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Bouncy Floor


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My original floor ( in the grenier) was traditional timber flooring laid on the beams.
It was very bouncy so I added a couple of new beams below to reduce the span, and then laid T& G flooring boards directly over the floorboards.

This has improved things somewhat but its still very 'springy and I would like a more solid floor.

If I were to lay a lightweight concrete screed over this I guess it will simply crack due to the movement?

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can create a good solid floor onto which I could lay tile etc?

Hope to hear


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Brico Depot sells a galvanised steel flooring which can be used as a base for a concrete floor or have dry flooring (boards, OSB) laid over of it.


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Two thoughts came to mind, one a friend put that liquid floor leveler down, and it seeped through into the appartment below, they were not happy bunnies.

The second is, as it sounds like this is a house, is what use you are planning on, as you need permission to convert a loft space into a room and you may not get it. All to do with the surface habitable.

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