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Bank problems at CA autobank! lost deposits!


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I won't say I'm surprised that they have taken this attitude, but, I am very disappointed for you.

I think that I would go to the gendarmerie if I were you and porte plainte. They may not even let you do that as you haven't got your receipt, but I would try to do it anyway.

Next thing would be to write to the regional head office and say tell them what has happened and tell them that UK banks have paying in machines that issue receipts and that their system is obviously open to fraud.

I wish you the best of luck.  


ps I would also call into a Banque de France office with everything you have pertaining to this and see what they say. They aren't the bank police, but they may have some ideas as to what to do.

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CA's newly introduced system has failed and they expect me to pick up the tab - wrong. I now have to consider my next move.

Bad luck indeed.

You should visit the Gendarmerie and file a complaint.

You should complain to the Banque de France, the local DGCCRF http://www.finances.gouv.fr/DGCCRF/ , and a consumer group of your choosing. "Que Choisir/60 milllions de consommateurs" like having a go at banks.

Your next step should be away from the CA.

I've said it a hundred times and I don't mind saying it again: all French banks are lousy and the CA are the worst of the lot. For half-way decent and personal service 6 days a week (which offers no possibility of loss such as you have experienced) you can't beat LaPoste.

For what it's worth not only would I never put cash into a machine but I never use cash withdrawal machines either. They cannot be trusted. I only withdraw cash in person over the counter in return for my signature on a transaction confirmation that I verify before signing. I would only do the same for paying cash in.

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"I've said it a hundred times and I don't mind saying it again: all French banks are lousy and the CA are the worst of the lot."

I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion you're right. My problem with CA is that last Easter I withdrew 400 euros and was given a card to take to the cashpoint which then automatically gave me the cash. Unfortunately when I counted the notes (all 50s) I found one of them was a dud. I immediately took it to the counter to report it and was told it couldn't have come from their machine; despite me having just taken the money out in full view of the cashier. 

I spoke to the Britline manager who said he would look into the matter. Anyway, the cashier told me to go home and wait for Britline to call me. She didn't confiscate the note just told me not to use it. I left the branch and waited, and waited and waited...

Eventually Britline came back to me and effectively said the notes come from the Banque de France and they NEVER make mistakes. I asked for the CCTV footage to be looked at but I was again told there was no need as the Banque de France NEVER make mistakes. I asked whether they were accusing me of planting a dud and they said no, but the Banque de France NEVER make mistakes. It was all a mystery to them but the Banque de France NEVER make mistakes. (can you see a pattern emerging here in their responses?!).

Anyway, I countered this with the fact that the cashier hadn't conficated the dud note or even annotated it as conterfeit, but let me leave with it still in my possession. Something banks would never do in the UK. Was this good banking practice? The Britline manager said it was a mistake by CA but it didn't affect the fact that the Banque de France NEVER make mistakes. 

Almost a year later and I am still waiting for Britline to finish their investigations, I know 50 euros isn't a lot but it's the principle etc... and what I feel is a slur on me as I must be responsible as the Banque de France NEVER make mistakes!!

I'm not holding my breath!


PS. No I didn't try to palm the dud off on someone else. I did Britline's job for them and in my letter to them outlining the problem and the facts I cut up the note and sent it to them. 




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[quote]"I've said it a hundred times and I don't mind saying it again: all French banks are lousy and the CA are the worst of the lot." I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion you're right. My problem with CA...[/quote]

   I had a large amount of money fraudulently withdrawn from my CA account before Christmas.We visited the gendarmerie and reported it and the gendarme assumed the money would be put back into our account by CA. Wrong!!!!!!!We are still waiting over 2 months later ( this was around £10,000 !!!!)- an avocat is now involved. They have been an excellent bank to be with for the last 7 years, when everything went smoothly!!!!!The first problem- like them accepting a fax and not ringing back to check it was indeed from us!!- and they have changed completely. Phone calls not returned, registered letters not acknowledged and so on. I have read the warnings about CA before and thought they seemed exaggerated. I post this as a possible warning to others      





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Thank you for your replies, with some useful tips which I will use, I hate this sort of thing but its the principle. I and my girlfriend know what happened, so I am determined to not let them get away with it. A solicitor friend said the cost of recovery would be much greater than the amount lost, but if I let them get away with something so obvious it will only encourage the bad apple who I believe is to blame. It goes without saying I will be looking for another bank, even though the English speaking Britline is handy and the website works. I cant stay with a bank I dont trust, all banking is based on trust.

I single out Rachel at Britline for praise for all her help in this matter, she kept me informed and sent me a written version of all the steps they took upto the point the regional office took over and then said no to refund. What the regional office is not looking into is who opened the envelopes on or around the 23rd Dec, if I left the flimsy blue client copy attached to the white top copy then whoever open the envelopes would know I would have a problem proving the deposit. All very sad, maybe the dont like the brits moving into their area? Hope not I love my region and I have mixed well with my french community and I have made many french friends


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