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  1. [quote user="TWINKLE"]      "And what is the decision?" asks the doctor.        "We're having granite worktops." [/quote] My boy friend told me yesterday that he had chosen the granit worktops ... I fear to have to check something ...[+o(]
  2. Speaking only in French , reading only in French , writing only in French .... No better solution .          
  3. Chancer ,   Very beautiful testimony .
  4. On Facebook  most of people have no avatar  and  give their true name . That's not the case here . It's a little bit different . Sincerely, there are good things on FB too . And you can choose what you share , with whom . If you decide not  to answer to a request  systematically , it's as if you said in your true life : "I have enough friends ; I shut my  door  ..." why  ? Yes , I'm agree , it would have been better to find another word for " Friend" .
  5. You can have a lots of friends on FB and never communicate with them . I have few friends but get  in touch with only four or five  . It's because some of my friends do not seem to be very often on FB . Others ,  are so active  on FB , with lots of friends , it's difficult then to get one's turn  . So don't be sad Cluzo .. I can be your friend if you would like to ...[:)]
  6. I didn't like FB before I discovered that it could be a good opportunity to get in touch with friends who lives very far from me  and through whom I could make more friends too .  I read very desagreable things on FB ( not my friends ) , silly way to speak , or write too . It's a good way to discover the ... face ...the other face of people you think to know ... If they are the same , on FB and in their life , you can be confident . If there is a gap , " mistrust". Very often , for people who are  hypocritical  , FB is the place where they betray themselves.   
  7. That's strange . It's as if they had two personnalities ; the friends I have are the same , on FB and in their life . If I can propose a theory , perhaps they are more sincere on FB! [blink]
  8. [quote user="pachapapa"] People now send me emails saying they want to be my friend. I feel sorry for them. I click on the link to make them happy. I have over one thousand friends now and increasing by the day. I dont feel any happier though. In fact the emails are seriously beginning to get on my tits!   [/quote]   You are not forced to accept all the requests ! Do you want to be friend with anybody in your true life ? No I think . I have very few friends ( under 25 ) and for the most , I know them really .[blink]
  9. [quote user="Gluestick"][quote user="Molly"]...And  read witty reflections .  [/quote] Witty? I'm obviously thinking of another place. To me, it reads like the very worst of those appalling Christmas Round Robin letters, where the small-minded recount all the trivial aspects of their boring lives. Together with attempts to outdo each other in terms of their last holiday, last trip shopping to New York and other similar muppet activities. [/quote]   If you had a FB account and were my friend , you could see that this is not the case ...
  10. [quote user="woolybanana"]ooops, perhaps I was wrong. Does it mean Floppy Buttocks - in which case, the answer is - not in a bikini![/quote]   You mean feed-back ?
  11. It depends on  friends you can have ... It's very often a good way to get links to informations , conferences , plays , art , we could ignore otherwise ...And  read witty reflections .   But thank you for your answer .  
  12. I would like to know your opinion ...   Are you pro or against FB ? and why ? [geek]  
  13. I don't know where to post this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sPGePuyR-E&feature=youtube_gdata_player [:D]
  14. [WJT"] Unfortunately there is no laughing smilie because if there was I would post a line of them in response to Molly's post regarding American woman having a hold over American men since pioneer days! HAHAHAHA!!   That is good work 5-element! Perhaps it is someone in disguise! Is it really so funny ? why ? I'm serious you know...[+o(]
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