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Barclays have a new French account - French Solutions


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Well guys, wouldn't you know it ...

We finally get through the problems getting a reference from our local Barclays Bank (we don't do them, yes you do, no we don't sort of thing) and Britline says 'congrats, you got an account' than Barclays go and set up somthing called FranceSolutions which, according to The Times on Saturday's Money section last week aimed at people wanting to buy a property in France which ' ... includes a current account in euros, free euro money transactions within the single currency zone and access to English-speaking advisers.'

So J has queue twice this week at two branches in London and we spent 40 mins queueing this morning in our local hub branch and guess what ... nobody has heard of it.

We do however, now have a telephone number of the International department to phone about it on Monday - more postings to follow.

Tony Fuller
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We both have Barclays accounts, sterling and euro, in UK, but have heard nothing about the new set-up. They keep fobbing us off with Telephone Banking and we already bank online. Most interested to see what response you get to the calls.
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