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  1. I've looked in Auchan and Intermarche with no luck but have yet to try leclerc so there is hope yet! cheminot
  2. I am very fond of mango chutney but so far have not found it in any store. Does anyone know if it is possible to get it in France? cheminot
  3. I think the cost of bike insurance will make your eyes water here. It cost me 450euros to insure my T'bird here. I wont say I couldn't have got it cheaper but I did shop around and there wasnt much difference in the price like-for-like. (It includes european recovery, accessories and clothing). I am 57 with 7yrs ncb.My renewal quote from ebike in the UK was £94.50! cheminot
  4. I was issued with my 'carte vitale' about a month ago. While waiting for it I had accumulated several refund forms for doctors appointments, prescriptions etc. I duly filled in the forms and attached the various receipts to them. To ensure I had completed them correctly I went to the local CPAM office and asked them to check them before I submitted them. They did so and accepted them for processing. This was all done about 3 weeks ago but I have yet to receive any refund. Does anyone know how long I have to wait for reimbursment? I have been told that it normally takes about 5 working days, if this is so has anyone any suggestions on the best way to pursue this? My thanks in anticipation. cheminot
  5. [quote user="cooperlola"]I just had a look at one of the o/p's posts in another thread and it seems fine. Did you figure out the problem, cheminot?[/quote]This reply should find out for me. I use Opera as my web browser. cheminot
  6. How do I post a 'quote' without getting the sackload of computerspeak all around it? cheminot
  7. This form E107, is it a form only issued in France? I have tried the DWP website and can find no reference to it. cheminot
  8. I have just registered my Triumph Thunderbird in France. Originally I wrote to Eric Pecoraro and got no reply, I then wrote to the same address but just heading it 'Service Homologation' and got a reply within a week. I bought a new headlight glass, sent a copy of the V5 and the reciept for the headlight back to them and recieved the 'Attestation' free of charge by return of post. I had some entertaining moments at the Prefecture trying to persuade them that it was a motorbike and as a result did not need a Controle Technique but I am happy to report that having obtained my insurance today I am 'ready to roule'! cheminot
  9. I've just registered my Triumph Thunderbird in France. The broker I use for my car has quoted me 450 euros for insurance which I think is a bit too much. Any suggestions for alternative quotes would be most welcome. cheminot
  10. I have tried the method you have described to update my profile. It refuses to let me change my email address back to the old one in the same way that it declined to change profile in the first instance. Any suggestions? (provided they are physically possible and pain free) cheminot
  11. I also have a couple of spare tree trunks, one sycamore and one Indian Bean tree. Does this make it possible Chris? regards, cheminot.
  12. What I envisage is something that is instantly recognisable for what it is. ie. an Owl should look close to what a real owl looks like when perched on a stump, the same for a buzzard but allowing for the materials used and the artistry involved. I am not looking for an abstract interpretation. I have googled, searched ebay worldwide, looked at no end of websites but have found nothing resembling an owl or a raptor. Chris As regards the sizes of the stumps, one is about 120cm high the other 50cm. If you are wondering whether it would be possible to carve the figure out of the stump itself then I would have to say no, it would have to be mounted on them. cheminot
  13. I have just about given up on this. I have searched everywhere I can think of but have found nothing. If anyone knows of someone who can make or supply what I have described please let me know or I will be reduced to having a gnome or a toadstool! cheminot. dept 16, nr Cognac
  14. Thanks Meg and Mog, both of your suggestions are of interest although the idea of wire gives me visions of basket woven effects which I am not keen on. I would have to see an example to form an opinion. In terms of wood I think the use of lighter coloured woods would be sufficient to convey the impression I am looking for without the need for hollowing out but this would depend on the posture of the bird. In terms of image I feel it would be better to have the bird in its normal perched posture rather than in flight. Thanks Dick for the picture, not quite what I had in mind! My location is dept 16 nr Cognac. Have tried to put it on my profile but the computor rejected my attempt. I have only been living here for 2 weeks and it seems that this livebox contraption doesnt like some of my original software. cheminot
  15. I do regular monthly transfers through Currencies Direct. It costs me nothing and I get a good exchange rate. Dont think it is possible to get it cheaper than that! cheminot
  16. My apologies if this appears twice. I posted a reply some hours ago which seems to have got lost in the plumbing! I have two tree stumps in my garden which, rather than dig out I would like to make features of them. I am looking for an Owl and/or a Raptor such as a Buzzard figure approximately 40-60cm high, preferably made of sheet metal to convey the lightness of the subject but wood would be OK depending on how it is fashioned. I feel cast or stone figures would not give the effect I am looking for. Any suggestions would be appeciated. cheminot
  17. Thank you for your replies. I have a couple of nicely weathered and shaped tree stumps in my garden and rather than dig them out I would like to make a feature of them. I especially like the idea of a bird of prey like a Buzzard or sparrowhawk and/or an Owl. I envisage them to be around 40-50cm high, though naturally an Owl would stand taller than a BOP because of its posture. I particularly like the idea of it being of sheet metal as I feel this will convey the lightness of the subject in relation to its surroundings but depending on its type, wood may be satisfactory. cheminot.
  18. I am looking for a garden ornament in the shape of an Owl or raptor made in either wood or metal. Does anyone know where I can find one please? cheminot. dept 16
  19. The book is called 'Oradour-sur-Glane, The Tragedy Hour by hour' by Robert Hébras. One of only six survivors among 648 villagers. cheminot
  20. The reason for carrying a tin of paint in two carrier bags on public transport is the idea that the bags will contain any leaks from the tin. No messy spodges on the buses for people to slip on! It is not, however enshrined in health & safety legislation but is a policy adopted by many transport companies including the one I work for. I worked for many years on cross-channel ferries and there were never any fast rules about the carriage of small quantities of paint or similar materials other than the requirement that they be properly stowed in the vehicle. A different matter for lorry loads of hazardous substances, which were still permitted on the ferry with the correct hazard warning labels, but were, where possible, placed at the ends of the ship rather than the middle. This being so that any problems could be more easily contained. cheminot
  21. cheminot


    Having just spent a couple of weeks 'thinning out' our overgrown garden we have accumulated a small mountain of branches and roots etc with still more to do.. We could burn it later in the year but it would be handy if we could shred it all and use it around the garden for weed prevention. To do this we would need an industrial sized 'tree-eating' shredder. Does anyone know if it is possible to hire such a machine, with or without operator in the Cognac/Angouléme area? cheminot
  22. Dont know if it exists in France but in the UK the Telephone preference service does not stop these computor generated calls, but you can stop them by registering with a system called 'Silentguard'. Unlike the TPS you have to renew your registration annually but it is free. The number to register on can be obtained from the BT operator. It would be worth calling France Telecom to see if they have a similar service. cheminot    
  23. My concerns were not with the stability of the ship or the weather. I have been on a lot worse ships from that point of view. My issue is with the standard of accomodation. Has anyone else tried to sleep in a cabin above or below the bar when the disco is going full blast? Try to escape the smell and fumes of cigarettes, outside the restaurant this is quite a challenge and as for the standard of the food we were served in there....................! cheminot
  24. I have just completed a return trip from Plymouth to Roscoff on the Pont L'Abbé.  I now know the meaning of the phrase, 'To hell and back'!   cheminot
  25. I intend to buy a ride on mower/garden tractor when we go down to our house near Cognac in March/April. I know that the brico's do a good selection of them but if anyone knows of any other sources in the Cognac area, new or used, I would much appreciate any leads you can give me. It will not have to work too hard as our garden is only about 1600 sq m so I dont want to spend a fortune on one. Many thanks in anticipation cheminot
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