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Blocked Sink pipes.


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13 hours ago, anotherbanana said:

Dont sit on the drain, then!🤬

I ought to have written "Waste", rather than drain, BTW.

With a hand basin, for example, failing to ensure it has been washed thoroughly after treatment can result in splashes of the caustic soda solution being diluted into the water used to wash your little face.

And, more critically, leach into the eyes...


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 Just as reminder good people, you can buy caustic soda [sodium hydroxide] [ hydroxide de soude] granules here in France.

Do not under any circumstances add water to these, always do it the other way round, add these to the water otherwise they will get very hot and possibly blow back over you and even melt plastic pipes. 

Adding these to water, the solution will still get warm but not hot enough to be dangerous.

If you get even a tiny speck in your eye it's good bye eye - be warned.


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