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  1. Martin - am I right in assuming that the EPG for Freesat will only work with the approved boxes? Or is it a stand-alone transponder (probably a bit unfair to ask this at 10h00!) ? paul
  2. ....it would still make the same 'help I'm running out of volts' noise !
  3. Is it possible you might have inadvertently (sp?) changed the AV setings on the channel you are using to view sky to s-video? That would give you a monochrome picture on many TVs. p
  4. Anyone else (in the north of the Creuse) having network and/or connection problems with Orange internet today? A friend with a wireless connection found his network speed down to vertually nothing, and now, having tried the ethernet cable, it's reporting "probleme avec reseau" Not sure if this is a connection problem or an actual Orange fault. I'm on Free.fr so I'm all right (Jacques!), but he's biting the carpet with frustration ! p
  5. Martin, If one does a skybox 'other channels' search it comes up with the whole bouquet on that transponder, is that where they normally live? ...sorry to seem dense, but I haven't got my HD box yet, so I can't see what is free and what is encoded. p
  6. [quote user="Martinwatkins"]I'll try both tonight (I gave it a measured tap last night,   and have nothing to lose by upgrading to the "gentle persuader" as my FIL used to call his hammer (he was actually a very fine electronics engineer,  although more at home in the valve era). And yes,   I can see a copper coloured latch-thingy below the switch with a slot in it. [/quote] My first Station Engineer used to call one of those a 'manchester screwdriver' (we were in Liverpool at the time, of course). Edit : This is my first posting using 'Opera' - what the hell have I done wrong ??? Probably something to do with the forum sofaware not being quite au fait with some browsers... All sorted out now [:)]
  7. [quote user="Albert the InfoGipsy"]As things are still not perfect, this is probably teaching granny to suck eggs but have you a) de-fragged all your drives      Yep, done that b) done a full-scale virus and malware scan    Sheduled automatically each night c) moved your virtual memory swap file to your second physical drive -- sorry Erniey, but some apps do require one     Ah now that sounds like a goer. What do I need to rewrite/edit to redirect to the 2nd drive? d) shoved in as much physical RAM as it will take   Full to the brim (2gb) ? Also, have you checked if any of those apps have their default data file folder within their instalation folder on C? Yep: nothing but the programmes themselves live on the C: drive with the exception of Word and Emails Finally, is your security suite the best one for you? Some of them can cause major performance hits, especially if not configured correctly.      I know what you mean. I won't use Norton for that reason; I'm no longer a young man; my time left here is too limited to be waiting for Norton to finish inspecting every file on the machine before allowing every single keystroke to go ahead. With my current security, delays haven't been a problem up to now. Interesting thoughts, Thanks Albert. [/quote]
  8. Thanks Nick, I would prefer to put them of the approved pair colour if possible ! p
  9. I have just taken an ADSL filter plug-thingy apart and as far as I can see, the ADSL socket (forgotten again... RJ11?) is conected directly to the incoming pins, and it is the telephone socket connections which go via this natty little collection of C's and R's. Given that this is the case, and given that FT wire houses in at least 4-wire (and usually 4-pair) what would be the downside of hardwiring one of these filters where (or just after) the FT box joins the external drop-wire to the internal multiwire? Dedicating one pair to the ADSL signal, and another to the analogue phone signal. I could then swop the single socket into which a filter is plugged, for a 2-line socket, one line for phone, the other for 'puter. Would cross-talk be a problem, do you suppose? At least I could get rid of this ludicrous, wobbly Christmas tree of adaptors and filters hanging out of the wall! p
  10. Thank you all, the re-partitioning was a really good idea. I've swiped an extra 40Gb from the adjacent D: drive and it certainly spends less time thinking about every operation. However Firefox still keeps hanging randomly which I rather hoped was something which would be cured. Never mind, you can't have everything. Maplins 750Gb ext HD on order ! p
  11. With the modern, mono-phase items, there's usually a little plastic tab protruding from the bottom of the unit, with a space in it which will fit a mains tester screwdriver. It is spring-loaded and pulling on it (or levering it with the said screwdriver) releases a locking tooth which is holding the unit on the bottom of the rail. The top part is a fixed tooth. Bonne Chance ! p
