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Emulsion anyone


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Well Chancer, you have done well. You have brought Brexit into painting walls in France.

We have plenty of emulsion that we acquired through the English market over the last few years.

However looking at prices/quality over last summer when decorating house chez England I was starting to think that even the cost advantage of buying paint in England compared to France was now in doubt. The cheap paint in England was c**p (not good) and on a par with the quality (and price) of French paint.

I'd be interested in confirmation of Chancers comment.
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What comment?


If you are asking is the lidl stuff good then yes its superb, I have used it on all the apartments and the last refurb of my UK rental property, still have plenty in stock and hope that it hasn't gone smelly like one batch did, there was also a dodgy batch that had loads of micro-beads or sand in it, I found however that they could be knocked off when dry by going over the surface with a large drywall taping knife.


Their plastic floor paint is superb, used it on all the concrete window cills and recently on some forged decorative gard fou de fenêtres, their  wood and metal paints are superb as well, finally if you really need a particular paint, cant wait for the promo and dont mind paying a bit more then Baufix now have a French website with all the paints on and unusually for France really cheap delivery even for several big tubs.

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Good to see such a positive recommendation. They also have a Kitchen and Bathroom one. Have you used that?

We have a large high-ceilinged kitchen-diner to paint (4m*7m) - do you think I  ought to use K/B paint in the whole room?

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It may be different, it may be better but I find that the standard one is very very washable to my great surprise so cannot see that their product differentiation at a premium price holds any benefits.


The ceilings in the kitchens and bathrooms in all my rental flats are done in standard Lidl paint including those above the shower cubicles which get an awfull lot of use, after a couple of years there is no discolouration or damp etc, I have not had need to wash them but know that it would be OK, I do however have VMC's extracting on low speed 24/7.

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Hi all,

Finally using the Lidl emulsion recommended and it is great. One coat has covered the wall really well (apart from painter errors) and we have some spare. Hope it keeps till we need to do the next bit, or maybe it'll come home to the UK.

Thanks for the recommendation.


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I have used it and I would say that is just typically cheap HLM paint. Mine had sand in it ???? Why do they put sand in it ?

Their 'cusine/salle des bains' paint is slightly better.

Would I use it again.....hmmm. No.

3/10 for me.

I have a large unused tub in the Grenier which is going to paint heaven at the déchetterie.

Leroy Merlin's own branded paint is much better. Mylands is the best though.

If you just want to slap paint on a wall then buy Lidl. If want to do a job properly then don't use lidl.
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ALBF, we are in agreement!!!

I bought from Lidl and Aldi as recommended by a few people on here and, like you, I wouldn't give it more than 3 or 4 sur 10.

This is what I use: [url]http://www.onip.com/murs-et-plafonds/[/url]

I buy the velour one which is lovely to paint with and, whilst it looks matt, it is wonderfully washable.

In fact, I feel a painting job coming on[:D]

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"If you just want to slap paint on a wall then buy Lidl. If want to do a job properly then don't use lidl"

Hmm - not in my considerable experience.

I am allergic to painting in any shape or form - I hate it with an all consuming hatred-always have done, gloss, satin,emulsion, acrylic - it's all pants.

If it must be done it's got to be a paint with a lot of pigment in it, so it covers in one coat.

And Baufix paint, as sold by Lidl, is the dog's dangly bits as Chancer has described - take it from me, a confirmed anti-painter.

It's "German engineering for your walls and ceilings"

(If they use that slogan I shall be after them)

If you don't want white, go to your brico and buy some tubes of colouring dye and you can create any shade you need.
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Normally dont you get what you pay for?

Cheap paint normally means it requires more than one coat in my experience.( and that of my french painter and decorator neighbour).

In terms of "washability" a pharmacist colleague who was "in" to correct environments for clean rooms always insisted on an eggshell finish. Was his standard too high?

Also in terms of different types of paint - an acrylic one was the only one that covered a stain on a ceiling in our house caused by bees nesting directly above it - it was expensive but worked.

Sometimes I think that there is a sort of inverse snobbery when discussing supermarkets. Don't get me wrong - I shop in Aldi and won't dream of going to Waitrose!!!!

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Why do people talk about painting in one coat ???

In most cases I tend always do to two undercoats and then two top coats. Job done.

The things is, people move to France and do renovation which is great. Its fun. They do all the complicated bit and then skimp out on the painting. Why bother ? Finition is everything.

I shop at Lidl, but I am sorry their paint is not that great. I have recently used it to paint our Paris flat which we are leaving soon. I used Lidl paint because it was cheap and the flat is not ours. Yes it went white, but you can tell there is no quality in the paint. If you mark the wall with a pen (like children do) if you rub it with a cloth, the paint comes off. It looks blotchy as well.

I am happy to spend on paint. Again, Mylands is the best. Very expensive but the texture afterwards is superb. You can see the quality. If I could not see the difference I would use Lidl type paints.

Again, Lidl is fine if just want to slap on paint. If you want a paint to show off the quality of your renovation then you use an expensive paint....like Mylands. There is a huge difference. Paint is not just paint.
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