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Minimum balance in a French Current Account?

Alan E

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Is anyone aware of a minimum balance that must be kept in a Current Account in France, or had any problems arising from having a small balance?

I have forgotten to keep the account topped up and the water bill, which I received this morning, is due to paid by prelevement on Friday. I have just enough in the account to cover it and leave a balance of 0.58 Euros, ie around 30p. At this time of year there is no other activity on the account so rather than send a payment I could just leave it until we go across in January/February but did wonder if I might find the account closed or whatever. My UK bank will charge me 20 to make an urgent transfer which is the only way I'll fix the account by Friday so I'd rather not bother if it isn't necessary. The account is with Credit Agricole in Calvados (not Britline).

Best Regards

Alan E.
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>At this time of year
>there is no other activity
>on the account
>Alan E.

I am not aware of any minimum requirements, but I wouldn't risk it: there are always charges one way or another that go off without you realising.

I understand you should avoid getting overdrawn.
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