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K Rend (Question for Chancer or others)

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Brexit is doing my head in so a good old fashioned renovation question.

Off to the UK this weekend (my euros go further) and have come across a render called 'K rend'


Anybody heard of it ? Is it any good ? It looks good !!!

Will this cover Beton Cellulaire ? I want to apply it manually by hand.
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Aerated concrete I think but like you only know the French term, try Siporex, they should know that.


As for render, proper chaux based stuff, well France is light years ahead of the UK and you are likely to be resold Lafarge or Weber enduit at a much higher price, apart from hard sand cement render which you most ceratainly dont want most UK builders and builders merchants wont know what it is you want, all the branché rendered houses on Grand Designs just end up looking like pavillons on any French lotissment but hey, different is cool n'est ce pas?


So forget the UK for your render or bring back a load of sharp sand and Portland cement, do your siporex build with a cement grey hard render, bask in the admiration of all the French that think its so coold because they have never seen it before and after a year they will be thinking that all the cracks are really cool as well!


Have not responded because today was the first time in 11 years I have been busy, full house with guests from all over the world for the centenary tomorrow, had to move out long term tenants to make room and clean up their bordel!!!! 

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K Rend is extensively used coloured render and can be used on many substrates.

I believe the system originates on the continent but no matter.

Does it work ok? yes

Is it suitable for use in France yes

Doe sit fulfil your needs..only you and possible your Mairie can decide that
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K-rend is applied over a base coat and render mesh; it's available in many colours; none of them white.

Pluses: no painting required.

Negatives: it cannot be patched.

Application is a skilled affair for good results.

Plastic beads are required at external corners

It's rather expensive.

Caveat: I work extensively with K-rend in the UK, and I have no knowledge of other render systems available in France... But I wouldn't have K-rend on my own house if it was free!
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