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  1. If you have a UK address or access to one you can now ask for a freesat card from Sky cost £20 and if you have a sky digibox you will get ITV1 Ch 4 and Ch 5 You need to phone sky to activate it
  2. [quote]Kaz, My understanding is that if you are getting a teacher's pension then it is paid by Local Government which means the tax is paid in the UK. This is confusing as when we finally retire to France ...[/quote] You complete a French tax return showing your full income The very last paragraph for your UK Govt pension on which you pay tax in the UK and the section on income for your private pension You will only be taxed in France on your private pension and not on your UK govt pension You then need to tell the inland revenue UK that you are resident in France for taxation and they will instruct your private pension provider to pay your private pension gross There is a transition period when you may end up paying tax in the UK and France on your PP but you should eventually get a refund from the inland revenue
  3. Boiling a frog

    After E106

    Woman is quite right CMU is Couverture Maladie Universalle nothing to do with income support For the application they will need your income for 2003 January to December. In the Charente they accepted a piece of paper typed up with my monthly income in euros which I signed as being a true record of my income as at that point I had not filed a tax return so didnt have a Revenu fiscal de reference which is how they normally would assess your payments however every department is different Take everything you can think of to your appointment birth certificates,marraige cert if appropriate proof of address(EDF bill)carte de sejour if you have one P60 if you have one.
  4. It is impossible with a fixed dish to get Astra 2 and Astra 1 even with 2 LNB,s You may have to settle for only receiving Astra 2,it makes no difference if you have twin LNB,s just connect one of them up to the decoder.Make sure you have good signal strength and quality on Astra 2.As long as you have a universal LNB they are designed for any sattelite.   As I said previously some decoder boxes are preset with the frequencies for BBC1 etc some are not Some boxes can run an automatic search (like on a car radio or a TV) and will find all the channels but some boxes you have to tune manually by putting in the individual frequencies for BBC etc
  5. [quote]Many thanks for the ideas on Astra28.2. I am located near Redon in Southern Brittany and looking at Astra28.2's footprint on the web even though it has a "Spot-Beam" my area seems to be in it.... Whe...[/quote] Some of the decoders have the frequencies preprogrammed for BBC etc and some havnt You may either have to do a manual search or put in the frequencies for BBC
  6. The rate for our teacher French native qualified to teach french as a foreign language is 30 euros for a couple,20 euros one to one,10 euros in a group maximum 10 people These are all per hour. Thats Charente Dept 16 Champagne Mouton If anyone wants her name tel no PM me
  7. I am rather puzzled by this post If you have paid your TVA why do you think you are liable for TVA I presume you paid TVA on the swimming pool,kitchen etc.when you had them installed and TVA on wallpaper paint etc I think you are getting confused between TVA and capital gains tax where you are liable to pay CGT if it is your maison secondaire but are allowed to offset the costs of improvements providing you have receipts from French registered artizans  
  8. If you go into the bar in Benest you will think you are back in the UK owned by British and most of the customers are British,they even have quiz nights. 
  9. [quote]Funny you should say that Boiling a Frog, a couple we know swear that when they were in London and ordered rump steak that the restaurant boiled it. What can one say, I have never seen or heard of suc...[/quote] You are correct of course I had forgoten about the canibals boiling missionaries.
  10. You cannot boil roastbeef ,but you can boil a frog , Get another name
  11. Yes the car park at Poitiers is free but doubtfull if you will get any where near it as there are numerous long stay British cars there.They have extended into a field.
  12. I had the belief that we live in a democratic society where we are allowed to express our opinion. or is it only if the opinion agrees with yours Dunrunnin? 
  13. Unfortunately any reductions are only for 1)French tax payer 2)Principal house The original poster obviously does not qualify as theirs is a holiday house and they are not French tax payers
  14. The simple anwer is yes you pay tax fonciere and yes you pay tax d,habitation no deductions
  15. Sounds quite painfull having a barn convertion and small extension. Perhaps he would talk it over with his wife and doctor to see if it was really necessary.
