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social charges and contributions


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hi everybody,

we are reg as non-proffessional for our gite buisness.we have been advised by an english speaking accountant that this was the best way with gites that we have no idea how much money we will take.

can anybody give me some idea how much i will have to pay in contributions.i expect that these payments will be in advance as it seems that is normal with most charges?

i am hoping that i do not get a really nasty shock!!

any advice would be appreciated[:)]

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Hi holliebabies

If you are registered as 'non professional' I assume that means that you have informed the local impots but you have not registered with the Chambre de Commerce. If that is the case there will be no cotisations as in the case of a business.

You will be liable to French income tax in the normal way and your CSG of 10% if you are French resident.

This is based on my experience of the same issue(s) and is not meant to nbe a substitute for professional advice.


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