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  1. Claims & counter claims  .telegraph. /Costa-Concordia-cruise-captain-claims-superiors-encouraged-sail-pasts
  2. [quote user="Benjamin"] No one ever pulled driving a Dacia.     [8-|] [/quote] As long as wearing blue overcoat & beret[6] MPV/Hatchback's with Cruise Toyota  -Auris- , Verso, Aygo, Rav Suzuki Swift, Vitara, SX4  
  3.  pistonheads. Photoshop+Lewis+Hamilton WAP[:D] Martin Brundle tweeted "Fear Lewis H will take a little stick for interview/pictures in USA GQ mag" I expect this to take a while for a response since it takes so long to get through 52 pages [:P] I'm still in the ditch on p33[8-|] ''I tried to overtake and I tried to come out of it because it didn't look like he was going to give me any space and we collided, I really didn't feel like I was at fault – it was a racing incident,”  
  4. Having seen the results of the captains handling of the vessel and subsequently, it begs the question who decided he was fit, and are they a fit person to be responsible for positioning any other captains? Beat the Captain up by all means but where is the responsibility of the company for his appointment? I would guess that any other captain in their employ should now demonstrate their suitability; the buck stops at the top.
  5. [quote user="cooperlola"] I think a diesel Logan Estate would be a great buy for you, [/quote] [:-))] Don't do it wools unless you currently drive around in a blue overcoat and beret, [:D] With the truck at home do you need anything more than a 5 door hatch ? maybelook at http://www.suzukiswift.fr/presentation.asp ''On the road, the Suzuki Swift achieves something other small hatches don't - it's fun; this is especially evident with the 1.2-litre petrol, with its peppy, willing nature. Five-star Euro NCAP crash test rating. But, most importantly, it's cheaper to run with one of the cleanest petrol engines on the market in the shape of a chain cam Toyota engine 1.2-litre producing 94bhp, emits just 116g/km of CO2. The benefit of a Euro 5 compliant clean petrol engine is that you won't find yourself paying a premium for diesel, fuel consumption on the combined cycle 56.5mpg. All-new design, with a wider track and longer wheelbase, which makes for more space inside. Astonishingly good handling. Fun to drive''
  6. [quote user="cooperlola"]Well I got home on Wednesday, all was benign and clear.  Fairport here we come. [/quote] Nine Tenths Coops, having got that bit of business sorted, time for the stuff of life[:D]  
  7. [quote user="cooperlola"]Well I got home on Wednesday, all was benign and clear.  Fairport here we come. [/quote] Nine Tenths Coops, having got that bit of business sorted, time for the stuff of life[:D]
  8. [quote user="cooperlola"]Well I got home on Wednesday, all was benign and clear.  Fairport here we come. [/quote] Nine Tenths Coops, having got that bit of business sorted, time for the stuff of life[:D]
  9. I like comparisons on the .honestjohn. site, he is pretty discerning regarding badges especially, frequently pointing out that VAG trades on its oft mistaken reputation; the roomster doesn't rate as high as the C3 Picasso and CAP have predicted that will have best in class second-hand value. I am holding back on a future diesel having experience of catalytic replacement costs, not to mention higher servicing costs especially if you do less than 30k per annum, but lots of research needed with pro's and con's coming down to personal preference. In each review he lists ''also consider'', click the link.
  10. Fun, Fun, Fun, mmm, for some; but let us not forget friends, most sincerely - one of our breadmakers was lost here and most tragically too . . . [:P]
  11. Joan's Downfall on Scotland, - worth a resignation?
  12. What will the future be?, there are so many reports and counter reports, I read one recently that predicted that the UK's standard of living was due to drop to 9th in the world, the good thing was that it was above Germany and the rest of Europe, who knows, but there might be a clue in this article . . . You are the only developer in the world that could do Canary Wharf,” she told the company. The rise of Canary Wharf in the past 25 years and that of Sir George, 66, are extraordinary stories.  After moving to New York to work on the World Financial Center, Sir George found himself part of the elite team that was sent to London to work on Canary Wharf. The estate is 97pc full and this year its workforce will clear 100,000 when JP Morgan moves into the former headquarters of Lehman Brothers. “You close your eyes and in 25 years the City and Canary Wharf will be one element,” he adds. Banks from emerging economies will come,” says Sir George. “ I think the London business sector will thrive beyond the economic downturn. You still have stability, regulation, the rule of law, the best professionals, and the best workforce. We have only China Construction Bank located in Canary Wharf [at the moment], but I think a lot of the Indian and the BRIC countries will start moving towards London. In a way, a safe UK banking system will attract a lot of these banks.” Sir George has even started receiving calls from political leaders seeking his knowledge for major regeneration projects overseas, much like Mrs Thatcher in 1987. Only this time it’s from China.  telegraph. /Sunday-interview-Canary-Wharf-Group-chief-executive-Sir-George-Iacobescu.  
  13. Bit of a half baked posting but no knead to get sour, Wools is a gluten for a rye sense of humor; over 500 seedy watchers, but I'm not loafing around for it to get stale or him to take the rise out of me, I dough not see the point. I'm leaven now . . [Www]
  14. We were just too late, of course there will be an inquiry and realistically no way can the authorities be blamed for what occurred . . .
  15. Wools, it's too late, we have to accept as the finance chaps its way to Chinois, it's the state of nation, get out while you can, save yourself if you can . . . I'm so sorry[:(][:P][:D]
  16. You've got to let go, there is another life, I mean machine, waiting out there for you , you have to move on, trust me [:P][:D]
  17. Graham Neilson, chief investment strategist at Cairn Capital, warned: "This is just the start. There will be more to come and not just in Europe – there is simply still too much debt and not enough growth in developed economies. Germany is already under review and one of the paths forward in this Eurozone situation includes a deterioration of Germany's debt metrics which the rating agencies will need to consider. http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012/jan/13/eurozone-crisis-france-credit-rating-aaa
  18. in denial:  is a defense mechanism in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept.  
  19. Good news of course Coops, but how long before you can drive[:D]
  20. I received a simple e-mail with an attachment from a good friend; and I opened and it then went to everyone of my contacts. Since then I've been inundated with spam discount offers. All of which I've deleted. What do these malicious spammers expect to gain[:(].    Apologies if any of you received it from me; DON'T OPEN THE ATTACHMENT John
  21. A bit harsh perhaps, I don't believe this kind of crime is all villainy and there surely is room for doubt (or reports), I just hope its not your granny next time . . . .
  22. Is it black and white? can you judge who's a thief and who's suffering some mind altering strain? I believe we can and AWT doesn't need to nick a bottle of wine, but . . .  .telegraph. /Antony-Worrall-Thompson-I-am-not-a-kleptomaniac-maybe-shoplifting-is-sign-of-Alzheimers.
  23. For me it is not what he stands for (which may be laudable) but who will stand with him; therefore his understanding that his protests are not enough, and president is a step too far. He has little past that qualifies him at this time, and no political party backing him. This is demonstrated by his lack of previous realism in December 2010, he called on French savers to stage a nationwide bank run by withdrawing their money from financial institutions because of their role in triggering the global financial crisis. Panned by the media as a flop, almost no one in France heeded the call. [:D] Despite what we think of the other contenders, Eric is not realistically one.  
  24. This reminds me of a Scottish Accountant I worked with who insisted on 'golden' vegetables with dinner. (golden vegetables = Chips)[:)]
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