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writing a book - need help!


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I have been commissioned to write a book on buying a house in France and am looking for people to case study.

I'm also interested in hearing any particularly good or bad experiences you have had. Do you have any advice you'd like to pass on to others or pitfalls to point out? Have you any superb bi-lingual contacts in the world of estate agenting, finance, building, architecture, etc that you think could be useful to me and to others? I'd also very much appreciate hearing from any professionals that would like to share information.

I know there are already several good books on the subject that many of you will be familiar with. How do you think a new book can improve on existing ones? What qualities did these books lack or what crucial information did they miss out?

There seems to be a superb community on this forum and I'd greatly appreciate tapping into all your wisdoms!

You can contact me at [email protected]
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You might get more help if you restrict yourself to posting to one area only.

What are you expecting to add to the existing body of knowledge with your book? I am sure that many of us could provide some feedback if you can give some guidance on the sort of feedback you are looking for. If you have been commisioned to come up with yet another "buying a place in France" book how are you going to differentiate it from the existing range of publications?

Best Regards

Alan E.
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What else could you spend 30 on: -
A modest meal for two
Child care for a day
A quality bottle of wine

Question above is meant to encourage you to spend 30 plus VAT on the test. If you are ready for France and a Forum user and based on recent postings :

A great meal for two
Child care for a week
A quality half crate of wine

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