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This summer we opened a bank account in France and made a deposit as we thought we would be buying during 2002. The Bank have sent statements through but have never sent a cheque book. We hear that they will not send them through the post to the UK and that we will have to go and pick them up from the branch in person. Is this correct or can we arrange for the cheque book to be sent to any Credit Agricole Branch for us to collect. Do any of you have an answer, I would be grateful to know.


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We opened an account at Credit Agricole in Tinchebray, Normandy. We asked for a cheque book and it was sent to out address in UK. There seemed to be no charge for this - but each time I transfer Euros from HIFX there seems to be a charge of about 13 euros . We also have a debit card from the same account ( also an annual charge ) They would not send these cards, but we had to collect it from the branch . The cards were ready when we called.

As our house in France is for holidays we have not given the bank our French address and there seems to be no problem. Statements arrive regularly and diect debits have been set up OK. No problems yet...but it is early days . We have no complaints so far ( I know lots of people on the forum do about Credit Agricole!!) Staff are always friendly and obliging. We set up a deposit account linked to the current account and transfer money over OK.

Good luck !

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I opened my account with AC last October and never had my cheque book sent through even though I rang them. It caused a bit of difficulty with sending the money to the Notaire for the signing (I had to get my agent to go into the branch and ask them to have a bank cheque ready for me to collect on the morning of the signing). All a bit hairy at the time.
I have also had to collect my cheque books from the branch as I need them. Don't know if this is normal but it doesn't really cause a problem as I am over here permanently.
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We opened a current account with Credit Agricole in Montmorillon, Vienne when we were on holiday in late September.
Paying-in book arrived 4th.October, bills from EDF/GDF and water arrived late October/early November. No cheque book! An English neighbour that speaks fluent French spoke to the bank for us, asking where the cheque book was, reply was 'not enough money in account'.
Two weeks of panic trying to transfer more money from english bank account (with incorrect/not enough digits bank account number) finally suceeded last week. We have had three bank statements and after chasing bank again, have received cheque book today recorded delivery.
Now we can spend some of our money and pay bills.
It seems apparent that french banks do things their way, but will be helpful, with persuasion.

Keith & Karen
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