  16. [quote]have read loads on the forum and in Peter Owens excellent site but cant get my head around how much will have to pay when E106 runs out, I will be 48 and my wife 57 when that occurs. our all uk loc...[/quote] Yes you are about right give or take a few euros but remember when wife reaches 60 or approx she will be entitled to E121 which you can go on as dependant so you will just have mutuelle to pay
  17. Well you are in the wrong area as we are all a good 4 to 5 hrs from any channel port Try north western france section
  18. Hardly stranded : You can fly,take the tunnel,go on Britanny ferries,Norfolk line,Speedferries,Sea France. Now stranded is where you cannot leave by ferry like some of the folk on  some of the scottish islands or where there is only one ferry company operating who charge what they want  
  19. [quote]Hi, B a F! Yes, I see your point, I suppose if it was anything big (and expensive like hospital) they would, once convinced we are waiting for affiliation, wait for the payment? Doctors visits &...[/quote] Sorry to disapoint but my wife had to pay up front for her op but at the end of the day was only 300euros out of pocket after CPAM had refunded on arrival of E106.,but you can never be certain that each region will act the same.
  20. [quote]In the old days you were entitled to stay three months here before you had to apply for residency, so in your case you could easily get away with using the E111 as though you were on holiday for a whi...[/quote] E111 is for emergency treatment only and by the letter of the law is not applicable if you reside in France,in fact you are meant to return your E111 to the UK authorities When you apply for your E106 newcastle will flag up that you have left the country and if you attempt to use an E111 they will in todays computer age be able ,from your NI number,to identify this and possibly refuse to reemburse. Safer and easier to do as I suggest pay and keep the receipt and claim once you are registered. You can get health cover from day one my wife did albeit that she had to wait 3 months for the E106 to arrive She was then reembursed all the payments she had made from the day of arrival  
  21. You pay for doctors etc keep the receipts(can;nt remember name) and when E106 arrives and you take it to CPAM take the receipts as well and you will be refunded any charges made at the appropriate rate .Make sure that E106 is dated from your arrival date in France I dont think you can take out a top up (mutuelle) until you register with CPAM and get a social security number but I might be wrong .  
  22. Some facts The disposal of human excreta and other waterborne waste products from houses, streets, and factories. Conveyed through sewers to sewage works, sewage has to undergo a series of treatments to be acceptable for discharge into rivers or the sea, according to various local laws. Raw sewage, or sewage that has not been treated adequately, is one serious source of water pollution and a cause of eutrophication. In the industrialized countries of the West, most industries are responsible for disposing of their own wastes. Government agencies establish industrial waste-disposal standards. In most countries, sewage works for residential areas are the responsibility of local authorities. The solid waste (sludge) may be spread over fields as a fertilizer or, in a few countries, dumped at sea. A significant proportion of bathing beaches in densely populated regions have unacceptably high bacterial content, largely as a result of untreated sewage being discharged into rivers and the sea. This can, for example, cause stomach upsets in swimmers. In Europe and North America 30–60% of sludge is spread on agricultural land. The use of raw sewage as a fertilizer (long practised in China) has the drawback that disease-causing micro-organisms can survive in the soil and be transferred to people or animals by consumption of subsequent crops. Sewage sludge is safer, but may contain dangerous levels of heavy metals and other industrial contaminants. So all you veggies out there better start thinking what you can eat if you dont want to be contaminated by human waste from a meat eater. The carnivors fight back
  23. Its better than having untreated sewage pumped into the sea.My nephew thought the words to Paul McCartneys song"Mull of Kintyre" was "mince rolling in from the sea" a reference to the untreated sewage ending up on the beaches if the currents and tides were wrong. Glasgow up until recently dumped its sewage at sea and I suspect many other places in the UK do the same. 
  24. Hi WJT, Don't get too upset about my previous post. I made the story up some years ago when I got "fed up" with born again vegetarians who felt compelled to take the moral high ground and comment on what all the nasty carnivores were eating. Every time I went to a diner or some function or other someone who had in the past seemed quite mannerly would turn up with a partner who knew the name, mother and orphans of whatever I and everyone else at the table was about to eat. I began by thinking thats a very oppressed looking tomato you have there and graduated to tall tales. On the other hand some unscrupulous people do dump fosse waste on farm land but I am told that for our commune anyway (we are in Dept 16) the Maire will expect homeowners to have a certificate from an authorised disposer of such material. Don't know about how often and who patrols this at the moment. BaF's wife  
  25. Chestnuts are beautifull as a stuffing for roast turkey or partridge but I dont know about stuffing pigs with chestnuts  
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