  12. Martin's gone very quiet.... you don't suppose he's blown himself (and his little BBC-avo-in-a-leather case) do you? [;-)] p
  13. My PC has 2 large SATA drives, partitioned C: (Root), D: (Backup) on one, and E: (Recovery), and F: (Data) on the other. I now have so many large programs hosted on the C-drive that it's in danger of falling over, and is running very slow, and I really need to share them around the drives a bit. Unfortunately I have the disks for very few of these, so uninstalling/reinstalling is not really an option. Does anyone have or know of a program which will allow me to do this? Or failing that, something which will enable me to manage the registry entries if I shift them manually? p
  14. 2A feed goes to the meter. Switched 2A comes back and powers the relay. Neutral comes from the other side of the 2A disjoncteur directly to the relay. So jumpering from the phase side of the 2A disjoncteur to the phase side of the relay connection should cause it to leap into life. When I had the meter changed to HP/HC in the other house (some 10 years ago: very new to France) the EDF man (those where the days!) spent ages trying to explain to me with my  - then even more - rudimentary French how the meter worked, and it was quite some time before the penny dropped and I understood that there was no internal volts feed involved and that all the meter does is open and close a switch contact at the appropriate time. I'd start by jumpering the feed to/from the meter to the CJN, then do a continuity test to/from the meter when it's HC time, Martin. p
  15. David, The point you probably won't pick up from Cathy's linked thread is that the card alluded to will only work in a Sky box, and I judge that yours is a locally bought European digibox. Despite the EU's 'open Skies' directives, Sky resolutely refuse to allow the CAMs in their Skyboxes (the Conditional Access Modules: the bit where the skycard goes, and the associated software) to be used in boxes for sale outside the UK, so - for the moment - you are stuck with those channels you can currently receive. It is possible that Ch 4 (E4, More4 et al) will go free-to-air at the end of their current carriage contract with Sky, but less likely for Ch 5 as - I believe News International (Sky's parent company) is a major shareholder in ch 5. p Edit - you beat me to it Martin !    - aren't you supposed to be out in the April sunshine tweeking recalcitrant dishes?
  16. [quote user="ErnieY"]Horace Batchelor not Caroline I know but...........[:D] Got Loving Awareness on MP3. And no probs with my BBC News 24 BTW PS: http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/935005/ShowPost.aspx [/quote] "...that's Keynsham, spelt  K-E-Y-N-S-H-A-M, kaynsham. Bristol."  That's 208 of course. But for me Caroline will always be inextricably entwined with, "The Worrrld Tomorrrrrowwww, with Garner Ted Armstrong" (0) 199 Caroline ! Was that just luck do you suppose ? p
  17. There's a sort of time lag which affects all big organisations and committees and French ones are no exception, which is why the new normes are likely to be overtaken by technology. The consuel will still be insisting on phone sockets in each room and miles and miles of cabling going round the house to the impoverishment of the homeowner and the enrichment of the cable manufacturers, at a time when wireless distribution of audio, TV, and internet will be cheap and common-place, and as for every phone having a wire on the end and plugging into a wall socket ?? My dear, how passe : and how positively antidiluvian ! p
  18. [quote user="microwave mike"][quote user="Anton Redman"]   Just to check you are aiming at 38 degrees East of South ( not 29 degrees)  [/quote]   38° ?  Can you explain why, please? [/quote] I thought it was a typo at first Mike. I was sure he means 30 e of s. But now I've used the calculator I agree with the figure it produces, however I'm not sure you can trust the data. Isn't the notional position of the satellite supposed to be with reference to  0 degrees longitude? It seems to me that the only place you would truely point it at 28.2 E (if the calculator is to be believed) would be at 7E longitude which is a line through Cologne, Munster and Enschede. Oh wait a minute..... that's probably the latitude of SES HQ in Luxemburg..... Ah, I think I understand it now ! You can see by the time I should really be in bed ! So to answer you question Mike, the further west or east you are from this 7E line of longitude the more you need to add to or subtract from the notional '28.2E' to find where the satellite actually appears in your particular sky. In the o/p's case being so much further west (much further and she'd have wet feet) it adds 10 degrees. p
