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Enamel bath repair


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A while back we bought an enamel bath (Bette- made in Germany) as it seemed a good idea at the time.

In the fitting, tilling etc it was chipped when something was dropped on it (only a glass jar which did not break!) and the enamel was damaged around the plug hole.

I have painted, and re-painted enamel paint on it (in a small tube) from a DIY shop, but it is not at all good and I worry that the bath may be rusting out of sight and need someone to fix it professionally

Anyone with any ideas- or knowledge of a professional but near Poitiers please?

Many thanks in advance.

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I'm sure its not the first time or last time that this has happened - so frustrating.

I'm no expert but have you tried a proprietary agent such as this. As long as it was dry when applied and a good seal formed I would think that there should be no problem with rusting underneath.


Others may have proper experience.

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Dont hold your breath for a Professional and as for one near you, - fat chance!


Used as we are in the UK that wherever there is a need/demand someone enterprising will offer a service and that it will quickly spread, be it chips away for the car, home oven or carpet cleaning, graffiti removal, alloy wheel refurbishment you name it we were spoilt for choice and could choose between several local offerings, that just doesn't happen in France perhaps with the exception of a couple of services within Paris and its a great shame.


To give you just one example, the chips-away car bodywork home repair service, more specifically paintless dent removal and even more specifically hailstone damage repairs, there is a huge market for this in France yet no-one is doing it, I have an enterprising Italian guy stays with me, he speaks no French yet he comes here 3 months at a time all year long returning for a fortnight between stints year and is booked solid 6 days a week throughout that time, he stays every night in a hôtel like mine and that cost is naturally passed onto the garages and insurers that use his services but they are still quids in.


He covers the whole of France and told me that working in my area he was something like 1500kms from his base, the guys in the UK never have to travel more than 10 miles to a job so they cover 314 square miles and there will be several of them sharing that territory, the Italian guy has 248000 square miles all to himself [:-))]


Definitely look for a repair kit!

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