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Architect in Ruffec, Poitou-Charentes


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Hi Folks,

You have gathered by my paucity of input that I try not to comment too often, due to the trolls around.

However, we have had an excellent experience with an architect in Ruffec. We had explained to several companies (English & French) that we wanted a 40 sq m Abri attached to our house (larger than 170 sq m); their quotes ranged from €900 thru €2000! (Guess which end was the Brit quote).

We met him last Thursday, he arrived last Friday to take measurements and photos, discussed by e-mail minor details then presented us with complete dossier (4 x plans & application) yesterday. He had quoted around €400 and presented us with a factor for €300.

Quietly spoken gentleman who delivers! I imagine Forum rules would stop mentioning him by name but feel free to e-mail me if you would like his details.


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Hi I have read your mail, I am looking for a architect to draw up plan for a barn conversion , my property is in Nantueil en Valle close to RUFFEC , can you recommend the Architect you used, my barn is approx200 sq meters, what is the process you have to go through and approx costs to draw up plans, do you have a contact email address and name,

many thanks,

Mark James
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