  19. [quote user="Quillan"]I think the 'Ethernet' connector may really be a RJ11 socket for a phone.[/quote] I don't want to be picky Quillan, but I think it's actually an RJ45: the new phone outlet standard. Which is all well and good if the appropriate leads to go between it and the phone or modem/router are available widely. As yet I haven't seen any sign of them. I hope this box pictured below by the o/p is not the way things are going in future. I much prefer having separate feeds for aerial and dish: the use of this (combining at the head-end) implies that a dish is always going to be on a roof with the aerial. That's a big no-no as far as I'm concerned. I don't mind walking round the end of the barn to brush the snow off the dish, but shinning up an icy roof to do it is definately not on. And another thing... Who (apart from someone with a new SKY contract) wants a phone socket by the TV? Barmy ! p
  20. Somewhere on the FT website there is (or used to be) a link to the messagerie vocale instruction book which you can download as a PDF. I've long since 'filed' mine, but I have an idea that it is possible to switch it off. Since you're not being charged for it anyway, might that not be an alternative? I don't quite see what you have against the service; we couldn't live without ours. I agree with you that people (esp. French) speak too quickly, but it's less of a problem now that our outgoing message asks them to speak  s-l-o-w-l-y ! p (why don't I ever see the typos until I've posted?)
  21. [quote user="sweet 17"]How right you are in the things you have said about the BBC.  Having grown up with it and having followed the Peacock Committee report of alternative funding for the BBC in the 1980s (and heaved a sigh of relief when the findings were published - no adverts), I, too, hark back to the Golden Age of Public Service Broadcasting and your glow of nostalgia. It's not quite what it was, alas, too many populist programmes appealing to the lowest common denominator and production values have gone by the board in many of the programmes.  Still, as long as they are still making "programmes" and not "products", I rest satisfied. [/quote] Just be glad that you didn't - like I did - spend your last couple of years in unending planning meetings where the talk was complete management bollicks, peppered with phrases like " a paradyme shift", "synergies", spinning off income streams" and "growing the brand " - Ugh ! I don't think I heard the word 'programme' once. p
  22. How heartening to read a defence of the BBC when all around I see negative sniping. But then I shouldn't be surprised, really. Having worked for both ITV (ATV) and the BBC, I'd have to say the difference which generally characterised the two organisations was that the BBC was all about making programmes, and ITV was all about making money. This difference extended to the staff, too. It was often said that if you cut off the limb of a BBC man you would find the letters B B C running through him like a stick of Blackpool rock, whereas the ITV man's arm would say 'ACTT member' Mind you, post-Birt (pause to turn away and spit) the corporation is so full of short-term contracts and project-specific employment regimes that I doubt you could find more than a dozen old-timers who could generate anything which could approximate to company loyalty.   Just you and me then, Martin. Bathed in the rosy-spectacled glow of nostalgia ! p
  23. [quote user="DON"]Hi All expect this has been gone over before apologies,are all the computer/tv/internet points and connecters the same as in the UK,can one bring a computer to France,I know a TV is not possible,and where is the best place to buy a landline phone with message function etc What is the best deal for isp with telephone service is there an English speaking advice line,sorry if this post irritates the ones who have been there and done that,hope you can help regards Don   [/quote] What a lot of questions all at once for someone who'se been a member since Jan '06!         "...are all the computer/tv/internet points and connecters the same as in the UK?" No. French ones are quite different, however you can buy replacement leads for phones, modems and computers, also ADSL filters in the supermarkets.         ".....can one bring a computer to France?" Well, yes... But I suspect you mean will it work here. Yes. See Internet FAQ's at the top of this section.        "....I know a TV is not possible" It is with a Sky box and a scart lead : again see FAQ TV at the top of the section. There isn't any one golden ISP deal; if there was we'd all be using it. It depends on what elements are important to you, and what is technically available to you in your area. France Telecom has an English-speaking helpline apparently andI've no doubt somone reading this will be able to post a link for it. As for phone message function, FT offers (free) an equivalent of 1471 which is 3103. Hope some of this helps. p
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