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Fit, fat and covid


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I think it is well established that if you are fat and have covid you are more likely to suffer more serious problems. What has hardly been mentioned is if you are fit and contract covid. The answer is of course you stand a much better chance of recovery. Fitness has many components. Strength, endurance, speed, flexibility etc but for the purposes of recovery from illness the best is almost certainly the endurance aspect, or what is generally considered to be fitness.

Being able to walk a long distance is simply not good enough. What is required is for the body to be stressed i.e. the pulse rate and breathing rate elevated considerably. Walking, unless hard and powerful won't do it. Being unfit and fat (the two usually go together) is quite patently bad for someone without covid, with covid the combination is a potential killer.

Stressing the body in exercise is essential to health.It is quite possible to be fit and fat. It is unlikely though that a fat person will be healthy!!!!
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Because I don't know what I'm doing!!! Well, in part anyway. I have wanted to post for some time but quite honestly can't figure out how to do it. I asked 'France Forum' how it was done but they couldn't be bothered to reply.

I looked up in FAQ how to do it but that didn't work either so I just fumbled about until I could find a way of posting. I suppose it could have ended up under 'cooking' or gardening!!!

Anyway, perhaps you could help me?
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