been for a year or so, to 940kb, and yet the actual performance is worse  [8-)] p
  11. My PC is running perfectly normally: it had firewalls, virus checker, and regular spyware disinfection, yet my internet connection is running slower and slower. It's posted as 602kb - hardly blistering speed anyway, but then we are nearly 5 kms from the nearest FT junction box - but now when I run Internetfrog to measure the speed it's coming out at 86.2 kb down and 82.5kb up. I've not touched any settings, not have I physically changed anything with the phone wiring. Short of soldering the wires to the filter I can't see how else to make a better connection. Any thoughts, anyone? p
  12. Right. Well you have two possible causes, and two possible action plans. For the one you need a spanner and a chain of response from the dish to the screen ("Is that any better now ??  "     "Erm...."). And for the other you need to feed about a foot of slack up the cable, shorten the coax and re-make the conection. (What do you mean there isn't any slack?) Guess which I'd recommend first ?[:D] p
  13. I will bet £ to a penny the dish has blown off its mark a bit. Out onto the roof with you ! p
  14. We need more info please. For instance, is she on dial-up or ADSL ? What system is she using (Windows? Mac?? if Windows then which one ?)  ?# as much info as you can extract please ! p
  15. Wowaa !  - that all looks terribly bossy: Sorry about that chaps... All I really wanted to do was type the answers in a different font so that the OP would be able to see where his Q ended and the reply began., but when I posted it, it all reverted to the same font, so I went back and made the replies bold. I had no idea until just now they'd end up is such a strident blue. [:$] p
  16. [quote user="nomoss"]Hi Barbel Bob, As Gyn_Paul said   [quote user="Gyn_Paul"]Phones: In the UK the 2-wire incoming signal is on pins 2 (of 6) and 5 (of 6). p [/quote] So connect the incoming 2 wires to terminals 2 and 5 of the master socket (there may be 2 wires on each terminal if the line continues to another phone outlet in the house) and plug your phone into the socket. You can add master sockets for each of the UK phones you want to use. Or use one master socket and regular sockets for the other phones, and use one of the spare coloured wires in the existing cable to connect all their no. 3 terminals.  I simply mounted my UK sockets adjacent to the existing French socket(s). [/quote] So how many master sockets do you have connected? p
  17. I have searched the forum to see if there is a definite answer to my question and although there are some references to this I cannot see anything exact! I have cabling for a phone and a phone socket (just one I think) to my house but have never bothered to get a phone or have the line 'switched on' as I am not there as often as I would like and just use my mobile when I am there. If you plug in a phone and there is a dialing tone, you will usually be switched to an operator who will set up your account the first time you try to dial out on it. However I would like to use the internet there now so need to think this through. I imagine it is straightforward enough to get the line connected through France Telecom. Can anyone advise me on the standing charges for the line? Abonnement 32 Euros/2 month billing period. I understand that I then need to have a wireless router (yes) and a receiver on the PC (either a WiFi card for a PC or a wifi pcmcia card for a laptop) so that I can connect my PC from the phone socket in the lounge to the room on the first floor where it is kept. (it is not practical to run cables all over the house). If my understanding is wrong please let me know - I am very far from being an expert in this! My house has concrete beams and tiled floors throughout. Has anyone experience of installing a wireless router and if so does the signal pass through all types of floors/walls? My router goes through floorboards to the bedroom above, but not two floors to the loft. A previous poster reckoned that the signal actually went better through stone than wood because of the lower moisture content, this might also be the case with concrete, but perhaps less so if it contains loads or reinforcing rods Any recommendations as to the best hardware to use? Once (If??) I have got as far as setting this up, are there any views on the 'best' ISP to use. (I use Tiscali in the UK but am not overly impressed). First of all, you should check the state and speed of your village : search for you neighbours' numbers on www.pages.blanches.com, then put their phone numbers (use two if possible) into a speed tester site: something like www.degrouptest.com. This will tell you the likely speed of your internet connection, and - more importantly - if you are in a 'degroup' zone. If you are, then you can dispose of FT for the line rental altogether, and go for a complete package directly from an ISP. If not, then you will need to keep FT for the bit of copper wire between you and the exchange. As for ISPs : I use Free.fr because I can have free calls to the UK and most everywhere else I need to ring on the back of the ADSL service, but other members favour other ISPs. There is a section at the head of this category which advises about using my UK ISP and I will go through that when I have at least made progress with the hardware. Many Thanks Andy
