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  1. I received a simple e-mail with an attachment from a good friend; and I opened and it then went to everyone of my contacts. Since then I've been inundated with spam discount offers. All of which I've deleted. What do these malicious spammers expect to gain[:(].    Apologies if any of you received it from me; DON'T OPEN THE ATTACHMENT John
  2. A bit harsh perhaps, I don't believe this kind of crime is all villainy and there surely is room for doubt (or reports), I just hope its not your granny next time . . . .
  3. Is it black and white? can you judge who's a thief and who's suffering some mind altering strain? I believe we can and AWT doesn't need to nick a bottle of wine, but . . .  .telegraph. /Antony-Worrall-Thompson-I-am-not-a-kleptomaniac-maybe-shoplifting-is-sign-of-Alzheimers.
  4. For me it is not what he stands for (which may be laudable) but who will stand with him; therefore his understanding that his protests are not enough, and president is a step too far. He has little past that qualifies him at this time, and no political party backing him. This is demonstrated by his lack of previous realism in December 2010, he called on French savers to stage a nationwide bank run by withdrawing their money from financial institutions because of their role in triggering the global financial crisis. Panned by the media as a flop, almost no one in France heeded the call. [:D] Despite what we think of the other contenders, Eric is not realistically one.  
  5. This reminds me of a Scottish Accountant I worked with who insisted on 'golden' vegetables with dinner. (golden vegetables = Chips)[:)]
  6. The state of the Nation [:D]  .telegraph. /Eric-Cantona-announces-bid-for-French-presidency.
  7. I'm thinking this might at least be a two-way street, but on balance, I'd say of course 'You might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment . . .'
  8. [quote user="NormanH"]Since when has any self-respecting man let his wife drive? [6] [/quote] Since she got our camper broadside down a dual carriageway in the wet then recovering to straight ahead and navigating the surprise roundabout without a murmer . . . for what seemed about a century of silence after which she said, 'that was lucky'
  9. Well done you (and your bod of course) I trust it's not too soon for you to be planning your triumphal tour  perhaps round the other way and including Paul Ricard, (if he's at home)[:D]
  10. Telegraph : 14.23 SeaFrance has stopped operating after being officially liquidated by the French courts. A planned €200m bail-out from the French government was ruled illegal and a bid from SeaFrance employees to form a cooperative to take charge of the firm was also rejected. The last remaining hope is a bid from Eurotunnel, which is currently "working to see what the fair value of the assets" is.
  11. I  have used both of these http://www.freesiasbypost.co.uk/ -  http://www.flowersbypost.com/?  if you have time for post, they were well received.
  12. [quote user="idun"] But that would just making 'eating' sexy, but it isn't;  .[/quote] Tom Jones eating Scene - I guess it's a matter of interpretation, a nibble is not a sin[8-|]
  13. Where were you lot in the sixty's? Smoking was a rite of passage, especially for teenagers out on the pull, and of course later arriving home with the groceries [Www], Sexy smoking scene all that of course before we were better informed. I gave up just after meeting my intended who didn't smoke, I'm even better informed now, you don't need to smoke to die of cancer. Unfortunately you can't put wise heads on young shoulders and it seems almost as popular amongst the young today. 
  14. Miss Le Pen claimed to have more in common with saint Joan of Arc than the diminutive Mr Sarkozy, both ideologically and physically. Like Joan, she said: "He must know that I have stronger convictions, a purer heart and longer legs and thus he will have great difficulty, I think, in catching me." There's only one way to settle this [:D]    .telegraph. -Sarkozy-bids-to-wrest-Joan-of-Arc-back-from-French-far-Right  
  15. Something I use as an accompaniment for such dishes, Sformata di Spinaci is delicious and makes almost anything seem grand, especially if topped with  salsa-di-pomodoro- . . .
  16. [quote user="sweet 17"]  We're just contrary, us human beings......[I] [/quote] I vaguely recall Christopher Hitchens during an interview being 'confirmed' as a contrarian, his response was basically 'No I'm not!' - his breakfast of champions was Johnnie Walker Black Label [:D]  
  17. [quote user="Frecossais"]My comfort food  is a jacket potato filled with coleslaw. I might follow it up with fruit and custard, well I might if OH wasn't doing the cooking while I recover from my foot op. Still, I'm sure that while I've been out of the kitchen, I've lost some weight due to his strict rules, (have you seen the size of a bowl of 30g muesli?), and insistence on smaller portions. [/quote], C'mon Frec' rabbit food? never mind the regime, what is your self-cooked indulgence when on your own![;-)]  
  18. Summertime, I do believe I saw the sun briefly today[:D]
  19. They all sound great comfort food, mine perhaps a tad simpler for when I'm cooking for 1; scrambled egg mixed with shreds of smoked salmon, um umm, or if the bits are in the fridge, split a muffin and toast lightly, spread a spoonful of hollandaise over each, plop a microwaved ball of frozen spinach on and top with a poached egg on each side - treble umm. I don't like the washing up after a greasy full english but recently enjoyed one complete with baked beans and black pud, for lunch out while shopping! great rush afterwards[:D] ps, missed out the twix bar pour desert avec cafe [:$] pps, 40 years ago I would have celebrated with a fag, strictly a no no since then, but I have been known to sneak a Mehari cigar once a year when no-one is looking; remember when everyone had a fag after breakfast in the cafe[:-))]
  20.  .telegraph. /Teenager-killed-by-relatives-who-believed-he-was-a-witch. Children from Paris forced to join Sister and brother in law in beating boy to drown in bath,
  21. I automatically research on the t'internet, but still like to check out the stores, especially for immediacy and one off reductions, why should there may be any guilt? or think shopping off the High st is new? anyone remember Catalogues, Littlewoods et al?,  problems for virtual shops can be same though, you can't walk in, touch it, and take it home. Despite shopping around I am also surprised that not everything is cheaper on the net either, I was staggered to find some cresote in a little old shop for £9 a gallon which was listed at £60 on the net.
  22. [quote user="NickP"] I take it this was someone in your local bar or tabac who imparted this information? [/quote] If you read between the lines of this quote, What detectives hope is that facing a long jail sentence the men – Dobson in particular – may provide new evidence that they could pursue . . . http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/jan/04/dobson-norris-murder-stephen-lawrence
  23. Very interesting detail in the full summing up; they were not necessarily guilty of the fatal blow, but, for the intent of a racist attack which resulted in Stephen Lawrences death, which I presume would remove success of appeal should another be found guilty of the fatal blow.  .telegraph.co.uk/ /Stephen-Lawrence-Mr-Justice-Treacys-sentencing-remarks-in-full
  24. ''The government's law reform advisers recommended reform of the double jeopardy rule , and the law was changed in the Criminal Justice Act 2003. That legislation says the court of appeal must order a re-trial if there is new and compelling evidence and it is in the interests of justice for an order to be made.''  .guardian. double-jeopardy-change-law-retrial?  
  25. ''During his time on remand, Norris has been attacked and badly beaten up by other prisoners. In one violent incident he had his nose broken, lost four teeth and had four of his ribs broken. ''  
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