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PayPal in English


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I posted this already in another part of the forum but decided to re-post here instead

Does anyone have any experience of selecting your prefered language when using PayPal.

Is it possible for the purposes of being able to read the "fine print" to choose what language to use for the account. I would like to be able to use English.

I do try very hard with the French language and can get the gist of most things but for being able to properly understand "Terms and Conditions" etc...  I would prefer to read them in English.

I have tried logging in to PayPal through a UK ISP to see if that allowed me to use English. Although the initial PayPal home page is in English. It immediately switches to French when my account opens.

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Have you tried accessing paypal via Ebay.co.uk?

No guarantee that it will work, but I cannot think of another way.  I have a suspiscion that there is some kind of clever software sat behind that selects the local language for you since I get everything in German - even though my machine is configured for English.


There si one benefit however, if you get a phishing letter supposedly from Paypal, if its not in your normal language you can bin it right away - and they all arrive with me in English - bit of a give away really.



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[quote user="Agenais"]

Hi Levington

If you log-in, go to your main account page,  click profile (under auction tools), then in account information, 1/2 way down the list, there is the opportunity to choose you language preferences. [:)]



You are a genius. Thank you so much and at least now I get a better idea of what's going on.

Thanks also to all the others who answered my post. It wasn't easy to know what to do.

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