  18. You beat me to it, Tel ! (by some hours if you posting time is right: another night Owl ?) Also from B&Q : - http://www.diy.com/diy/jsp/bq/nav/nav.jsp?isSearch=true&fh_search=bt+master+socket&selected=products&x=0&y=0 Email me if you want wiring help, p
  19. [quote user="Barbel Bob"]Hi, When we moved into our house the previous English owners has left us their phone, this worked fine.....we have now finally got around to unpacking our phone but it does not work, there is no tone at all....we have three of the same phones that all worked well in England when we left...they have not been damaged, is this something simple that we are missing? We are using France Telecom and livebox. Thanks J [/quote] This phone the previous owners left... does its lead plug into the back of the phone or is it hard wired? If the former, try plugging the lead into one of your UK phones and see if that helps. p
  20. Phones: In the UK the 2-wire incoming signal is on pins 2 (of 6) and 5 (of 6). The components in the master socket, dump the ringing voltage onto pin 3. Any old-style UK phone looks for the ring tone on pin 3. Since this doesn't happen in a French socket, there is no ring volts on the equivalent pin when it is plugged (either with a new lead, or via an adaptor) into the French system. However, the phone will be connected (more by good luck than anything else, I suspect) to pins 2 and 5 anyway, so you can use it to dial out, and to answer and talk provided there is another phone to do the ringing. More modern phones in the UK duplicate the master box components inside the phone and either detect the ring volts on pin 3, or generate it internally. This is why some uk-sourced phones will ring over here, and some won't. p
  21. [quote user="kirsty321"]HI to install a camera in france via phone line, is it correct to say i would also have to pay a monthly payment to a service provider in france,as well as uk.   many thanks   [/quote] well yes, unless you can find a device which just plugs into an ordinary phone line (as opposed to an ADSL line). Even then, you need the to be paying FT for a line and service. p
  22. [quote user="Pierre ZFP"]I've seen a few of these now and a work collegue has one and says it works fine. How much is this one?  I couldn't see a price on the website (or am I just going blind again!) [/quote] prices here Pierre : http://www.devolo.co.uk/uk_EN/bezugsquellen/preisliste.html p
  23. The theory - as I understand it - goes like this... A round dish has the lnb in the centre, the parallel signal beam arrives 'head-on' to the dish and is equally (as in top, bottom, side, side) focused onto the lnb in the centre. However to position the lnb in this place there must be some sort of metalwork support (usually a triangle) which is casting a shadow on the dish surface, thus attenuating some portion of the signal. With an oval, or offset, the signal arrives (as it were) from a direction above the centre axis of the dish. The point of focus is below the beam of the signal, and the LNB's supporting arm even lower, therefore there is nothing obstructing the signal, and no attenuation. This was important in the early days when the gain from the lnb was far less than the modern ones, so every scrap of potential signal was worth getting. These days, as Martin intimated, it makes hardly any difference, except that the narrower the dish, the easier it is to find the damn satellite in the first place ! There. Sorry you asked, aren't you? p
  24. The other things Firefox won't (yet) do is run 'BBC.co.uk/radio4/listen again' without crashing, or run www.egg.co.uk/moneymanager. When I wrote to Egg asking why it didn't work, and when I might expect it to, I got a very sniffy reply! Were it not for these two I'd dump IE completely; v.7 has to be the most tempremental yet ! p
  25. When we bought this house in Dept 23 a few years aggo the previous owner was moving much further up the country so any possibility of a number transfer was out of the question, but we still ended up with a different number to the one she had had. When we arrived the phone had a dial tone, but when we tried to dial out we were transferred to a lovely FT operator who took all our bank details (she knew from the data on her screen physically where the house was), offered us a choice of numbers to pick from, and that was it. The phone was live within half an hour. hope it works as smoothly for you. p
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